458. Royal Pavilion @ Park Regis

I realise Chinese restaurants really like to infuse strong Chinese decorations in their designs. The recent one I went to at Royal Pavilion, located at the newly furnished Park Regis Hotel is also one such example. The place wasn’t crowded since we were early but the crowd slowly crept in and it seemed too much to handle for the staffs later on. We were there for dim sum lunch since the cousin mentioned they serve pretty decent dim sum.

Appetizer: Guava w Orange Peel

The guava and orange peel was refreshing and appetising, different from your usual peanuts appetizer

Royal Smoked Duck

We ordered their signature smoked duck. The taste of the smokiness was evident and it followed through when you take a bite of the meat but the skin was really oily (like really oily) and the meat was tough. We were told that the chefs couldn’t get used to the new machine and are still figuring the right cooking method. I find the reason abit strange. Shouldn’t you make sure you know your machine well enough before you present your dishes to your customers?

Siew Mai

I like the siew mai here. The meat was springy and firm. It was a good normal basket of siew mai

Steamed Prawn Dumpling

The prawn dumplings were decent, but I think the skin can afford to be a little thinner

Steamed Chicken Claws w Black Bean Sauce

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin

The deep fried beancurd skin is probably by far one of the worst I’ve eaten. So oily, skin was a little thick and the prawns were just so small and little

Deep-fried Prawns & Banana in Seaweed Roll

This was strange. Prawns, seaweed and banana mayo just don’t go together. I had expected more when I ordered this dish

Carrot Cake w “Lao Gan Die” Chili Sauce

The carrot cake was really fragrant. It exhibits a strong wok hei taste which makes me feel like I was eating char kway teow for some reason

Mini Egg Tarts

Flaky, buttery, eggy and sweet

Baked Swiss BBQ Snow Bun

I’m quite impressed by the BBQ snow bun. It was baked perfectly and the sweetness of the char siew went very well

Custard Bun

I like the custard egg yolk but not the bun. I felt like the bun was too moist and mushy. It felt like they didn’t steam the buns long enough

Century Pork & Lean Meat Porridge

I have to mention their porridge was pretty bland and we only see century egg but no lean meat. The friend was like is this century egg & lean meat porridge? lol

Well, sad to conclude their standard dropped and they have to choose a day when I visit. I wouldn’t say it is one of the worst dim sum I’ve eaten but it is indeed disappointing they were not up to their usual standards. And looking at their menu again, their dim sums are really nothing special to begin with.

Royal Pavillion

23 Merchant Road, Level 1, S(058268)

457. Super Loco

The friend wanted to try Mexican food so here we are at Super Loco, located at Robertson Quay. The restaurant is actually nearer to Studio M and the rainbow bridge so it would be better if you alight at Miramar hotel and walked towards Robertson Quay. It wasn’t very crowded when we met at 6, with plenty of tables still available. What I didn’t like were the seats, as they were not exactly the most comfortable. The deco of the restaurant was vibrant and funky. I guess they wanna live up to the colorful Mexican culture.

Aquas Frescas

Strawberry fresh fruit cocktail w cucumbers

Well, I don’t think strawberry and cucumbers are the best combination but this cocktail gave a refreshing taste which I thought it was pretty nice

Mexican Soda

I have to say this was strange..


Grilled corn w mayo, chilli & cotija cheese

I never thought grilled corn and cheese tasted this good. It was amazing

Ceviche de Pulpo

Octopus ceviche w squid ink and smoked paprika

I didn’t really like the ceviche. The octopus was a little chewy and the flavours were safe and normal

Halfway through dinner we decided to have a group photo, and look at the photobombers. It was hilarious

Baja Fish Taco

Beer battered snapper w mango salsa

I would root for the taco, unconditionally. The fish was nicely fried and the salsa was explosive in your mouth

Taco de Chorizo

Chorizo and braised beef w chipotle salsa

The chorizo was pretty good too, just burnt, juicy and flavourful

Quesadilla de Pollo

Marinated chicken quesadilla

It was disappointing. The quesadilla was not bad, but neither was it fantastic

Costillas de Cerdo

Honey-glazed pork ribs

We waited quite a long time for this and by the time it came, the dish was cold/a little warm. It felt like they have left it in the kitchen for a very long time. Taste-wise, it was pretty ordinary though the pork ribs were tender and easy to eat

