431. Yan Ting Restaurant @ St. Regis

When one speaks of Yan Ting, one will immediately think of its popular weekend dim sum brunch buffet that goes at $98++ (not inclusive of drinks) but considering my family members are all small eaters, I figure we shouldn’t do the buffet. We will probably suffer from indigestion if we even managed to finish 1/3 of their menu. So, ala carte it shall be!

*Pardon the photos quality

The place is rather grand and elegant with lots of nice paintings

Crispy Roasted Pork

The roasted pork is really immensely crispy that goes *cracccckk* when you chew it in your mouth. It carries alot of flavours and juice and the meat was tender and chewy. Though I’m sure it was cos of this roasted pork that caused me a sore throat thereafter. But it’s worth it. ha

Hong Kong-style Pan-seared Radish Cake

The pan-seared radish cake was pretty fragrant and likeable by all. It was crispy and you can taste the sweetness of the radish

Pork & Century Egg Congee

The congee was very fine and bland, the fried dough was hard but the pork was excellent. It was smooth and very tender

Barbecued Pork Pastry w Almond

I thought this was quite good too. The barbecued pork wasn’t too sweet and the pastry was buttery and flaky. You can taste the crunch of the almond though not too much of its flavours

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling w Bamboo Pith

AH. This was excellent. The skin was so thin and chewy and the prawns were fresh and succulent

Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling w Black Truffles

The siewmai was a little disappointing. It was rather normal and I couldn’t taste the black truffles at all

Steamed Chicken Claw w Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce

And so was the steamed chicken claw. The parents claimed this was nothing spectacular

Handmade Steamed Rice Roll (with Barbecued Pork)

The barbecued pork was a little hard and I didn’t like the texture of the steamed rice roll here

Mini Egg Tarts

Though the crust was good, the fillings was short of expectation. It would be better if they were more egg-y and creamier (and sweeter). I definitely tasted better egg tarts elsewhere

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Whatever happened to my filling?? It’s supposed to be bursting and overflowing when you peel the bun open. That aside, it really tasted like salted egg yolk + bun. To be honest, I cannot sense the effort here

Crispy Beancurd Roulette w Shrimps and Seaweed

I love crispy beancurd roll but looking at this picture, I can’t remember how the taste is like. *tries triggering my memory again* Okay no, this dish is simply just forgettable

I’m not sure if I set my expectations too high for a place so renowned for their dim sum buffet or simply their standard is inconsistent. Or maybe, they fare better in their meat, seafood and vegetable dishes rather than dim sum. Out of 11 dishes, more than half came back disappointing. Yan Ting, probably once is enough.

Yan Ting Restaurant 宴庭

29 Tanglin Road S(247911)

430. Sunday Market

Nope, you don’t have to go on Sunday to be at Sunday Market. This cafe is opened from Monday to Sunday so you can have lunch or dinner whenever you like. Sunday market is one of those cafes located in the North-East area which is a plus point for those staying in the NE side, and it’s not that far a walk from the mrt station (double yay). The place feels very countryside inspired with its greens, wooden decoration and its cute little plates and the menu is very random. It has a little of everything from French, Italian & Thai.

I was trying to use the AV mode on my camera which explains this random photo here


The wine surprises. It’s pretty decent

Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries

They only have one small bite on their menu, which is their skinny wings & truffle fries. Not that difficult to make a selection if you are looking for small bites. That being said, the fries were infused with truffle oil and is pretty addictive. The wings, are really skinny and can’t really fill you but they are a good complement to the fries for an alternative dish

Roasted Duck w Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs

This is a very interesting dish. The sauce reminds me of peking duck, the crispy hoisin looks like pork floss and the pancake reminds me of macdonald’s. It might not have the prettiest presentation but the pancakes work surprisingly well and is good to share for 2 pax. I just didn’t like the pork floss look alike thing

Crispy Duck Leg Confit

Very very good. The skin was absolutely crispy and the meat was tender. The sauce might not be the most amazing sauce you tried, but it gels everything together

Sirloin Rendang Toast

I wanted to try it cos it sounds interesting. The toasts were dry and a little hard. It felt like they toasted them too long

To be honest, I don’t eat rendang often so I’m not sure if this dish fares above expectation. In my opinion, the gravy was okay but not amazing. The meat could be more tender

Bangkok Toast

It might not compare to the one you have in Bangkok, but this was pretty decent. I like how well it went with the milk tea icecream. It was awesome

Just to see how the inside is like. Creamy, soft & burnt

Waffles w Pistachio & Yubari Melon Gelato

The waffles were hard. Pistachio was faint. The melon gelato was overpowering. I think their pancakes fare much better

