436. Les Bouchons @ Robertson Quay

My team celebrated my farewell for me and I get to pick the place! Actually most of the times no matter who I dine with, I always pick the place (hahaha) So I decided to have steak for dinner and here we are at Les Bouchons. We chose the Robertson Quay outlet for its laid-back ambience and roomier space as compared to its Ann Siang outlet. The restaurant was surprisingly small and what caught our eye was this.

It felt like phantom of the opera

Complimentary Bread

The bread was a little hard and not very warm

Burgundy Escargots with Garlic Butter

Escargots were soft and chewy. The taste of garlic butter had a very buttery flavour which musk the taste of the escargots but yet it was not too oily

Terrine Maison with Pork & Chicken Liver

The idea of eating chicken and pork liver might not be welcoming to some but this is a good plate of terrine maison. The texture was blended well so you don’t taste the sandy residue and the flavour of the terrine was smooth and sweet. If you have a strong heart, do give this a try

Smoked Salmon with Toast

The smoked salmon, toast & dressing may look pretty ordinary on its own but when you pair all 3 together, it was excellent. The sweetness of the smoked salmon complemented the burnt and warm toast but what makes the whole dish so amazing was the dressing. It was light and acidic with bits of onions in it. This was the table’s favourite

And what’s steaks without wine? We started with the pinot on the right before going on to the one on the left. I prefer pinot for its lighter taste as compared to a full bodied red wine but the cabernet sauvignon was pretty good here

 A platter of mustard

I love the dijon and grain that goes well with the fries

The complimentary salad was nothing to rave about. It was a pretty ordinary bowl of vegetables

Extra Tender Beef Fillet

Most of the table chose this 200g of fillet since it’s the smallest piece of meat

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Herbs

But I decided to try the sirloin

In medium rare doneness

There wasn’t much taste of the herbs but the doneness of the meat was executed just right. The sirloin was juicy and meaty with an aftertaste of the oily meat circulating in your mouth

Grilled Rib Eye Steak with ‘Vigneron’ Butter

Can I add the amount of fries they give is horrifying. The fries were decent but I think adding some mustard to it would be better

Creme Brulee

Peche Melba

Ile Flottante Maison

The desserts, if you finished all 3, you probably die of diabetics. Saying the desserts were sweet is an understatement. I would recommend ile flottante if I have to pick one out of the 3. I think it’s something different and I like how the meringue goes with the vanilla custard and topping it off with the almonds to give it a different texture

Les Bouchons is not one of those premium steakhouse in Singapore so don’t expect premium quality. But I think for the standard of the food you have here, the price is pretty reasonable. It is definitely more pocket friendly if you are looking for steaks that are good and cheap in Singapore.

Les Bouchons

41 Robertson Quay S(238236)

435. Alt. Pizza @ Suntec City Mall

We were looking for a place near our friend’s service to have lunch so here we are at Alt Pizza at the newly renovated Tower 3/4 area. Finding this place took awhile as the location clearly states Tower 4 but we couldn’t find any pizza place located at level 1. It then dawned on us to walk outside and take a look so here it is! This part of Suntec was a ghost town considering it was a weekend – there was really not much human traffic. Anyway we were glad we could pretty much have the whole place to ourselves.

A bright & happy pizza place that reminds me of a typical dine-in restaurant

Well you can choose to have one from their signature pizzas or DIY to one you like. We chose the former. Even though the latter sounds fun, we figured it will probably ended up being more expensive if we gonna add every other thing on the pizza

Idaho Spud Cheddar Fries

Steak fries with cheese and bacon. It was deliciously sinful. It would be good if they could given more bacon and cheese. The whole table liked this alot

Alt. Wings w Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

The wings were really good. We were contemplating whether to choose BBQ or blue cheese sauce and decided to go with something different. A wise choice indeed. The hot sauce on the wings complemented the blue cheese really well. We were tempted to get a second basket

They serve thin crust pizzas here and all come in one size – 11 inch

Free Bird

White sauce & chipotle chicken. This was my least favourite. The chicken was a little dry and bland and the sauce of the pizza was not strong enough

Alpha Lima Tango

Smoked BBQ sauce & wagyu short rib meatballs. I’m not too sure of the wagyu but the meatballs were tender and juicy. I like how the bbq sauce made the pizza really appetising and together with the smoked cheddar, it was perfect

Truffle Shuffle

The aroma of the truffle got us excited. The roasted mushrooms were sweet and flavourful. The minced sausage and parmesan added icing to the cake. It was one good pizza

I generally enjoy the pizzas here. The dough of the pizza was thin and chewy and the crust was crispy but not hard. I like how they are generous with their toppings and you can taste the freshness of it. The price here is pretty reasonable as well. It’s one place I don’t mind going back if I’m craving for thin crust pizzas.

Alt. Pizza

Suntec City Tower 4, #01-602

3 Temasek Boulevard S(038983)

434. Dong Fang Hong Korean Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is a popular lunch place among many Koreans or Korean Jjajangmyeon-fans who specially made a trip here for their black bean sauce noodles. It’s probably one of the more popular places known for their jjajangmyeon (짜장면) in Singapore as we spot every table having their signature noodles. However, if you come here with the same expectation of the quality as those you had in Korea, you will probably be greatly disappointed. Considering that I have never tried jjajangmyeon in Korea before, I thought this was pretty decent.