Melado de Maiz Dulce

Salted caramel w sweet corn icecream w caramel popcorn

I realised they have alot of corn-infused dishes for their desserts and this was one of them. The icecream was good, and the caramel popcorn was a pretty garnish

Super Churros

I must say the churros here are pretty good. The diameter of the churros was just nice and I like how the dough is consistent and fluffy. Though the strawberry sauce is just out of the place and the chocolate sauce is too dense and too bitter

This place has it ups and downs. I wouldn’t say the food is outstanding but I probably wouldn’t mind dropping by for Mexican food if I’m in the area. Just maybe, order the right stuffs next time

Ended the night at Laurent Bernard cos we needed cakes. Happy Birthday girls! :)

Super Loco

The Quayside

60 Robertson Quay #01-03 S(238252)

456. Fix Cafe Singapore

Fix cafe, one of the many up and coming cafes in Singapore located at HometeamNS Balestier. Can I mention it’s so inaccessible to get there? The nearest MRT station is Toa Payoh and you have to walk about 15 minutes under the sun to the place, provided the weather was being nice & friendly that day. Interesting it is a poolside alfresco cafe, meaning no aircon (omg) and the cafe literally overlooks the pool. The place feels small and gets really crowded during lunch time. I’m glad we were there early enough to avoid the lunch crowd! (and I saw a few food bloggers that day)


I really enjoyed their latte. It’s creamy, velvety and smooth and the roast of the beans still stay perfect even when cooled

Butterscotch w Toasted Coconut Milkshake

This was an interesting drink with everyone having an expressionless face after taking a sip of it. I think the drink was just too thick and strong to our liking

Chilli Cheese Fries

Sad that the fries were over fried, but they remind me of Carl’s Junior fries. I thought that the fries were decent and would have been perfect if the fries were cooked right

Crispy Soy Chicken Drumlets

So damn yummy. The right marinate of sweet and spicy coated with a delicious batter fried to perfection

Brunch FIX

The toast was oozing with butter, like seriously flowing to your fingers with you touch them. The scrambled eggs were a little too watery. I like the mushrooms and the turkey ham but the salad came without dressing so it felt like we were munching on grass

Beef & Kimchi Naanwich

Naanwich, an interesting concept. I think you probably see more sandwiches around anywhere than a place that serves naan with topping. I like the beef and kimchi (they used the same beef for fries) but the naan can be better. The chips as a side was a little strange to complement the dish. The funny thing is we thought the egg yolk will run and so we excitedly video the moment only to be disappointed *anticlimax*

Donuts w Salted Egg Dip

The donuts were so fluffy and light, it was so delicious even without any dip. The salted egg dip was like an icing to the cake but it would have been perfect if it was a little more concentrated

Strawberry Pistachio Rose Tart

The tart was normal, pistachio could have been stronger and the rose cream really infused a strong rose flavour

I think the food here is generally well received and I don’t mind coming back, only if someone drives me there. haha if not for those who live around the area, it is really worth checking the place out. The drumlets and the donuts are definitely not to be missed.

Fix Cafe Singapore


31 Ah Hood Road #01-06 S(329979)

455. Rabbit Owl Depot

There are so many icecream parlours in Singapore nowadays you can slowly find one to call your favourite one. Rabbit Owl Depot is a cute and catchy name, located near National library. Decided to go there for desserts on Halloween and they sure dressed the whole place up for the event. haha sorry for the overdue post. It’s a small place, probably smaller than all the other icecream parlours, but I guess the waffles and icecream made up for it.

Rabbit Owl Depot Snow Flake Waffles w Hazelnut Praline Icecream

3 words. So. Damn. Awesome.

The waffles are light, fluffy and crispy and the icecream had a very strong hazelnut taste which was really enjoyable

The portion’s not big, so I guess one person can finish everything on their own.

For now, Rabbit Owl Depot might just be my favourite icecream place. I anticipate my next visit there to try the other flavours.

