What To Eat At Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre

The Bukit Panjang hawker centre opened few months ago with much fanfare due to the promise that the hawker centre will have longer operational hours and also price ceilings for at least two basic meals. Managed by NTUC foodfare, the place hosts 28 stalls with a variety to suit everyone. And with such wide variety to choose from, let us see what are some delicious food you can find there

Stall 1: Kimly Seafood; Nonya Fishhead

We love the tangy nonya sauce with enough balance of spice and acidity, plus the perfectly cooked fish that goes well with the sauce

Stall 1: Kimly Seafood; Honey Pork Ribs

The honey coffee pork ribs were beautifully marinated and the meat was tender, infused with the sweet honey taste

Stall 2: Bukit Panjang Chicken Rice; Roasted Chicken Rice

Though many preferred the Ayam Panggang, I thought the roasted chicken rice was pretty decent with crispy chicken skin, tender chicken meat and fragrant rice

Stall 5: Habib Saralndian Muslim Food; Indian Rojak

The Indian rojak was definitely one of the crowd favourite, with the dipping sauce a winning recipe

Stall 6: Ah Bang Teh Tarik; Teh Tarik

Do not miss the teh tarik from Ah Bang Tek Tarik. Silky warm thick tea flavour running through your palate without being too sweet


Stall 7: Bee Hwa Handmade Pau Tim; Big Pau

The pau may look thick, but once you bite through the soft silky bun, it is a different texture. And I love how flavourful and soft the meat is


Stall 10: Yu Kee Duck and Noodles; Kway Chap

Yu Kee is not an unfamiliar brand. The bowl of kway is silky soft and the plate of intestines are cooked with much awesomeness

Stall 14: Roasted Delights; Dumpling Noodle

Springy egg noodles that reminds you of a slice of Hong Kong, it is worth a try

Stall 15: Like Pudding; Cheng Teng

Best dessert to wash down your oily hawker food. Light and sweet, it is a delightful treat

Stall 17: Saigon Food Street; Mango Salad

Something different from your usual hawker fare, the mango salad springs a refreshing and appetising taste

Stall 18: Oh! Juice; Avocado Milk

Creamy, silky, icy avocado milk. It was so good we couldn’t stop

Stall 19: Tian Tian Nasi Lemak; Nasi Lemak

Loosely cooked fragrant coconut rice with crispy ikan bilis and sweet, spicy chilli sauce, Tian Tian nasi lemak is one stall not to be missed

Stall 21: Sakura Congee & Chicken Rice; Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick Rice

Something different from your usual chicken rice, the garlic was fried with tumeric to give that fragrance, topped with crispy chicken and their home made chilli sauce, it was pretty delicious

Stall 22: 盅仔蒸饭; Black Herbal Chicken Soup

The soup was infused with the herbal chicken to create the light and flavourful taste

Stall 23: Father & Son; Fried Kway Teow

The fried kway teow is immersed with the wok hei taste and mixed with chilli to give enough kick. Noodles were nicely done and the cockles were fresh and meaty

The best thing about hawker fare is there is no lack of variety, and the reasonable pricing at Bukit Panjang hawker centre gives another reason to visit. Hopefully this list may entice you to visit the newly opened hawker centre and help keep our hawker heritage going

From now till 30 June, you can vote for your favourite stall at Bukit Panjang hawker centre to win ‘Residents & Foodies choice award’. Do check out http://www.foodfare.com.sg for more details:)

Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre

259 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, S(671259)

Thanks to Vivian and NTUC Foodfare for the invite!

Denmark – Copenhagen, The Happiest City

It’s taking a tremendous amount of effort to write this last travelogue just cos I’m getting really lazy. I realised it is so much easier to write an entry on food. Ha but okay back to topic, Copenhagen marks our last destination on our 16-days holiday which was also the destination I fell sick! I felt like I was on a world tour or something. Touching down at Copenhagen airport, we quickly got ourselves a train ticket to get to our hotel which is very near Copenhagen central station. You can buy the ticket at 36kr near the baggage claim area and also get yourself a hotdog if you are hungry. Yes, there is a hotdog stand there and it smelled so good


These red machines accept notes so you don’t need to worry about not having small change


You just need to follow the sign to get to the train station which was located right below the airport


We were rather skeptical if we were on the right train just cos there was nobody onboard but thank goodness it was


Our hotel for the night – Absalon Hotel


We stayed at Absalon hotel that was just minutes walk away from the Central station which makes the location a convenient one


Interior of the hotel




They even had a dedicated playing area just if you happened to be bored



I thought our room was pretty nice and given we were just there for a night, there’s really nothing much to complain about. Oh wait, the breakfast! Yes, the breakfast was really horrible

