440. Salt Tapas & Bar

We went to Salt Tapas & Bar located at Raffles City shopping centre to celebrate our friend’s birthday. The place is small and contained, and pretty crowded with working adults so reservations are highly recommended. I like how the restaurant is tastefully decorated and I’m impressed by their service. It’s like we ask for extra cutlery and snap* 4 sets of cutlery appear at our table. It’s definitely worth the service charge. Many might mistaken Salt for a spanish restaurant, but the only commonity they have is they serve their food in small serving – the tapas style but their cuisine is Australian inspired.

Parmesan & Truffle Fries

Shoestring fries with generous amount of truffle, very addictive

Taco of Tempura Prawn, Pineapple Salsa, Chipotle Aioli (Large)

The prawns are nicely done. Big, juicy and firm that goes well with the salsa and the garlic mayo. It was a combination of different flavours

Jamon & Manchego Croquettes with Basil Mayo

Well, I’m not a fan of this dish. It honestly just tasted like fried potato. I mean I know it is but I can’t find the wow factor here

Baked Spicy Chicken Drumettes, Romesco

The drumlets are seasoned well. The romesco sauce was definitely something different for me. You can taste the beautiful flavours of the nuts and red pepper mixed together which was delightful for a change

Sirloin, Asparagus, Tomato, Parsnip, Parmesan & Truffle Dressing

Probably a disappointment. Sirloin was a little chewy and sweet. I think a steak is at its best in its natural flavours and I can’t taste the truffle dressing here

Paella of Prawns, Mussels, Squid, Chorizo, Chicken, Prosciutto topped with Saffron Rouille

One of the best paella ever. It was so good we wiped off every bit in the plate. The rice was cooked beautifully. You can taste the softness and the chewiness in some parts and the burnt bits in another. The ingredients were fresh and generous. Definitely a winner

Coconut Panna Cotta, Young Coconut & Star Anise Pear

I really felt like I was eating coconut jelly. The panna cotta was simply amazing

Churros w Chocolate Sauce

I didn’t like the churros that much. I thought it was a little thick. I prefer my churros skinny with not so much air in the middle and the chocolate sauce was too dense to drip on the churros itself. The whipped cream was really whipped, very light and very sweet

Chocolate Delice, Hazelnut Icecream, Coffee Sauce & Salted Peanuts

A very chocolatey delice with a delicious icecream. The salted peanuts gave a contrast to the sweet dessert which I thought was pretty nice

It has its hits and misses. But generally, I enjoy the food here. The service was attentive and the ambience was relaxing. It’s definitely worth a second visit to try the other dishes we have missed out.

Salt Tapas & Bar

252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre S(179103)

439. La’Coffee Cafe @ Rangoon Road

Another new cafe makes it way to Rangoon road, I think there’s so many I lost count. This place was only few days old when I visited them last weekend and it was still rather empty. I guess word will slowly get around. They had an interesting menu which consists of both traditional and modern breakfast so I wanted to try both. But when the owner told me they currently only serves loti (traditional toast) cos they just opened for business, I thought it was rather anti-climatic.

I like the simple, clean decoration of the cafe

And for the benefit of those who want to know what they serve, or going to serve..

Kopi and Cafe Au Lait

I like the presentation of the Cafe Au Lait but I thought the coffee was a little too light. You can taste the faint taste of the coffee when you first drink it and then it slowly goes away. I guess for those who like coffee with a lighter flavour, you’ll appreciate it

Egg Mayo Loti (Left) and Kaya Loti (Right)

The Kaya was too sweet but the bread itself was good. The owner mentioned they will let their factory know of the sweetness of the Kaya so hopefully it will get better

The Egg Mayo Loti in my opinion was rather normal. I think I might just stick to peanut butter next time

Perfect Half Boil Eggs

I think they did justice to the name. The soft boil eggs were cooked beautifully. It was probably the perfect soft boil eggs one can ask for

I think it’s a new cafe with lots of tuning to do. The concept is good, but I thought it would be nice to be able to try their other food. I guess it’s just disappointing that they didn’t have a full menu ready for people who specially make a trip down. And with so much competition within the same stretch, I guess the only good thing here is the prices are nett.

La’Coffee Cafe

88 Rangoon Road S(218374)

Cafe Fest 2014

Cafe Fest 2014, the first cafe hopping event ended last weekend. It was meant to bring cafe lovers together to enjoy good food, coffee and company by having 12 cafes under one roof but somehow it ended driving more grievances and frustration among the partygoers. I guess it’s the lack of manpower, lack of communication between the organizers and the attendees and also the failure to come into an agreement between the vendors that resulted in this downfall.

