Travelogue: Bangkok Part 2 (Chatuchak, Som Tam Nua, Mango Tango, After You)

Spent the morning at Chatuchak market! Well, it’s like a must-go in Bangkok for all the cheap shopping especially if you are there over the weekend. And I finally get to try the famous Chatuchak coconut icecream! :) There are so many coconut icecream stalls I actually don’t know which one to buy from. In the end I chose one that gives a flag simply cos it looks good in picture. ha

Choose your own toppings! Just THB35 each


I can finally die in peace :D

We had lots of other food at the food section, and even hunt down aroimakmak’s grilled honey pork at Area 22, Soi 4. But sad to say, they were not worth the calories. Boo

Grilled Pork

This is good. Please try. You can probably find this at the street stalls in random Bangkok places, so don’t really need to come all the way to Chatuchak to have this

Fresh Pomegranate Juice

It tasted sweet, and well just sweet =/

Tom Yum Pork Noodles

I was actually damn excited to try this, in the end the broth tasted like mee siam -.- The noodles were quite bad I have to say, though for SGD2 it’s super cheap

You will see 2 ‘zichar’ stalls side by side. Their menu is pretty much similar, and limited

Thai Tom Yum Soup

I asked for ‘spicy spicy’ and it came back not spicy at all. I think Nakhon kitchen served better tom yum soup, anytime

Pad Thai

Oh my, this was just bad

Thai Iced Milk Tea

Probably the best thing that happened during the meal

And so this was the grilled honey pork that was recommended. Well, the friend and I preferred the grilled pork (on stick). I didn’t like the meat nor the marinate here. It felt like nothing lost even if you give it a miss

Dinner was at Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square. It’s a place you probably have heard many people going, especially for their chicken wings. And you will probably meet many Singaporeans there as well. It’s like you can hear them everywhere in the shop

Thai Papaya Salad w Dried Shrimps

Spicy Pork Soup

Fried Fish in Spicy Sauce

Fried Chicken Wings

Honestly, I think it was just okay. I had expected the dishes to be very spicy according to the reviews I read. Surprisingly, they were not spicy at all. Even the friend who ate here before mentioned the spiciness isn’t there. The chicken wings were good, but nowhere special. I think this place is just a hype. In a few years’ time, you will probably hear someone else mention ‘omg you have to try this xxx place’ and by then, Som Tam Nua will probably be another place that is soon to be forgotten

Som Tam Nua

392/14 Siam Square Soi 5

Just cos there’s always space for dessert and the friend wanted to have Mango Tango. It’s famous for their commercialised version of mango sticky rice and also sells different varieties of mango desserts. There is a policy where you have to order a dessert each, which eek, I don’t like this kind of policy. I mean if your food is good, people will naturally order more than enough but oh wells.

Mango Aloha

Signature Mango Tango w Sticky Rice

I think this place is over rated. Just stick to After You, or any other dessert places that you want to try in Bangkok

Mango Tango

Siam Square Soi 3

And then, we hopped over to After You which was nearby. It’s like I’ve heard so many people asking me to try this place when I’m here in Bangkok so I was really excited to try it. The place was relatively empty for a weekend but the food still takes forever to come.

Matcha Honey Toast

We chose the Matcha Honey Toast cos the friends wanted something not so sweet. I like the toasts. It has the right texture, crispiness and sweetness though Matcha don’t really go quite well with it. I’m just sad that I didn’t have the chance to go back again before I left. They should totally open one outlet at Bangkok airport. haha

After You

Siam Square One

Ended the night at Asiatique The Riverfront. Most of the stuffs at Asiatique, I believe you can find similar stuffs at Siam or Chatuchak. I don’t think it’s a must-come, unless you wanna take the ferris wheel or just cos you have never been here before. So thats it for part 2! :)

Read here for part 1, and stay close for part 3!

463. Koji Sushi Bar

Koji sushi bar seats quietly at the far end of Nankin row, along the same stretch as Platypus Lobster Shack. I was there during the weekend and it was sure quiet. I dragged the friend along to try after seeing Z posted pictures of it and since the place was newly opened.