So we quickly offloaded our stuffs and left in search of dinner. We asked the receptionist to recommend some really good Danish cuisine and he directed us to this place which was just 1 minute walk across the hotel. I like it when the hotel is really this convenient


Actually we didn’t really catch the name of the restaurant just cos we couldn’t really understand but since it was just across the road, it wasn’t difficult to find either


Oscar Davidsen Blackcurrant Rum 40kr (left)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Anakena 54kr (right)

The friend had a blackcurrent rum which I was contemplating to have after my carbernet sauvignon but after trying it, I changed my mind instantly. Lol. The taste of rum was so strong, combined with the sweetness of blackcurrent, it was proving difficult to finish even half a cup


Miss Barner’s herring specialty 74kr

Dill, Apple, Aquavit. Served with fats, capers and rye bread

The waiter recommended to try their Danish specialty which was a herring dish. And since I had herring sushi before, I thought they would taste similar. Sad to say, this is another cuisine that required an acquired taste. The herring had quite a (fishy and cold) taste though masked by the herbs but eating it with the fats and bread was a little strange. I could accept this fish, but I don’t necessarily like it


Today’s Soup – Mushroom Soup 69kr


Miss Barner’s Stew 179kr

Tenderloin of pork, cocktail sausages, bacon, mushrooms, paprika sauce served with mashed potatoes

This is one pot that looked like it could serve three prople. The stew wasn’t quite what I expected and it got too jelat after awhile


Wiener Schnitzel 189kr

Veal with green peas, fried potatoes, sliced capers, boneless herring

Another HUGE portion. My veal fared a little better but I got sick of it after while too. Lol


Served with brown sauce


Old Fashion Apple Cake 64kr

With crushed macarons, whipped cream and home-preserved jam

Well, this is definitely not your usual apple cake. I mean, which part of it looked like a cake? Honestly, I only had one word for it – sweeet. It was really too sweet for me and after awhile, I gave up


Honestly speaking, I don’t really know how authentic Danish fare taste like so to make a judgement based on this meal seemed a little unfair. Still, this meal to me was at most average even though there were quite a number of locals there. On a side note, this was ranked a lower number than restaurant Cofoco (another restaurant specialized in Danish cuisine which is also near the hotel). So perhaps on hindsight, we should have dined there instead

Frk. Barners Kaelder

Helgolandsgade 8A, 1653 København V, Denmark

Breakfast was settled at the hotel since it was included in the package we paid. The food was really bad but we just made do with it before we head out for the day





Breakfast! The only thing that tasted like what it was, was the bread


Good morning Copenhagen!


We took the train to Osterport station to visit Little Mermaid, which kickstarted our walking tour all the way down to the city. The weather was enjoyable that day, which seemed a little too warm for us in fact. We were rather amused that the locals were really dressed for the cold when we had gotten so used to the cold we don’t find it cold anymore


We didn’t know if we were taking the right train but we just asked one of the (good-looking) local ^.^


Copenhagen is also well known for cycling as a form of transport so you see many cyclists almost everywhere


Walking to the spot where the mermaid was took about 10 minutes and it was a picture of greenery along the way, with many many statues


The famous icon, gifted by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the city of Copenhagen which has been vandalized countless time

Making our way towards the city, we strolled along Churchillparken where we saw a church, fortress and more greenery before we reached the residences of the Royal famiily


St Alban’s church, an Anglican church with the Gefion fountain


A very good place for jogs


Walking along Kastellet, one of the best preserved fortress in Northern Europe


The windmill which was also used as a storage


Frederik’s Chuch, also known as The Marble church. The structure is so majestic that you won’t miss it


Amalienborg Palace, home to the Danish royal


Where we happened to witness a guard changing ceremony!

And we continued to walk downwards to the famous Nyhvan which was just a short distance away before making in time for our lunch reservation at Restaurant Schonneman, famous for their traditional open sandwiches




Which you probably see this often on postcards


Dark clouds looming. I was praying we would get to the restaurant before the downpour starts (just cos I didn’t had any brolly)


Love locks along the bridge


Getting myself a pistachio icecream (30kr)! Cos I had a bad experience at Iceland, not that this was any fantastic but at least it tasted like icecream


The lego version


It was rather common to see these white bicycles, available for rental

And we wandered around the area since we were still early for lunch


Restaurant Schonneman is a place famous for traditional open sandwiches or otherwise known as smorrebord. Read more about my review here, for those who are interested to taste of slice of Danish cuisine