Thai Dessert

I actually enjoyed this dessert. The coconut sago mixed with the peanut & mango icecream just works very well. Though towards the end of the dessert when the icecream starts to melt and I decided to play with my food, I felt like I was eating mango pomelo dessert

It’s a good cafe to explore, with really decent food though the aircon isn’t very strong at certain parts of the cafe. Just order the right stuff and you will leave the place a happy man/woman

Sunday Market

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, S(547772)

429. Tian Kee & Co

Dakota brings back lots of fond and common memories between the friend and I, as our grandparents used to live there and we spent our childhood there growing up. My guess is alot of you out there probably shared the same sentiments like oh! my grandparent used to live there too! As we walked past the same but different neighbourhood, we reminisce worrying about the old and creaking lift whether it will break down when we took them, playing with the cats downstairs or just spending time at the sandy playground (that is depleting in numbers now). And also, going to the provision shop to buy tikam and ice pops. I doubt you can find any of the provision shop there now, one of which is taken over by Tian Kee & Co, a cafe inspired by its environment serving some fuss-free bites & drinks.

It’s a very kallang airport kinda of cafe. haha I can’t find a better description for this place. The stools are those you used in your grandparent’s place. Even the rack and tableware will remind you of old times.

Yuanyang Cheesecake, Pink Lady (Iced) & Flat White

It’s supposed to be bandung but the portion of rose syrup was greater than the milk. And probably since they were not using condensed milk, this drink was a little far off the bandung drink. So don’t expect the taste of bandung if you order this

The coffee was pretty forgettable

I believed this is supposed to be one of their signature. The taste of the yuan yang was very light, so much I can’t figure what’s the selling point of this cake.

This place is only good if you live in the area and looking for somewhere to chill. The food is mediocre and not worth an intentional visit.

Tian Kee & Co

12 Dakota Crescent, S(390012)

428. Riders Cafe

The friend and I had a date to climb Bukit Timah before it closes in September for restoration. It was a very anti-climatic climb since there was nothing to see and the climb lasted 1.5 hrs mins back and forth. And since we are in the vicinity, we decided to pay Riders Cafe a visit. We had to wait about 20 minutes since we went without reservation so we went to the stable to see the horses.

My white horse! Where’s my Prince Charming?? :D

The horse looks like it’s enjoying the cold wash

An attempt to get a photo with the horse

And 20 minutes later..

You can smell the natural scent of the horses from the stables nearby

The thing about Riders is, there’s no aircon. So if you can’t take eating in room temperature then it’s not a place for you

Sunrise Smoothie

Boston Iced Tea

Both drinks were good. The smoothie had a strong taste of banana, mixed with yoghurt. The iced tea was flowery and very refreshing for a hot and humid day

Brioche French Toast w Burnt Bananas, Smoked Bacon & Maple Butter

The toast won me over. The burnt bananas were awesome. There was a thin layer of caramelised sugar so when you have it together with the bananas, it was burnt, sweet & crackling. The smoked bacon was fantastic. It was very crispy but yet not hard. One of the better toasts I’ve tried so far

The ‘Usual’

A very generous portion. The friend said the scrambled eggs were one of the best she had

Our food ;)

Death by Chocolate Cake

It’s really death by chocolate cake. I think this is something that can only be finished by 10 pax. The cake is too chocolatey, so after a few bites you will completely stop. For those who’s a BIG fan of chocolate, do give it a try

Brunch is pretty good here. The only downside is this place is really inaccessible. Our attempt to walk out to the main road got saved by a really friendly couple who offered us a ride all the way to the bus stop. (sheesh, there’s humanity in sg! lol) I think it’s a place to go if you are looking for a break from the hustle of city life. Just some good food and horses to keep you company for the day.

Riders Cafe

51 Fairways Drive S(286965)

427. Zafferano @ Ocean Financial Centre

It was my celebratory lunch and we settled on Zafferano since I had never been there before. Located at the 43rd floor of Ocean Financial Centre, it was a restaurant with a view. I like how the bar takes centre-stage and reflects the grandeur of it. I’m surprised the menu changes weekly so what you read now might not be available by the time you go but I guess some of their signature would probably remains.

Warm loaf of complimentary bread. I like how the bread is herbed and tasted as good on its own without the vinegar

Antipasti: Bisque of Langoustine scented w Orange & Dill

It’s always on the menu, well at least there’s what I’ve seen from 3 menus consecutively. And it has every reason to be. The soup was very flavourful. You can taste the seafood in the broth and the langoustine was perfect, sweet & succulent. The picture might not say alot but I recommend this starter

Secondi: Oven-baked Alantic Cod ‘Guazzetto’ Style, Olives & Capers

Cod is always on the gourmet lunch menu, but it differs with the method of cooking & the choice of vegetables used each time. I didn’t really particular enjoy the cod. It was okay, nothing fantastic and the broth was a little strange.

