421. Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

And so I finally finally tried Singapore’s Kin Kin.  I was there when the shop just opened for the day and so it was pretty crowded. But by the time we were done with lunch I noticed there wasn’t much people there anymore. Kin Kin, is it just a hype?

A various adaptation of the original pan mee

Famous Dry Chilli. Somehow I felt the one here was a little spicier and I don’t know why the colour of the dry chilli is so red as compared to the KL’s one

The noodles were a little hard and not very q. Other than the ikan billis that was still amazing, the rest of the dishes in the bowl seems to falter in comparison

On a positive note, my egg was runny :)

The beancurd skin was hard, the meatballs were just normal and didn’t have that special ikan billis taste in it but the fishballs were gigantic

Even the free bowl of sweet potato leaves soup didn’t bring back any memories of KL.

The verdict: FAIL

I think famous overseas eatery should just stay, overseas. Like honeymoon desserts from HK, and kin kin from KL. They all do and taste so much better in their originating countries. If not they just bring disappointment to people who want to eat them so much. Read about my review on KL’s kin kin here and you’ll understand how the standard differs so much.

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

534 Macpherson Road, S(368220)

420. Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens

Arbite has been around for some time. I remembered the hype when everyone was raving about its sea salt caramel pancakes so I decided to bring my parents there for lunch to try their new menu since they have never been there before. The place is still as crowded and reservation is highly recommended. So what’s gone and new? Honestly, plenty.

Flat White

Coffee was good though the art kinda failed

Truffle Fries

They made this a permanent resident on its menu (lol)

Apple Strudel Pancakes

Where’s my seasalt caramel pancakes?! *inserts horror look* haha anyway, these apple strudel pancakes were not that fantastic. Something was missing, and I just can’t put a finger to it

Tako Risotto

Awesome risotto in squid ink sauce. The octopus was cooked fairly well

Seafood Tagliatelle

Probably one of the best seafood tagliatelle I’ve had. The sauce was so appetising, seafood was fresh and the portion was generous.

Skip desserts cos we were so full. Hopefully I will have the chance to go back and try their other dishes. They have a fairly interesting menu like lobster mac and cheese & beef rendang tagliatelle. And I have to say, I prefer Arbite than its sister branch, A for Arbite. This place, though small, feels more homely and the quality of the food here is more consistent.


66 Serangoon Garden Way S(555962)

419. Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset

Finally get a chance to try Hai Di Lao hotpot after its 2nd branch opened at 313 Somerset. This place is known for their friendly staff service and extensive queue if you do not make reservations. And while waiting, you get to enjoy manicure services (though I’m not too sure if it’s free). This outlet has an additional playroom for kids and many more tables for waiting customers to sit around. I think I’ll go this outlet anytime since you get to shop around while waiting.

The very tiny playroom

I thought it was a pretty big place with private rooms available

The sauce section

Well, we told them we were celebrating our friend’s birthday but.. totally didn’t expect this lol

And choosing your ala carte menu using ipad

Their famous chicken and ma la soup. I love their ma la soup, it goes so well with the tau pok :D

And some of the dishes I managed to capture while the rest has already gone into the stomach

Managed to snap a decent shot of the hotpot feast cos the food comes as fast as it goes

Thoughtful of the staffs to give us the ladle stand

Watching the chef swing the 刀削面 who makes it a point to swing above our head, and the noodles totally taste like ban mian

Surprise #2

The happy birthday song started playing and the whole restaurant was looking around who’s celebrating their birthday. It turned out the staffs prepared a birthday fruits platter for us + a photo frame present for the birthday boy. #wewereequallyshocked

Probably the extent of their thoughtfulness is enough to warrant another visit. The downside? Their latest reservation stands at 6pm

Hai Di Lao

313 Orchard Road, 313 Somerset

Level 4, S(238895)

418. Jewel Cafe and Bar (Rangoon Road)

Jewel Cafe and Bar is not new. This cafe has probably been around for a year or so but I never found a chance to visit it. And since working near Jewel Coffee at Asia square (that serves fabulous coffee), we always wanted to try this outlet at Rangoon road for its extensive food menu. This place is rather spacious. They have a second floor that looks cozy and good for quiet talks, its first floor for communal sharing and a tiny alfresco.

Flat White

Somehow the coffee here wasn’t as good as the one at Asia Square. Even though the portion is huge but perhaps they only use one kind of coffee beans here so there wasn’t any excitement. The one at Asia Square allows you to choose between 2 different kind of coffee beans and so bringing out the different flavour of each choice made

Praise the Lard w Added Truffle Fries

Bacon Jam, Arugula, American Cheese & Granny Smith Slices

Sounds strange for a burger combination. But the bacon jam was delicious, the patty was together and juicy and the grammy smith slices were crunchy. The bun was toasted and soft and truffle fries were perfect. It was a pretty decent plate of burger

Umami Prawn Capellini

Somehow I always feel that capellini makes you feel full easily. Having bonito flakes on pasta might not be the best combination but the prawns were nicely grilled. The pasta in my opinion wasn’t fantastic but I would love to give other pasta a try

It’s definitely one place I would love to go back. This cafe, like the name, is definitely a jewel that needs to be slowly uncovered and appreciated.