The event kickstarted on Saturday and it was way too crowded, so much that most of the food was sold out way earlier than expected and what’s left was probably coffee, coffee and more coffee

The 12 cafes

If you realised, there’s a festival price and regular price. Well, it was not meant to be like that in the first place. I think there was some major miscommunication here. But then you cannot really blame the vendors for wanting to earn more money, it’s just that by allowing them to do so, it became unfair to the pass holders

Cinnamon Swirl (Oz Specialty Coffee)

The cinnamon swirl was pretty good, or maybe we were just too hungry

Caramel Cream Cheese (Oz Specialty Coffee), Beef Stew (Toby’s Estate) and Cold Brew (Oz Specialty Coffee)

Not forgetting BLT Burger and Chocolate Milkshake (Toby’s Estate)

The BLT burger was nothing fantastic, the caramel cream cheese was bad, the beef stew was the only savoury food we had, the cold brew was too acidic and the chocolate milkshake was welcoming.

Macarons (Hatter Street)

It was way too sweet. I guess they are just good for pictures

Ice Espresso (Necessary Provision) and Spicy Pork Sausage (Tiong Bahru Bakery)

It was supposed to be an espresso cube, that melted too fast, too furious. And the milk content was a little too much as compared to the coffee. The pork sausage was decent, just a relief to the hungry stomach

Red Velvet Cake (I Am)

I didn’t like the cream cheese, but the sponge cake was decent. Though I’m pretty sure I can have better red velvet elsewhere.

Ice Latte (Maison Ikkoku)

I thought the coffee from Maison Ikkoku was good. The coffee was thick and flavourful

If the weather on Saturday was bad, the weather on Sunday was worse

Listening to 53A performing. They were awesome

Ended the first day of cafe fest!

Second day was a different story. I think the whole world complained, so things changed. The crowd was visibly lesser probably due to disappointing turnout on first day, and they tried to keep the public out (though I hear some vendors complaining haha) but the weather was too overwhelming

The VIP area. It was a joke. I think the area was a little tiny, with no fans or whatsoever. It was just too small for too many people

But still glad that we were under the shade

Milk Coffee (Common Man Coffee Roasters), Ice Latte (Jimmy Monkey) and Chilli Hotdog (Cake Love)

Coffee at Common Man was the best. Though we ordered a hot one under the extremely hot weather, but it beats all other places. Ice Latte was normal and I find it amusing a cake place was the one that sold savoury food as compared to the rest of the cafes

Just cos we needed something that wasn’t caffeine

Pat & Stick’s Vanilla Lace (The Providore)

I think we had too much coffee in 2 days, it was a case of caffeine overdose. They did not have your usual big breakfast, pancakes or egg bens cos of licensing issues which was very disappointing since it felt more like a coffee fest now. It was an event that opened with so much hype, but I think they probably generated much more negative publicity cos of it.  The concept of a cafe fest was good but this was a lesson that needed better planning, communication and execution. And to think things are ending with organizers having to compensate pass holders, I really can’t tell if this event was a success or failure.

438. Whale & Cloud

I guess by the time you read this post, this place is no longer a secret. Mention a blue door at Niven Road with no signage, no website whatsoever, one will know of this place immediately. You have to follow their instagram account to be aware of their operating hours and with respect to that, the owner normally opens on Saturday from 9am – 4pm. It’s not that hard to find this place, just search for the back alley of Niven road until you see this door

Open! yay

It’s a very tiny place that can accommodate 12 pax at most so it’s definitely not advisable to go in large groups. The coffee beans are brought in from all over the world, from the owner’s travels and then depending on your luck, you will get to sample whichever brew that is on that day. That day, they had Blue Bottle beans from California, USA and I was very excited to try how the coffee tastes like. They serve coffee in either black (without milk) or white (with milk)

A collection of bearbricks toy filling the space

And fresh bakes of the day

Blue Bottle Coffee from USA (w a sample of old school cookies)

I’m not sure the exact name of the beans but I would say it is definitely special. You lift the lid and the aroma of the coffee rushed up immediately. The roast was so fragrant. When you drink, it may somewhat taste a little bland, then acidic and nutty. But the coffee gets nicer everytime you drink. I like the surprise element in the drink where you can appreciate the difference in each layer of the coffee. The difference between the black and white was the former had a more distinct contrast in acidity

Carrot Cake Loaf

I love the carrot cake. It was delicious. The cake was moist and nutty and the frosting was very light. I guess not many places serve carrot cake with light cream cheese frosting but this place had done it very well

Gula Melaka

The greediness in me wanted to order everything that was on the rack that day but after much contemplation, I stuck with Gula Melaka. You can taste the gula melaka in the cream and it was sweet and light. I like how balanced the cake is, which will not get you sick after eating

A set of coffee and cake goes for $12 which I think is comparable to Starbucks price. But I think what will keep me going back is the unique roast of their coffee beans and their delicious bakes. It is definitely not something you can find in Singapore often. This place is probably good for some ‘me’ time though the popularity of this cafe now might see you leaving as fast as you arrive. Well, when I left, there were a good 10 people in line waiting to enter.

