445. Platypus Lobster Shack

This place has probably opened for some time before the lobster roll bandwagon came rolling along and everyone else jumped onboard. It probably wasn’t that difficult to get a reservation few months back as compared now where a visible line streams out of the restaurant every night. Platypus Lobster Shack is located behind the Great Eastern building and it was very, very packed when we were there with each table having their lobster rolls. So like their name suggests, their menu has everything lobster-related and since being part of the Platypus Group, I wanted to see how different it is.

A very compact indoor seating

Caviar & Uni Bruschetta

It felt like eating salted bread with uni creme. The portion of the caviar was definitely generous but it also gave a very salty flavour to the dish. The bread could be warmer and I think the proportion of the uni creme could be more

Urchin & Lobster Bisque

Very heavy on the flavours with both urchin & lobster combined but honestly speaking, I can’t really taste any urchin in the bisque. The taste of the lobster was much more evident.

Crustacean Bowl

Uni Creme, Butter Poached Lobster, Japonica Rice, Honey Ponzu, Caviar, Char-Grilled Cheddar Cheese, Sesame & Chervil

A hell lot of ingredients but a very awesome dish. The fragrance hit us when the plate landed and the flavours are explosive in your mouth. It’s probably the best dish of the night

The Traditional

And now the highlight – lobster roll. The bread was buttery, soft & warm but the lobsters were disappointing. I didn’t like the texture nor the seasoning. It felt like the roll was missing something. Though $20 for a roll might be value for money but this was average at best

Spicy Roasted Garlic w Double Lobster Meat

The friend only had 2 words the entire meal – very spicy

Caramel Croissant Pudding

Vanilla Custard, Organic Eggs, Croissant & Vanilla Bean Cream

The croissant pudding was pretty good especially with the vanilla bean cream though it’s more like a soften croissant than a pudding

Platypus Lobster Shack seems more like a hype than anything. Lobster rolls? I think Pince and Pints had aced it better. Even though the prices may seem more affordable here, but a visit once is enough.

Platypus Lobster Shack

3 Pickering Street

Nankin Row #01-31 S(048660)

444. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee Bar is one of the newer faces to the cafe scenes located at Rangoon road. The cafe is operated by 3 brothers though I don’t know how the name relates to them. It’s a cute name though (pok pok keh) okay nevermind I digress. Interior of the cafe is clean and simple. Tables are wooden (yay), decorated with a simple bottle of flowers and sunlight fills the place up. One thing to note the ventilation is quite bad, you’ll leave the place stinking of the breakfast smell.

More breakfast choices. But I didn’t have the stomach cos I was cafe hopping that morning

I think the sign was supposed to be outside the shop but the owners didn’t have time to bring it out cos they opened late that day

White Coffee (3oz)

Waited quite long for the coffee cos the machine ran into problems. The owners were apologetic and even offered another drink. Thumbs up for the service. The coffee menu here is simple. Black, white or cold brew. The coffee they served was strong, a little acidic but easy to drink. Will definitely give the cold brew a try the next time round

Buttermilk Waffles w Berries & Greek Yoghurt

I honestly think yoghurt and waffles just don’t go together. The waffles here are decent but could have been better, fluffier and with different toppings

Life’s simple pleasures. Just a cup of coffee and waffles to enjoy the weekend away

I think Rangoon road is bursting with cafes. Sitting right next to Old Hen is La’Coffee Cafe that opened few weeks ago. With the number of cafes opening there, I think the area might just become the next Jalan Besar

Old Hen Coffee Bar

88 Rangoon Road, #01-03 S(218374)

443. Legendary Hong Kong @ Jurong Point

It was a very rare occasion to be at Jurong Point since we don’t normally venture to the west. And while we were there, we decided to check out Legendary Hong Kong to see how similar the food is to the ones in HK. The shopping street at Jurong Point 2 on level 3 was a Hong Kong street theme inspired by Mongkok in well, Hong Kong. I have to admit it does give a little HK feel with all the bright billboards and all. And the exterior of the restaurant certainly does bring memories of the char chang tengs there.

Do not be fooled by the colourful signs, Legendary Hong Kong is the only restaurant there (how can?!)