Seats were limited inside and they are all counter seats

Appetizer to start

Grilled Puffer Fish

Seeing puffer fish on the menu is probably quite rare for most Japanese restaurants so I wanted to see how it tasted. Well, it tasted like bak kwa, and it’s as oily as bak kwa. I’m not a fan of overly oily food so this dish probably didn’t work for me

Set A: Sea Bream, Swordfish, Tuna, Salmon, Sweet Prawn

Set B: Conger Eel, Salmon Roe, Greater Amberjack, Tuna, Sweet Prawn

The friend ordered 2 sets of sushi and halfway through the meal he said “I will tell you my comments when we go out” I just lol-ed. One look at the sushi I know they probably don’t meet his standards. ha

Sashimi Rice Bowl

My chirashi don actually looks pretty. The colours are lively and vibrant and they certainly look welcoming to the appetite. (Please request for brown rice cos everyone said it’s good though I didn’t try) But somehow, some of the fish wasn’t fresh. I can taste the fishy taste specially from the tuna and swordfish and it was.. bad. Honestly, a good sashimi cannot just be determined by the salmon cos salmon can never go wrong. If the salmon goes wrong, then I think the shop shouldn’t open in the first place. I’m not too sure was it cos it was a weekend, so the standard of the fish pales in comparison but even so, that shouldn’t be an excuse in the first place cos well, we are paying customers. Maybe it was a case of being there at the wrong time but, Koji Sushi Bar – sayonara!

Koji Sushi Bar

3 Pickering Street, #01-42, Singapore 048660

Travelogue: Bangkok Part 1 (Sabx2, Sukhumvit 38, J.Boroski, Spring & Summer)

This trip is probably one of the most impromptu ever. The conversation with the friends went something like that:

A: Lets go on a trip together

B: Okay, when? Next month? C, you okay?

C: Okay, lets go

And the next thing you know, tickets and hotel booked. I was really quite excited about the trip since I had not taken a break from work since March #sobloodytired And I’m glad this trip helped me unwind, a little. And since being Bangkok, we shopped and ate so much we ran out of cash at the end of day 2. hahaha The accommodation we stayed at was The Lit Bangkok Residence, located 2 mins walk away from National Stadium BTS. It’s in the same property as The Lit Bangkok Hotel just that they had just built the residence and there was an opening special so yay, good for us.

The Lit Hotel Bangkok

Lobby where you do your check in

The hotel had their own tuk-tuk which takes you to… National Stadium BTS -.- Seriously it’s so near, it would be awesome if they could take us to Siam instead #justsaying

Some of the facilities

And our room, the 1 bedroom apartment. I have to say it looked big from far but far from big, though for the 3 of us, it’s probably more than enough. As long there’s a place to sleep, the toilet’s clean and there’s a hairdryer, I’m happy already. haha #easilysatisfied

After dropping our stuffs, we took a taxi to Shibuya opposite Platinum Fashion Mall so that we could have Sab Sab! The street is just next to Shibuya 19 so it makes more sense to just alight there, than to alight at Platinum and cross over. None of us had been there before so this makes us very excited. You will recognise the shop, just from the insane queue and I think 80% of the people are Singaporeans. It’s so funny that in the queue, the people infront of us and behind us are all Singaporeans. #justhowpopularthisstallis

The sight of the pig trotters was enough to keep us excited

The wanton noodles stall which was just opposite

It was packed. We were concerned about ordering and then the service staffs came to us and asked 你叫了吗? Okayy, and we just ordered in mandarin. ha

The small portion of wanton noodles

The best part of this bowl had to be the noodles. It was infused in pork lard. It was really delicious

And an order of Pig Trotters

The meat was awesome, but skip the intestines. I can have one whole plate to myself right now

In all honesty, we didn’t have much expectations for this wanton noodles but it clearly surpassed our expectations, so much that the friends wanted to go back there for breakfast the next day. Give it a try when you are in Bangkok, since you can shop at Pratunam & Platinum after that

Sab Sab Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand

Shopping at Platinum took us 3 hours flat since the clothes were not particularly nice or to our style. But what makes our day was this crepe we found when we walk over to the old Platinum mall. The nutella & banana crepe was so good, besides the fact that the amount of nutella they gave was insane. We could finish another crepe if not for our stomach that couldn’t take any more food at that moment. I don’t think there is a specific stall to try this, just buy one at whichever stall you find along the streets. I believe they taste as good

Cabbing back on a tuk-tuk cos the friend had not taken one before. From Platinum Fashion Mall to National Stadium BTS is at most 100THB so for those who were charged more than that, you are probably being ripped off

We went to Thong Lo for dinner to have street food at Sukhumvit 38 just cos we wanted to have street food. It’s very near Thong Lo BTS so it’s easily accessible. You can sit anywhere along the street as long as you order something from the stall. I would actually recommend to sit at the Pad Thai area so you can order zichar! :)

Ordered wanton noodles cos the friend was still craving from the one in the morning.