Whale & Cloud

48 Niven Road S(228396)

437. Fung Ding Hung Restaurant

This place that I’m reviewing today is a little different. It offers a whole menu of nutritional food that is tailored to improve your health. Fung Ding Hung Restaurant located at Rendezvous gallery is a little hidden. You will probably not notice it if not for the Teo Heng KTV next door or unless you are specifically going there for a meal. And besides, the restaurant looks empty from outside so you probably will not give it a second thought.

It’s so quiet you can go without reservations and stay there all night

Young Pumpkin Slices in Passionfruit Sauce

We ordered 2 pots of tea to start with and here’s the complimentary starter. The pumpkin slices are rather interesting as it tastes similar to mango. The passionfruit sauce was a little sour but when complemented with the pumpkin, it actually works

(Left) Eight Treasures Tea: Rejuvenates qi and blood, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar

(Right) Tianqi Stress-Relieving Tea: Dispels heat and relieves stress

I prefer the 8 Treasure Tea cos it was sweeter. Tianqi on the other hand tasted very light but I guess if you want to relieve stress, you should order it :D

Crispy Whitebait with Danggui and Seven Spices

Benefits: Nourishes the spleen & stomach

I didn’t really like this cos I thought it was a little oily and I can’t really taste the danggui in it

Pan-fried Cod Fish w Celery Sauce

Benefits: Prevents cardiovascular disease

The fish was executed well. It was crispy and soft. The celery sauce was good. You can’t taste the raw celery (for those who hate celery) but the crunchiness of the vegetables gave a different texture when paired with the fish. The pink dressing is beetroot sauce. It’s all naturally made with no artificial flavouring. It is one dish worth ordering

Braised Sea Cucumber w Pork Tendons in Oyster Sauce

Benefits: Nourishment for balance of Yin and Yang and beautifies skin

The sea cucumber was cooked well to the right softness though I have to add this was a pretty forgettable dish. Execution was done well but the whole dish was not worth remembering

Steamed Sakura Chicken w Cordyceps Flowers & Mushrooms

Benefits: Nourishes the liver and kidney, dispels asthenic heat & has a beautifying effect

The chicken was amazing. It was really smooth and tender. I love how flavourful the mushrooms are and the gravy was perfect. It felt like you can drink the whole plate off

Deep Fried Frog Legs in Kung Pao Sauce

The frog legs are really good too. It was very crispy on the outside. It felt like you are eating the skin of a fried chicken but the meat was soft and sweet.

Charcoal Beancurd Braised w Bamboo Fungus & Pine Mushrooms

Benefits: Improves complexion and nourishes the brain

The beancurd was made using soy bean and also using charcoal to infuse the flavour which explains the black colour. I don’t think there was a very strong taste of charcoal but the texture of the beancurd was definitely different, well in a good way. What I enjoy here was the pine mushrooms, although just mushrooms, was strangely addictive

Braised Loofah w Chinese Mushrooms

Benefits: Clears passage & dispels asthenic heat

It is my first time eating Loofah. I have no idea what that is. Well, it tastes like.. big white cabbage, just soft and sweet. I think what makes this dish stands out was the broth. It was another dish that got us licking off our spoon

Crispy Noodle w Fresh Prawn in Superior Sauce

This was one of their new dishes. It was.. nothing special

Complimentary Dessert: Double-boiled Snow Pear w Winter Melon

Benefits: Improves complexion

The dessert was actually quite nice. You can taste the bits of pear in this small cup of sweetness and it was not overly sweet which was good

This place might felt like ze char to you. Undeniably, it can be seen this way. But it is probably one of the very few ze char places that tailored each dish to suit your health needs. The food here is generally well received but I guess it is probably their location that has such low traffic. If you want to try something different in a quiet environment, I do recommend this place.

Fung Ding Hung Restaurant

Rendezvous Gallery #02-01

9 Bras Basah Road S(189559)


Snaps! Memories from my trusty iPhone!

ootd: Girl Boss Jumpsuit in Hot Pink from Thetinselrack

Sunday Blooms

I love having fresh flowers at home so this is my first attempt at floral arrangement. Well, not bad right? ;)

Having dessserts at Oso Ristorante @ Bukit Pasoh Road cos we just need a dessert place to go to. Probably one of the most artistically presented Tiramisu and it tasted delicious too

Cos one wasn’t enough, we ordered oven-baked Miele Cake which tasted damn weird #seriouslyregretting

Specially ordered a chocolate fudge birthday cake from Matt’s The Chocolate Shop cos being ordinary is too mainstream