Rabbit Owl Depot

420 North Bridge Road S(188727)


Memories taken from my trusty iphone ;)

So my hunt for chirashi continues and featuring 3 places for this entry

Aburi Bara Chirashi set from Sun with Moon Japanese Dining

One of the most colorful and vibrant bowl of chirashi I’ve seen

It’s so deliciously good I can eat this everytime I go back

Though the salmon soup was a little strange and has too much bones

Tokusen Kaisen Don from Ichiban Boshi

This chirashi don is probably one of the most pathetic I’ve ever seen. Sashimi so thin I have problem identifying if they are really sashimi. I felt as if I was eating chap chye fan (mixed vegetable rice)

Nami Chirashi Jyu from Itacho Sushi

The rice simply tasted like rice, Singapore style. The sashimi fared a little better as compared to Ichiban’s but they will probably be ranked in the lower ranking category of my chirashi hunt. It’s just too much rice and substandard sashimi

And the rest of the dishes from Itacho. Not too sure if the outlet at Changi Airport was really bad, or simply my tastebuds just don’t accept Itacho anymore

A shot w the friend, where we spent time catching up at the airport and tending to my work emails on a weekend :(

Ben’s Cookies. If you haven’t try them, you should

Lunch meeting at The Westin Singapore

Pan-roasted Chicken Breast with Asparagus and Sweet Potato Puree

It’s a delight to find chicken breast so moist and tender. It’s definitely one of the better chicken dishes around


So light, and the sweetness was just nice. I had no qualms finishing up the plate


And my fav team gift me with a box of chocolates from Le Rouge :) #perksyougetwhenyouaregone

The $8 icecream from Godiva Chocolatier. Well, you should pamper yourself once in a while right? :D And it tasted as good as it looks. Just don’t keep this a habit

Lunch at Kith @ Quayside Isle

Brought the friends to Kith since they haven’t been there before and I wanted to try their pasta this time round

Strawberry Smoothie

The smoothie was diluted and not very sweet. It was rather disappointing


I know my friend too well that she will definitely order this. The bolognese was quite decent I would say. Not a fan of bolognese, but I like how they paired the cheese with the meat and the sauce was thick and appetising


Or simply means linguine with crab meat, garlic, chilli and kaffir lime

I think I haven’t tasted pasta for a long while and this was pretty good. I thought it would be better if they have this spicier (likes of a Singaporean haha)

Sirloin Steak Sandwich

A rather big portion I must say. The sirloin was good and juicy but the sourdough was a little tough. Still I think the friend must be too hungry and finished everything


A very decent bowl of tiramisu that had the right balance. We were surprised at the portion of the dessert and the choice of tableware

Hot Chocolate Lava Cake

I think the lava cake must be the only thing that comes in small size. Though I like the chocolate lava and the cake was moist and sweet, it just felt strange seeing a lava cake in this colour

Jumping on the LlaoLlao bandwagon cos we cannot lose out to the teenagers! #justkidding #toooldliao

Sunday Blooms

One of those days where I decided to arrange flowers and make myself happy. They are real okay lol

Bought this for a friend and I fell in love with it #whynobodysendsmeflowers #boo

Sunset in Phuket

Thought Anantara Vacation Club might not be the best around, I appreciate the level of service they have done for us

Chilling at Sala Resort & Spa

Well, cos grass is always greener on the other side

When me and the friends decided to cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Airport and we were trying to take a photo with SQ and the control tower #crazyus

Cheap sushi dinner with the family. Life simple pleasures :) #lookatthosesashimi #ihaveoneboxtomyself #dontfightwithme

And cos I thought maggi mee is too boring, I decided to cook a Japanese ramen egg. Call me chef Iris! ;)

Went back to Bitters & Love. This was a strong whiskey-based cocktail

And then I asked for something new and adventurous

Nails for Halloween :D

Attended Deepavali party some time back. Me in my pretty sari :D

ootd: Smooch The Label

On days you are feeling down, remember laughter’s the best medicine

ootd: The Tinsel Rack

Friends; when you coincidentally wear clothes from the same shop

Friendship; takes effort to maintain and when you find one that’s worth keeping, treasure it :) #wordsofwisdom

ootd: Dress from Armani Exchange, Shoes from Keds x Kate Spade

Cafe hunting at Little Prince Creamery

The matcha latte was horrible and the waffles were disappointing. Creamier is so much better

Dim Sum lunch at Royal Pavillion w the sisters. Stay close for reviews!

454. Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe

It’s one of those I-have-a-craving moments that I dragged my parents here. Even though Hatter Street has been around for some time and being at Kovan is close proximity to where I live, somehow the abundance of cafe never got me down here for their desserts. I’m glad I finally paid a visit to try their famous waffles. The place is tiny, and aircon seems non-existent. Nevertheless, the place is easily packed

Flat White

The flat white was decent, thick and creamy. Though somehow, it reminds me of nescafe coffee

Hazelnut Latte

I like the strong aroma of hazelnut that fills your mouth when you drink

Cake Lai Liao (来了): Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Chocolate, peanut butter and cheesecake, just the worst combination for everything thick. Besides being sinful, the cake was delicious with each flavour balanced

Yin-Yang: Pomegranate & Green Tea

The Yin-Yang on the opposite was light and very moist. Compared to Cake Lai Liao, this was on the other end of the spectrum in terms of flavours

Pandan Icecream w Gula Melaka Sauce

The waffles here are really good. Fluffy, light and crispy. The pandan icecream was strong that tasted somehow like kaya and the gula melaka sauce gave a nice touch to the waffles. I’m glad that the sauce wasn’t that sweet if not the waffles would have gone to waste

This cafe is interesting, and their menu consists largely of Asian fusion flavours. I’m glad cafes are slowly making their ways to the heartland, to satisfy those who have random cravings anytime

Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe

212 Hougang Street 21 S(530212)

Phuket in 2D1N

We had a company trip few weeks back, to Phuket. It’s good to be out of Singapore once in awhile and we get to skip work so double yay. Accommodation was arranged for us and we stayed at Anantara Vacation Club, located at Mai Khao, northwest Phuket. It is about an hour’s drive away from the famous Patong so unless you have no wish to visit Patong, I really have no idea why people will come to Mai Khao which had absolutely nothing to do. Anantara Vacation Club has both apartment suites and bedroom pool villa so the bulk of us stayed at the suites. Accommodation was good, food was decent and service was awesome. I really have to give them credit for giving us good service for I admit we are a bunch of very. very. difficult. customers.

View from our room

I think I spent 1/3 of my time in the pool

How the suites look like from outside

The 2-bedroom apartment suite

We walked to the beach, which was empty and unoccupied

If we had a choice, we probably had stayed at Anantara Phuket Villa, which was opposite the Vacation Club. That place had an infinity pool bar and much more amenities to enjoy and also, nearer to the beach

Lunch was served shortly. We had room service mainly since there were like 30 of us and half the time we were just drinking, I mean chilling in the villa. And I have no qualms that you should just stick with local cuisine instead of western/pizzas. I mean seriously, it’s Thailand! We had lunch, dinner and breakfast at Anantara. It’s fortunate we were only there for 2D1N since we would probably have tried everything on the menu if we were gonna stay there any longer

Indian Samosa

Vietnamese Rice Rolls

Pad Thai

Nasi Goreng

Green Curry Chicken

Basil Pork

Hawaiian Pizza

We requested for BBQ dinner with cooking staffs at one of our pool villas which they did a good job setting everything up. The staffs were really attentive and constantly checked that we were enjoying ourselves

Our meat/seafood we ordered

And the cooked food area after they finished bbq-ing the food

Jasmine Rice & Corns on Cob

Seafood was good, chicken was decent, the pork & beef was a little tough. I guess it’s the cheap cut we took but oh wells, we had a budget to contain to =/

And a live desserts station

I think we had an overdose of Mango Sticky Rice in one day. Not kidding but we had this every meal, including tea break

Breakfast Buffet at Chaam Restaurant

I must say the breakfast was surprisingly good, especially the porridge and noodles

We finally got out of Anantara and headed to Sala Resort & Spa which was located about 10 minutes drive away. There was supposed to be a go-kart activity at Patong which was scrapped cos.. the owner was being such a meanie, and was absolutely rude to me. And cos it was a monopoly, we didn’t have other choices to choose from. So anyways, stepping in Sala is like stepping into a sanctuary. The place feels relaxed and much more cooler and it was just a very good place to chill the day away.

So different from Anantara

It felt like a resort in the wild

Ice Thai Milk Tea

Gosh, best Thai Milk Tea ever. They didn’t have this on the menu but specially made them for us and it was amazing. The sweetness was perfect. We had the same thing at Anantara and it was a disaster. haha

A variety of Tapas

Thai Red Curry

Thai Fish Cake

Maybe it was a case of the grass is always greener on the other side but, Sala resort is probably one I’ll recommend if you are looking for a resort to chill in Mai Khao. This place is just so pretty.

That concludes my 2D1N in Phuket, which was just non-stop eating. Well we visited Patong at night, where the ladyboys were an eye-opener.. like seriously not kidding. This was my 2nd time in Phuket and it felt as rushed as my first. haha I think I need a proper Phuket holiday. Anyone?