Jewel Cafe & Bar

129 Rangoon Road S(218407)

417. Potato Head Folk @ Keong Saik Road

Potato Head Folk finally opened its doors in Singapore. The much awaited PTT is a total different concept from its Bali counterpart. Here, they only serve burgers and cocktails and they don’t take reservations. So go early if not you have to count your lucky stars for getting a table in that small dining space.

The 3 story PTT occupies the previous Tong Ah shop space at Keong saik road. The first floor is more like a quick dining area, the second floor is the restaurant and the third floor is the bar. I like how the interior is so whimsical and funky. It brings out a different flavour of PTT in a somewhat casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Gin and Juice

It honestly tastes like OJ. The friends insist there was a faint taste of gin in it, well just a very faint taste.

Naughty Fries & WIng-Its

Fries were potato-cut, drizzled with parmesan and topped with chilli beef was just way awesome

The wings were sinfully delicious coated with BBQ sauce and the crumbs were so crispy. We could not stop

Baby Huey

It’s one good burger. Enough said


The buttermilk fried chicken was amazing. Love the hot sauce drizzled on it and the miso mayo paired with the burger. We were pleasantly surprised by how good it was

A different concept, yet the food doesn’t disappoint. It serves some really good burgers though I think the menu is pretty limited. It”s worth coming though but if you think the wait is too long, fear not there’s plenty of stuffs to eat in the area :)

Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road S(089143)


Snaps, memories from my trusty iphone

The starting point for The Inside Job – a theatre production where you get to be part of it. It was an experience, but I’ll recommend tourists to go for it rather than locals as you get to learn about Singapore culture and cover the different landmarks. Be warned, the actors are very into character

Birthday celebration at The Mad Men Attic Bar, with bar snacks and cocktails. They have a very good band on Saturday nights

Sour Plum Shots. It was everyone’s first. I can’t really taste the alocohol though

Navy @ vivo with complimentary tickets from A. It was an eye opener

Girls & reflection

Outfit of The Day; featuring TTR mesh midi skirt

ootd; little black dress from Zara

Pancakes for the kid in you. So tiny, they aren’t called Little Pancakes for nothing #whatscomingup

ootd; featuring my Kate Spade Newspaper Clutch

On a side note, I love how contrasting the background is

I had a coffee date with Karl, and we talked about Chanel, fashion and everything else. I love my cute nailart, and the bling too

XXL pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria. The pizza is so huge I think it can feed 10

Dinner at Wakanui Grill Dining. The starters were good, the mains were disappointing and the wedges were superb. They used to have the best steak and lamb chops, but somehow they lost their magic. I wouldn’t go back again :( #nevertrytheirseafood

Black pig ramen at Tampopo. It was rather forgettable. Even the egg failed terribly. Boohoo

Dim Sum @ Food Republic Wisma. They have pretty decent dim sum. I love the siew mai! A place to consider if you are in the area

Breakfast with my mum brought me to Seng Kee Minced Meat Noodles @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre. Thumbs up for good and cheap local food :D

Waffles @ Woodshed. Went cafehopping and decided to pop by. Reviews gonna be up soon ;)

Some days you just need some colours to brighten up your day. So glad it’s friday tmr #TGIF

What goes on behind ootd shots. Thankful for the ever patient photographer (whoever that is)

ootd; Layering my pearl collared denim shirt on a flirty neon green skirt from Zara

When was the last time you seen all these? Dial-up Modem, Cassette Tape & Floppy Disk. So ancient, so antique

This is what World Cup has done to my office. Flags, spectators & a goalie #myofficeisdamncool

416. in Italy (Craig Road)

A dinner with the cousins landed us at in Italy, after we realised Valentino was full. It’s on the same street as Pasta Brava so having 2 Italian restaurants near each other seems like a good comparison. The restaurant was empty when I reached but it was gradually filled by the time we left.

Bread Basket which consists of Sliced Loaf & Gnocco Fritto

The bread was good. I like the Gnocco Fritto. It was crispy on the sides and the hollow dough was soft, warm and very fragrant.

Thin Oven-baked Dough w Teleggio Cheese, Parma Ham, Olives & Radicchio

I thought we had ordered parma ham with rockmelon so when this came I was momentarily confused. It turned out the cousin had ordered a different thing. I didn’t really enjoy the crostini. Maybe it just wasn’t too my liking. It felt like eating a very thin and crispy pizza

Sauteed Mussels & Clams w White Wine, Garlic & Parsley

The vongole was wonderful. The broth was light & sweet and the seafood was fresh. It was one dish that got our appetite

Squid Ink Tonnarelli

Love this squid ink pasta that had a twist of Singapore. The lobster was sweet and fresh, the vegetables added balance and the spiciness in the pasta gave flavours

Risotto w Talegio Cheese & Grated Truffle

It was the black truffle promotion so we gave this a try. Honestly, it was rather disappointing. The rice was hard and I can’t seem to distinguish the taste of truffle in it, so the dish was barely touched.

Rose Liqueur Souffle

Tiramisu Classic

The desserts were excellent. So yummy we wiped off every bit of it.

While Pasta Brava was more of classic Italian cooking, this place serves some decent Italian food, with a Singapore twist. Both places are worth visiting but I think I would love to give in Italy another try. Their menu looks fairly interesting.

in Italy

38 Craig Road S(089676)