The wanton noodles here are less flavourful than the one from Sab Sab. Noodles are springy and you can taste the egg flavours and the light fragrance of the pork lard. The difference here is they added some crab meat and fried wanton which makes the meal heartier

Chicken rice

Whoever said this chicken rice is good has clearly never eaten chicken rice in Singapore. I didn’t like it cos the meat was a little too dry and the rice was not as fragrant

Pork w Rice Noodles in Clear Broth

I think this looks like kway chap

I think you can give the pork noodles a miss. In my opinion, they are pretty forgettable


It was dry and not very good. Please skip this

And the supposedly famous Pad Thai stall

And the zichar stall which was just beside it

I like the Phad Thai. It has the wok hei taste and taste as good as it looks. It was a pity I didn’t get to try the zichar dishes cos by the time this came, it was already towards the end of our meal

Papaya Salad w Raw Blue Crab

This was one of the most popular salad, according to the stall owner. I thought the crab was quite nice though I wouldn’t say so for the salad

This grilled squid is SUPER love. I can finish this all by myself. haha What makes this so good was the spicy clear sauce they drizzled all over the squid. The stall is just at the entrance to the Pad Thai. You cannot miss it

And the supposedly best Mango Sticky Rice

I think this was pretty decent, or at least I think it was better than Mango Tango. Is this the best? Well, it’s subjective right?

I thought Sukhumvit 38 is worth going, just for all the street food you get in one place. Though not all the food there is good, but just find the delicious ones and you can have a pretty decent meal in there

Street Food @ Sukhumvit 38

Thong Lo BTS Exit 4

We went bar hopping after dinner. Our Thai friend brought us to J.Boroski Mixolgy which is located at a very dark alley. The place has no signage. Just a dark greyish black exterior and the location is as secret as can be. I have no idea how can one find the place if they haven’t been there before. There is no menu. Drinks are concocted based on patron’s mood. It is very similar to Bitters & Love in Singapore though I must say, the drinks at J.Boroski are really, really good. I mean for the price tag, it better be.

A mixture of traditional scotch, refreshing and light cocktails and so on

Gin w Promegranate

Fruity-based Cocktail

This place is pretty cool and they speak English. So for those who are looking for a bar to chill in Bangkok, try finding this place. It’s one I don’t mind going back

J.Boroski Mixology

Thong Lo Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok

Next up, Spring Summer at Upper Sukhumvit. The restaurant is divided into two buildings with ‘Spring’ serving lunch and dinner and ‘Summer’ serving cakes and desserts. The place is a good one to chill even at night where you can just lie on the beanbags w a glass in hand. We ordered 2 bottles of red and 2 desserts to share even though we were full. #bestdecisionever

Greek Yoghurt Panna Cotta

The panna cotta was beautiful. And I think what’s so special was the use of greek yoghurt which you don’t get to see frequently

Better Than Sex

The name of the dessert is really called Better Than Sex. The chocolate molten lava cake was their signature and along with the chocolate pastry cream, it was really good

I can have this again.

I love the ambience of the place and if I have the chance, I will definitely go back to try their food menu at Spring. It’s a place you can consider to celebrate special occasions as well for the exterior of white villa is just as beautiful as the interior of the restaurant.

Spring Summer

199 Sukhumvit Soi 39 Bangkok, Thailand

463. The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar

This flower shop reminds me of the one in Tokyo, just on a much smaller scale. It’s pretty and quaint and would be a nice place to chill if not for the location. I think the least place you would expect it to be, is at Lau Pa Sat amid the bustling CBD life. The cafe is tiny and menu is limited though for a dessert place, it might be more than enough.

The interior decoration is super cute. It’s a flower shop + cafe, similar to Ayoma Flower Tea Market in Tokyo

The Vert Malesherbes

A mixture of Peach Flower, Passion fruit and Wild Strawberries. The tea is pretty nice, just being light & floral. Though I think I will appreciate it more if they come in a pot than just one cup

(From left to right) Sakura, Peach Flower & Rose Cherry

Other than sweet, I have no words for them. Diabetic maybe?

Lavender Icecream

The icecream was a delight though. It’s not too bad for a floral icecream. I don’t mind coming back just for the icecream though they only had 3 floral flavours

A very pretty table setting to complement the food

Well, this shop had put a lot of thought in their presentation. I wished they had put more effort in their food though. It’s probably one of the few flower shop cafes around in Singapore but if I were to compare this with Ayoma Flower Tea Market, TLFSC is probably good from far but far from good.

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar

18 Raffles Quay, #01-42 Lau Pa Sat

Singapore 048582

462. Les Amis

Since it was the friend’s birthday, we had the honour of dining at Les Amis’s chef table where you can peep into the kitchen and have the privacy of the small dining room. The 6 course menu was specially created by Chef Sebastian for the birthday girl and since there was nothing much that was required from us, we just sat back and waited for the food and wine to be served.