An empty dinner setting

The kimchi was really awesome. I like how that they serve it more spicy than sour here. We were just wiping the kimchi off

Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)

Chewy noodles covered in black bean sauce with minced meat and diced onions. If you had a very good bowl of jjajangmyeon in Korea, you will probably find this pretty bland. Yet I thought the sauce had a good balance to the tasteless noodles. Cut the noodles up and share the portion among your party. It’s probably enough to fit 2

Spicy Seafood Noodles (짬뽕)

The broth is very smooth on the throat and nowhere near spicy. But I thought they could have given more ingredients as the portion of their noodles probably outweigh the former

Fried Chicken in Hot Sauce

Fried chicken fares much better than their sweet & sour pork (which I did not order this time round). At least it tastes like fried chicken and not just fried dough. The sauce tastes sweeter than actually being spicy but overall is still a good dish

Sautéed Shredded Beef with Green Pepper

Probably one that surprises. I like how the beef is sautéed very well with the mushrooms and along with the fragrance of the onions and green pepper, this dish is worth ordering

I think this place probably is being skewed towards a Chinese restaurant than a Korean restaurant. We tried their sweet & sour pork which pretty much felt like eating dough and their fried dumplings just cannot make it as well. I think probably thats why everyone just comes here for their jjajangmyeon which is one of the closest to the Korean’s version you can find in Singapore. Just don’t expect too much ;)

Dong Fang Hong Korean Chinese Restaurant

94 Telok Ayer Street S(048473)

433. Kith @ Quayside Isle

I think the first time I stepped into Kith and I fell in love with it. The location does wonders too. It makes you feel like you are not in Singapore. This place doesn’t take reservation so you key in your number and they will text you when they have a table ready for you. That being said, it is a fairly popular place, the only place that stood out from its fellow restaurants along the stretch with its insane crowd.

Coffee for the morning souls

Flat White

3/4 Latte

The friend decided to try something different. The coffee were good – bitter, sweet & fragrant. The milk and the coffee blends together and is smooth on the palate

Truffle Fries

Somewhat disappointing. And it took very long to come. They could have added more truffle oil and it would be perfect

Cajun Scrambled Eggs w Brioche Toast

A yummy plate of wonderful goodness. The mozzarella and capsicum gave contrast and surprise to a simple plate of scrambled eggs. The black truffle.. fares better as a decorative purpose

Salmon & Eggs

A generous portion. The spicy tomato beans were cooked well and the sauce was appetising. I like how the salmon goes with the multigrain toast, though you can’t really taste much of the caviar

It’s a place for ambience and good food. And the food (minus the fries) comes out at amazing speed. I think it easily makes it to one of my top brunch places which I probably won’t mind going back. Though it might not be the most accessible place (since it’s in sentosa) but I sincerely think it’s worth the trip

Kith @ Sentosa Cove

31 Ocean Way, #01-08

Quayside Isle S(098375)

432. Sprigs @ Purvis Street

Sprigs, a place so cozy and nicely done in the heart of Purvis street was picked to celebrate my farewell. The colleague went there once and had some fabulous food so we decided to go ahead and try this restaurant serving European cuisine. Their menu changed as we don’t see the ones we saw from their website. Nevertheless we anticipate what this restaurant could bring us.

A relatively quiet place as compared to their neighbour, Saveur

The revamped menu

Cauliflower Veloute

The soup was decent. Though I can’t really taste the parmesan cheese in it

Salmon Carpaccio

The salmon carpaccio was a good starter. Salmon was sliced thinly and the citrus vinaigrette provided some acidity to the sweetness of the fish

Pan Seared Foie Gras

Foie gras was good but I thought it was a little dry. It would be better it they didn’t drizzle the sauce on top of it so that we can taste the full flavour of the foie gras

Spicy Seafood Linguine

Probably the best dish out of all. A simple pasta of chilli, garlic & white wine and you can taste the sweetness of the seafood in the broth

Duck Leg Confit

Duck Leg Confit can be either a total successful or an absolutely failed dish. You need the skin to be crispy yet the meat to be tender. Flavours must be rightly balanced in order to musk the raw duck taste. However, the friend said the skin was not worth the calories and the meat was a little undercooked. I think Sunday Market does it much better. You can read my reviews here

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

The portion was small. Though the dish was executed fairly well, the portion probably is not worth the price

Pan Seared Snapper

I was rather disappointed with this dish. The fish had a fairly strong fishy taste. I tried again and again however the taste just gets stronger each time it goes into my mouth. The meat was overcooked to the point it does not taste like fish meat. I had 5 bites and I stopped

Cape Grim Angus Ribeye

We asked for medium rare, it came back well done. For a $38 dish, it’s a total waste of meat and money

We probably ordered half of what they had in their menu and I think I could conclude pretty well. This place had put in alot of effort on their presentation but I wished they had done the same for their quality of the food and of course, then maintained the consistency of it. With such quality and inconsistency, I think they probably need to change half of their menu again.