Secondi: Black Angus Beef Striploin ‘Tagliata’ Style, Roasted Potatoes & Red Onions

The chef recommended medium (even though we are medium-rare lovers). I have to say, they recommended well and the colleague loves it. And we were lucky to have beef in our menu when we were there since I’ve seen the choice of lamb (rather than beef) has appeared a couple of times. Looking at this, I felt like having some of it right now. hee

Rose & Lychee Pound Cake, Yoghurt Raspberry Mousse & Jelly

It’s not a dessert I will order again. There is a faint taste of rose in the pound cake with lychee as its base but the raspberry mousse was too overpowering. I felt like there was too much acidity in this dessert.

That being said, I thought Zafferano serves pretty decent food and definitely a good place to have business lunch


10 Collyer Quay, S(049315)

426. The Cajun Kings

The Cajun Kings is a place you probably don’t want to bring your first date to, or had a first date there. Messy, unglam and simply licking your fingers is the way to enjoy the food here. And the seafood, well they only serve mostly seafood, comes in a gigantic big plastic bag that is so zor-teng (such a hindrance) we poured everything out on the table. I mean, it’s supposed to be like that right? haha

It is surprisingly crowded

And a place for you to wash up after eating

Tools, condiments and aprons for those who wore white to eat

Buttermilk Frog Legs

I was a little surprised by the size. Since when frog legs are so huge?! Hmmm anyways, they really taste like fried chicken. The meat was juicy and tender and the batter was marinated well

We had 1 crab and 8 prawns, with King’s mix and 2 crowns of spiciness

We got so irritated with the plastic bag we poured everything out. Seriously they should consider halving the length of the plastic bag

The sauce was spicy, with lots of flavours and spice but we got sick of the taste after awhile. So we went for garlic butter next

And this time, just 8 prawns. Cos there was not much meat in the crab and it was simply too troublesome. We preferred the garlic butter sauce, lighter, sweeter & very fragrant.

The Cajun Kings were rather disappointing. If the whole point was to throw shells on the table, isn’t it the same if you had gone to a coffeeshop and have ze char? Just well, you know, bring your own plastic bag. Having paid close to $200 for the whole meal was simply not worth it, and honestly not satisfying.

The Cajun Kings

15 Jalan Riang, S(358987)

425. Bitters & Love @ North Canal Road

This place is one of my personal favourite, and I wanted to keep it a secret. But well, good things are meant to be shared right? Bitters & Love share the same space as Shoebox Canteen so it’s an eatery by day and a bar hidden by night. There isn’t much signage other than the faint laughter you hear at the door and busy concoction of cocktails once you step inside. I love this place for its bespoke drinks, good quality liquor and young and friendly crew who make you feel like home even if you are first time there.

Try sitting at the bar if you are alone or just had one friend with you. It’s so much fun to watch the bartenders at work

Love Truffle Chips

Macho Nacho

Salami Pizza

Don’t expect too much for the food. The truffle chips are decent. Ask for more cheese for the nacho, and just simply skip the rest

Kaya Toast Cocktail

One of their signatures. It’s a lovely drink that simply tastes like kaya toast

Banana Pancakes Cocktail

Another signature. It comes in a jar, and this wooden cup is your drink. A smokey rendition of banana pancakes. Simply wonderful

Bespoke: The friend wanted something fruity, light & rum so he got a pomegranate cocktail

Bespoke: Asked for something fun and here’s what I got. Dragonfruit cocktail with roasted marshmallow. I really did roast the marshmallow

Bartender’s creation: Apple Pie Cocktail. Something Naz created and it was amazing

Bespoke: Peanut Butter Cocktail with Peanut Butter Toast

Well, not really recommended. You will not be able to finish the drink. lol

Bespoke: Watermelon Cocktail

Bespoke: Asked for something new & exotic. I got a tea cocktail (with absinthe) and cup dusted with lavender sugar. I’m blown away

Don’t you wish to visit the place after reading this? You can ask for anything and these guys work with seasonal fruits to bring you the best they could ever come up with. Durian, mangosteen, mango? How about sugar, spice & everything nice? One thing for sure, it’s a good place to chill and hang out for their drinks bring surprises everytime you visit.

Bitters & Love

36 North Canal Road S(059292)