Sitting near the dessert area

Bread Basket

I love Les Amis bread basket, especially the baguette. It is so good I can just feast on them for the entire meal

Maine Lobster Bolero

First Course. The cold lobsters were taut, sweet and fresh though pairing it with mayo seems a little strange. It felt like you were eating a lobster roll or something similar. But it was a dish that was hard to fault

Mille-Feuille of Foie Gras w White Truffle

Second course. The foie gras were apparently of top grade and really expensive. But I think it was too top-grade for us that the girls don’t really know how to appreciate them. haha I mean it was not bad, you just need a different palate to appreciate them

Toasted Bread

But I have to say, the toasted bread complements the foie gras really well

Crispy Langoustine w Side Salad

Third course. I super love the langoustine here. It felt like you were eating a fried wanton, that has been elevated to a whole new level. You have to try this #yumyum

Cream of Asparagus Soup w Oysters & Ikura

Fourth course. There was nothing exceptional about this dish. The soup really tasted like asparagus and you can taste the seafood taste in the oysters. Though by then we were already full

Poached Halibut w Sakura Ebi & Langoustine Sauce

Fifth course. We kinda regretted trying halibut. Don’t get me wrong. The chef did an excellent job executing this dish but I guess we just didn’t like the texture of the fish. It was too flaky and there wasn’t much sweetness from the fish itself. Pairing it with the langoustine sauce was smart since the fish was pretty boring by itself.

Chef Cheryl’s Special Chestnut Dessert

Sixth course. This was the table’s favourite. It was good old-style dessert that was done so beautifully.

Happy Birthday Z!

Chocolate Tart

This (complimentary) chocolate tart is to die for. I love how they add hazelnuts to the tart that gave a a different contrast to the whole dessert

Madeleine for the coffee

The madeleines have nothing to fault with either. It was a good old French pastry

 and finally, Latte

By the time we finished our coffee, we were so full from having a 2.5 hours lunch. It was my second time back at Les Amis and I like the meal better this time round. Maybe cos the menu was more specialised or the food fits us better this time round. But for being one of Asia’s top restaurant, this is what Les Amis has to offer

Les Amis

#02-16, Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road S(228208)

461. Lime @ Parkroyal on Pickering

It’s one of those rare occasions we get together for a buffet but since there’s always a first, we decided to visit Lime at Parkroyal Pickering, where it was known to have a pretty decent brunch buffet. I love how the restaurant gives a open and relaxed atmosphere and we plopped ourselves down at the sofa and started feasting for the next 3 hours. The selection of food was pretty decent though some may argue otherwise. I think Lime dedicates a portion of their food to Nonya cuisine where you can find likes of acar-acar, ayam buah keluak, assam fish, chap chye, kueh pie tie, mee siam and all sorts of nonya kueh. And also not forgetting the famous Matcha fondue where we had fun mixing and playing

The sight of pretty desserts greet you upon entering

A whole selection of bread and pastries

Seafood, the crowd’s favourite


I really love their salmon. It was surprisingly good. Just forget their tuna

Roast for your selection

Smoked Salmon

Thai Salad

Everyone was there for their champagne brunch where you can enjoy free flow champagne

I think the seafood was a little disappointing. The lobster meat was a little chewy, oysters were normal. The only saving grace was the prawn which was really sweet

Lobster Bisque

This was pretty decent. It had every flavour of the lobster in it

The truffle mushroom soup on the other end did not live up to expectations

Mee Siam

I am very sure the chef did not cook the noodles at all. Apart from that, the broth had a contrast of sweet and sour which was appetizing

Foie Gras topped with Passion Fruit Sauce

Foie Gras here is definitely not the best grade, but if you are not that picky, you might just go for a few rounds to make your money worth

Lobster risotto

It tastes exactly like the bisque, just that in solid form

Black Pepper Crayfish, the table’s favourite


The only worth remembering was the lime tart which hit the right note

And more desserts. We really love the chocolate cake. It was so delicious

And the matcha fondue desserts which the girls dipped anything and everything in and made us guess what it was. I thought the matcha was too sweet. I will vote for dark chocolate fondue anytime

And a complimentary cake for the birthday girls

It is impossible to eat everything at a buffet and not feel full thereafter. Thankfully we have everyone to share the food with us. The thing about buffet is there are always hit and misses. Lime is not bad, but it is not the best around either. But for the kind of spread they offer, I think it is one of the decent ones around.

Lime @ PARKROYAL on Pickering

3 Upper Pickering Street S(058289)