12 Purvis Street #01-01


431. Yan Ting Restaurant @ St. Regis

When one speaks of Yan Ting, one will immediately think of its popular weekend dim sum brunch buffet that goes at $98++ (not inclusive of drinks) but considering my family members are all small eaters, I figure we shouldn’t do the buffet. We will probably suffer from indigestion if we even managed to finish 1/3 of their menu. So, ala carte it shall be!

*Pardon the photos quality

The place is rather grand and elegant with lots of nice paintings

Crispy Roasted Pork

The roasted pork is really immensely crispy that goes *cracccckk* when you chew it in your mouth. It carries alot of flavours and juice and the meat was tender and chewy. Though I’m sure it was cos of this roasted pork that caused me a sore throat thereafter. But it’s worth it. ha

Hong Kong-style Pan-seared Radish Cake

The pan-seared radish cake was pretty fragrant and likeable by all. It was crispy and you can taste the sweetness of the radish

Pork & Century Egg Congee

The congee was very fine and bland, the fried dough was hard but the pork was excellent. It was smooth and very tender

Barbecued Pork Pastry w Almond

I thought this was quite good too. The barbecued pork wasn’t too sweet and the pastry was buttery and flaky. You can taste the crunch of the almond though not too much of its flavours

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling w Bamboo Pith

AH. This was excellent. The skin was so thin and chewy and the prawns were fresh and succulent

Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling w Black Truffles

The siewmai was a little disappointing. It was rather normal and I couldn’t taste the black truffles at all

Steamed Chicken Claw w Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce

And so was the steamed chicken claw. The parents claimed this was nothing spectacular

Handmade Steamed Rice Roll (with Barbecued Pork)

The barbecued pork was a little hard and I didn’t like the texture of the steamed rice roll here

Mini Egg Tarts

Though the crust was good, the fillings was short of expectation. It would be better if they were more egg-y and creamier (and sweeter). I definitely tasted better egg tarts elsewhere

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Whatever happened to my filling?? It’s supposed to be bursting and overflowing when you peel the bun open. That aside, it really tasted like salted egg yolk + bun. To be honest, I cannot sense the effort here

Crispy Beancurd Roulette w Shrimps and Seaweed

I love crispy beancurd roll but looking at this picture, I can’t remember how the taste is like. *tries triggering my memory again* Okay no, this dish is simply just forgettable

I’m not sure if I set my expectations too high for a place so renowned for their dim sum buffet or simply their standard is inconsistent. Or maybe, they fare better in their meat, seafood and vegetable dishes rather than dim sum. Out of 11 dishes, more than half came back disappointing. Yan Ting, probably once is enough.

Yan Ting Restaurant 宴庭

29 Tanglin Road S(247911)

430. Sunday Market

Nope, you don’t have to go on Sunday to be at Sunday Market. This cafe is opened from Monday to Sunday so you can have lunch or dinner whenever you like. Sunday market is one of those cafes located in the North-East area which is a plus point for those staying in the NE side, and it’s not that far a walk from the mrt station (double yay). The place feels very countryside inspired with its greens, wooden decoration and its cute little plates and the menu is very random. It has a little of everything from French, Italian & Thai.

I was trying to use the AV mode on my camera which explains this random photo here


The wine surprises. It’s pretty decent

Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries

They only have one small bite on their menu, which is their skinny wings & truffle fries. Not that difficult to make a selection if you are looking for small bites. That being said, the fries were infused with truffle oil and is pretty addictive. The wings, are really skinny and can’t really fill you but they are a good complement to the fries for an alternative dish

Roasted Duck w Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs

This is a very interesting dish. The sauce reminds me of peking duck, the crispy hoisin looks like pork floss and the pancake reminds me of macdonald’s. It might not have the prettiest presentation but the pancakes work surprisingly well and is good to share for 2 pax. I just didn’t like the pork floss look alike thing

Crispy Duck Leg Confit

Very very good. The skin was absolutely crispy and the meat was tender. The sauce might not be the most amazing sauce you tried, but it gels everything together

Sirloin Rendang Toast

I wanted to try it cos it sounds interesting. The toasts were dry and a little hard. It felt like they toasted them too long

To be honest, I don’t eat rendang often so I’m not sure if this dish fares above expectation. In my opinion, the gravy was okay but not amazing. The meat could be more tender

Bangkok Toast

It might not compare to the one you have in Bangkok, but this was pretty decent. I like how well it went with the milk tea icecream. It was awesome

Just to see how the inside is like. Creamy, soft & burnt

Waffles w Pistachio & Yubari Melon Gelato

The waffles were hard. Pistachio was faint. The melon gelato was overpowering. I think their pancakes fare much better

Thai Dessert

I actually enjoyed this dessert. The coconut sago mixed with the peanut & mango icecream just works very well. Though towards the end of the dessert when the icecream starts to melt and I decided to play with my food, I felt like I was eating mango pomelo dessert

It’s a good cafe to explore, with really decent food though the aircon isn’t very strong at certain parts of the cafe. Just order the right stuff and you will leave the place a happy man/woman

Sunday Market

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, S(547772)