Having desserts at Miam Miam to try their french toasts. The toasts were pretty good. It was eggy and burnt though a little dry. I just don’t appreciate the cream on top of it

Just cos I thought my Kate Spade clutch needed a feature

It’s too cute, so it deserved another shot

ootd: Laser cut dress from Asos; Clutch from Issey Miyake

A combination of my favourite items

Friend’s birthday lunch @ Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant (Tampines 1). I think dim sum at IT beats CJ

A coffee break @ Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe for 3 adults after playing with a 2 year old kid for 2 hours. We were drained out. hahaha #seriouslynokidding

I love Wang Dae Bak. It will always be one of my all-time favourite Korean restaurants

Do you know Pastamania serve Vietnamese cuisine? The only outlet that does that is the one at CPF building. And if I may add I was pleasantly surprised by their Vietnamese food

The day we had Macs for breakfast and KFC Feast for lunch. #cholesterolhitheroof

Thai Dinner @ Rochor Thai. It was salty and not spicy and nowhere near awesome #justforgetit

Chocolate Crepe Cake @ Ninethirty By Awfully Chocolate. I think Lady M has nicer crepe cakes

No, I have graduated long ago but we waited for everyone else to finally graduate before we took our convocation shoot together #isomewhatmissschool

Lunch @ Kinki. Not your usual Japanese restaurant

Bara Chirashi Set

I have a personal mission to try all the chirashi in Singapore. It will take some time. hahaha

The bara chirashi at Kinki was pretty good. It was lightly marinated with soya sauce but you can still taste the sweetness and freshness of the fish. The egg could be a little sweeter & more fragrant but it was generally good, especially with the mixture of the salmon roes. Though the wasabi and ginger wasn’t that great. The salad was decent but the desserts wasn’t worth the calories and the soup, just average

Chilling @ Bitters & Love. This time round I asked for a dessert cocktail and they gave me sorbet :D

One of the worst kept secret that is slowly leaking

But it’s still worth a trip

Hang in there for the revieiws :)


436. Les Bouchons @ Robertson Quay

My team celebrated my farewell for me and I get to pick the place! Actually most of the times no matter who I dine with, I always pick the place (hahaha) So I decided to have steak for dinner and here we are at Les Bouchons. We chose the Robertson Quay outlet for its laid-back ambience and roomier space as compared to its Ann Siang outlet. The restaurant was surprisingly small and what caught our eye was this.

It felt like phantom of the opera

Complimentary Bread

The bread was a little hard and not very warm

Burgundy Escargots with Garlic Butter

Escargots were soft and chewy. The taste of garlic butter had a very buttery flavour which musk the taste of the escargots but yet it was not too oily

Terrine Maison with Pork & Chicken Liver

The idea of eating chicken and pork liver might not be welcoming to some but this is a good plate of terrine maison. The texture was blended well so you don’t taste the sandy residue and the flavour of the terrine was smooth and sweet. If you have a strong heart, do give this a try

Smoked Salmon with Toast

The smoked salmon, toast & dressing may look pretty ordinary on its own but when you pair all 3 together, it was excellent. The sweetness of the smoked salmon complemented the burnt and warm toast but what makes the whole dish so amazing was the dressing. It was light and acidic with bits of onions in it. This was the table’s favourite

And what’s steaks without wine? We started with the pinot on the right before going on to the one on the left. I prefer pinot for its lighter taste as compared to a full bodied red wine but the cabernet sauvignon was pretty good here

 A platter of mustard

I love the dijon and grain that goes well with the fries

The complimentary salad was nothing to rave about. It was a pretty ordinary bowl of vegetables

Extra Tender Beef Fillet

Most of the table chose this 200g of fillet since it’s the smallest piece of meat

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Herbs

But I decided to try the sirloin

In medium rare doneness

There wasn’t much taste of the herbs but the doneness of the meat was executed just right. The sirloin was juicy and meaty with an aftertaste of the oily meat circulating in your mouth

Grilled Rib Eye Steak with ‘Vigneron’ Butter

Can I add the amount of fries they give is horrifying. The fries were decent but I think adding some mustard to it would be better

Creme Brulee

Peche Melba

Ile Flottante Maison

The desserts, if you finished all 3, you probably die of diabetics. Saying the desserts were sweet is an understatement. I would recommend ile flottante if I have to pick one out of the 3. I think it’s something different and I like how the meringue goes with the vanilla custard and topping it off with the almonds to give it a different texture

Les Bouchons is not one of those premium steakhouse in Singapore so don’t expect premium quality. But I think for the standard of the food you have here, the price is pretty reasonable. It is definitely more pocket friendly if you are looking for steaks that are good and cheap in Singapore.

Les Bouchons

41 Robertson Quay S(238236)