The line to go in was crazily long but thank goodness it moved really fast

A for effort in creating the char chang teng feel

Honey & Pomelo Tea, Ice Milk Tea & 7-up with Salty and Fresh Lemon

Drinks were normal. The ice milk tea simply tastes like teh peng, Singapore style

Custard Crust Bun w Butter

Didn’t try this but the friends say this was disappointing

Pan-fried Beancurd Skin w Shrimps

I make it a point to order this at every dim sum place I dine at cos it’s my fav dim sum dish. But this, was average at most. I think I can find better pan-fried beancurd skins in other dim sum restaurants in Singapore

Siew Mai

The siew mais had the HK feel w the chewy pork and crunchy texture but, it was not the best

Wanton Soup

The wantons were not bad, though we were confused whether they were wantons or shrimp dumplings

Roasted London Duck

The flavour of the duck was good. Though it’s fatty, oily and not very meaty

Scrambled Eggs w Prawns

The dish was mediocre, lacking in sweetness of the eggs and prawns

Pan-fried Tofu stuffed with Minced Pork

I think our mums can probably cook this same dish and excel even better

Pan-fried Crispy Noodles w Shredded Beef & Preserved Vegetables

The only comfort here was the preserved vegetables

Maybe our expectations were just too high but we certainly were not impressed. Legendary Hong Kong was far from legendary and not worth a try.  To put it sadly, it was at most a rank better than Xin Wang HK Cafe

Legendary Hong Kong

Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-80
Singapore (648331)

442. Sufood Singapore

I don’t think there are many vegetarian restaurants in Singapore so it’s good that we are having more of it. Sufood is a collaboration between Singapore’s Putien and Taiwan’s largest food operator Wowprime so it is not surprising we find many Taiwanese dining there when we were there as well. The interior of the place was simple and small but the restaurant was lined with people with reservations waiting for their tables to be ready. Service was really good though they might seem a little short of manpower during dinner service.

We decided to go for the set menu which was Italian-inspired with cross fusion at $25++ which I thought it seems pretty reasonable

The Sufood Appetizer

A delicate trio of poached Japanese yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental, white water snowflake greens and a savoury cherry tomato jelly

Honestly, I only like the cherry tomato jelly. The other 2 just seem a little strange to me

Rosemary Breadstick w Sweet Mustard Dip

I thought the rosemary breadstick could use more of the rosemary cos it seems a little bland on its own, but when you paired with the mustard dip, it was really good

Starter: Mushroom Salad

We both chose the mushroom salad. Just lots of mushroom with lots of garlic

Soup: Root Soup

Burdock root, lotus root and cashew nuts, stewed in a light vegetable broth

I have to say the root soup tastes different from your lotus root soup at home. This was really light but still tasted wonderful

Soup: Cream of Pumpkin Soup

I love my pumpkin soup. It was a good ordinary tasty pumpkin soup

Mains: Baked Potato Al Funghi

The friend had the mushrooms as main course. The baked potato was delicious and the seasoning was perfect

Steamed King Oyster mushrooms drizzled with Italian herb vinaigrette and a slice of baked potato, topped with stir-fried Button mushrooms

The mushrooms, tasted very mushroomy. I didn’t like the texture of it but if you are a fan of mushrooms, you should probably give this a try

Mains: Star Pizza

A golden star-shaped pizza, filled with oyster mushrooms, cream cheese and mustard sauce. Topped with salted seaweed

This was amazing. The thin crust was baked perfectly and the sauce was very appetising. I’m glad I requested the wasabi to be served at the side if not I would probably not enjoyed the dish as much

Desserts: Sesame Panna Cotta

The 2 layers just don’t go together. It felt like I was eating a thin layer of sesame paste and a panna cotta which was too milky

Drink: The Tropical

It felt like a combination of apple, pear and watermelon

Osmanthus Flower Jelly and The Ashitaba

The flower jelly was very sweet, and.. just very sweet. haha It’s probably a good cheer-you-up dessert. The drink on the other hand was a refreshing take on Ashitaba tea leaves added with aloe vera and honey

Actually I’m not very sure if I know how to appreciate vegetarian food since there are very little elements for you to work around with. And to create an outstanding dish based on limited food products is just tough. But I’m glad there’s just another place in Singapore that caters to the minority and be rest assured, this place will probably be packed on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar month

Sufood Singapore

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road #02-19

Singapore 179103

441. Lola’s Cafe

Finally paid a visit to the famous Lola’s cafe or rather to try their famous chicken wings. Located in Kovan area, it’s a plus point for those living in the north-east area (yay) but since the cafe is really tiny, they don’t accept reservations on weekends. The friend and I decided to meet at 10am and were so fortunate to get into their first seating. And since we were sitting outside, we heard many customers were told the waiting time is at least an hour. Omg I might have died of hunger by then plus, 10am at Kovan – what’s there to walk?


The mocha had a velvety chocolate taste which was smooth and thick

Organic Chai Tea Latte

A very pretty cup of Chai Tea Latte that tastes as good as it looks. The Chai Tea was very fragrant though it actually tastes more milky than anything else

Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast

The eggs were good (look at the cheese!), sausage was a little dry, bacon was coated with honey and salad was strange. It felt like they used supermarket’s salad or something along those line

Truffle Fries

They ran out of shoestring fries, so it was served thick-cut. Not that I mind, but the fries were short of truffle taste. It was just normal fries in my opinion. No loss if you give this a miss

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

The bomb. Cos it’s so good, it deserves another shot. Honey, spice, and everything crispy and nice, they just taste wonderful. My friend joked if she stayed around here, she’ll probably dabao their wings everyday

It’s nice to have cafes popping up in neighbourhood area so we don’t have to specially make foot to places just for brunch. I hope Lola’s expand their space soon, just for the benefit of those who live around the area and for those who specially make a trip down just for their chicken wings. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry – yumyum. BUT, I have to add I was really thirsty for the next few hours and I have no idea which part of their food caused that so.. just drink lots of water after that.

Lola’s Cafe

5 Simon Road S(545893)

440. Salt Tapas & Bar

We went to Salt Tapas & Bar located at Raffles City shopping centre to celebrate our friend’s birthday. The place is small and contained, and pretty crowded with working adults so reservations are highly recommended. I like how the restaurant is tastefully decorated and I’m impressed by their service. It’s like we ask for extra cutlery and snap* 4 sets of cutlery appear at our table. It’s definitely worth the service charge. Many might mistaken Salt for a spanish restaurant, but the only commonity they have is they serve their food in small serving – the tapas style but their cuisine is Australian inspired.

Parmesan & Truffle Fries

Shoestring fries with generous amount of truffle, very addictive

Taco of Tempura Prawn, Pineapple Salsa, Chipotle Aioli (Large)

The prawns are nicely done. Big, juicy and firm that goes well with the salsa and the garlic mayo. It was a combination of different flavours

Jamon & Manchego Croquettes with Basil Mayo

Well, I’m not a fan of this dish. It honestly just tasted like fried potato. I mean I know it is but I can’t find the wow factor here

Baked Spicy Chicken Drumettes, Romesco

The drumlets are seasoned well. The romesco sauce was definitely something different for me. You can taste the beautiful flavours of the nuts and red pepper mixed together which was delightful for a change

Sirloin, Asparagus, Tomato, Parsnip, Parmesan & Truffle Dressing

Probably a disappointment. Sirloin was a little chewy and sweet. I think a steak is at its best in its natural flavours and I can’t taste the truffle dressing here

Paella of Prawns, Mussels, Squid, Chorizo, Chicken, Prosciutto topped with Saffron Rouille

One of the best paella ever. It was so good we wiped off every bit in the plate. The rice was cooked beautifully. You can taste the softness and the chewiness in some parts and the burnt bits in another. The ingredients were fresh and generous. Definitely a winner

Coconut Panna Cotta, Young Coconut & Star Anise Pear

I really felt like I was eating coconut jelly. The panna cotta was simply amazing

Churros w Chocolate Sauce

I didn’t like the churros that much. I thought it was a little thick. I prefer my churros skinny with not so much air in the middle and the chocolate sauce was too dense to drip on the churros itself. The whipped cream was really whipped, very light and very sweet

Chocolate Delice, Hazelnut Icecream, Coffee Sauce & Salted Peanuts

A very chocolatey delice with a delicious icecream. The salted peanuts gave a contrast to the sweet dessert which I thought was pretty nice

It has its hits and misses. But generally, I enjoy the food here. The service was attentive and the ambience was relaxing. It’s definitely worth a second visit to try the other dishes we have missed out.

Salt Tapas & Bar

252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre S(179103)

439. La’Coffee Cafe @ Rangoon Road

Another new cafe makes it way to Rangoon road, I think there’s so many I lost count. This place was only few days old when I visited them last weekend and it was still rather empty. I guess word will slowly get around. They had an interesting menu which consists of both traditional and modern breakfast so I wanted to try both. But when the owner told me they currently only serves loti (traditional toast) cos they just opened for business, I thought it was rather anti-climatic.

I like the simple, clean decoration of the cafe

And for the benefit of those who want to know what they serve, or going to serve..

Kopi and Cafe Au Lait

I like the presentation of the Cafe Au Lait but I thought the coffee was a little too light. You can taste the faint taste of the coffee when you first drink it and then it slowly goes away. I guess for those who like coffee with a lighter flavour, you’ll appreciate it

Egg Mayo Loti (Left) and Kaya Loti (Right)

The Kaya was too sweet but the bread itself was good. The owner mentioned they will let their factory know of the sweetness of the Kaya so hopefully it will get better

The Egg Mayo Loti in my opinion was rather normal. I think I might just stick to peanut butter next time

Perfect Half Boil Eggs

I think they did justice to the name. The soft boil eggs were cooked beautifully. It was probably the perfect soft boil eggs one can ask for

I think it’s a new cafe with lots of tuning to do. The concept is good, but I thought it would be nice to be able to try their other food. I guess it’s just disappointing that they didn’t have a full menu ready for people who specially make a trip down. And with so much competition within the same stretch, I guess the only good thing here is the prices are nett.

La’Coffee Cafe

88 Rangoon Road S(218374)