And since the restaurant was near the shopping area, we spent the next couple of hours wandering aimlessly trying to digest our food and we happened to chance across Torvehallerne market! It was awesome cos we wanted to make our way to The Coffee Collective to grab a cup of coffee anyway


Shopping streets of Copenhagen


A fresh flower stall


Famous hotdog stands

You can find these hotdog stands everywhere. But since we were too full, we gave them a miss


The Torvehallerne market is a food market packed with delicious food, groceries and bakeries



You can find many things in here, like the famous porridge (Grod), Summerbird Chocolates and coffee from The Coffee Collective! Well, to name a few


Yay, getting our coffee




Latte 37kr

The Coffee Collective is one of the highly recommended coffee place if you are a coffee lover so the friend and I popped by to see what’s the hype about, and we were lucky there wasn’t any queue. The coffee has a nice roast with a slight acidity and smooth aftertaste. I realised coffee in Scandinavian countries are slightly different, usually lighter in taste. It took some time to adjust and appreciate their coffee just cos the coffee in Singapore goes opposite in taste


Moving on, we were so excited about getting Summerbird that we stood there for a good 15 minutes to decide how many packets to get. We bought so much we swept clean half their shelves. lol


This is like the best chocolate ever. It’s so good when we walked into shops with our bags, we have people coming up to us and say ‘Summerbird is really good’ YA WE KNOW. I regretted not buying more😦

Anyone going Copenhagen soon?😀

Happy us continued to sightsee after buying our souvenirs which led us to one of the popular castles in Copenhagen


Rosenborg Castle

*I have been dreaming of a true love kiss~*



Well the castle was closed on the day we visited, so just a picture of the exterior!



Ended up at City Hall as our final destination just cos we mistook it for something else but since we were already there, here’s a picture for memory sake


We made our way back to hotel and took the train back to the airport for our flight back home


The train delayed for a good half an hour while we were on the way to the airport. And when the doors finally opened, you see everyone dashing to catch their connecting trains. ha, point to make – allocate more time before a flight. Copenhagen airport was pretty nice to walk around. It actually feels more like an indoor market at some point. So we ended up craving for hotdog and scouring the airport for one #whenwewantitwemusthaveit


We finally found it near our gates! yay


Hotdog 33kr

You can find Steff’s Place hotdog in the city everywhere but we ended up having it at the airport. Hotdogs are a Danish thing too. So to eat one before we go home is like a check off the list


And it marked our journey back to Helsinki before another plane ride to Singapore. We were very unfortunate that the gate when we landed was at the furthest end of Helsinki airport and our flight to Singapore was at the other end. So when we were making our way and we saw ‘Final Call’ being displayed against our flight number, it was an epic run to the other side of the airport, still having to clear immigration in the middle. Seriously. It was freaking tiring


Dinner on the plane at like 1am; Stew chicken with mash potato. The one good thing about it was it was served piping hot, like seriously hot


Breakfast – there wasn’t much choice cos there was only one option. Breakfast was lukewarm. It’s like they don’t even bother heating it up =/

12 hours later..


Hello Singapore:)

 I enjoyed Copenhagen in every way. It was a nice little city filled with nice people, charming sceneries and awesome weather. I think it would be nice if we could have a few more extra days to explore. Nevertheless, I don’t mind returning and perhaps, next time to try Noma. Ha, I might have to starve myself for days for that

This concludes my whole Scandinavia and Iceland adventure. I realise it was rather difficult to find information about these Scandinavian countries on blogs so I hope my little write-up can help you in one way or another so with that..whoohoo, I’m finally done! *Throws confetti*

Thank you for being so patient and staying with me:)

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Sushi Mitsuya – A Return Visit, A Different Experience

I couldn’t remember the last time I visited Mitsuya, so I made a return cos I wanted to eat something nice to lift my spirits. The place wasn’t crowded for lunch for a weekday, only serving me and other 2 group of customers. And I had the privilege of being attended by head chef Harada. I went for the mizukagami set at $100 which consists of appetiser, assorted sashimi, assorted cooked dish, 6-piece sushi medley, makimono, soup and dessert and was excited to see what is being served that day

Hidakami Junmaiginjo Karakuchi, 300ml $60

Appetiser: Japanese spinach with burdock roots and bonito stock

Fresh vegetables served in a light, sweet and flavourful bonito stock

Tuna meat

Distinct tuna taste, which might not go well with everyone

Squid, Pike fish, Bluefin Tuna

I really like the flavour of the pike fish sashimi with a touch of smokiness on the skin. The bluefin tuna was sweet and had a smooth texture

Takenoko manjo (bamboo shoots) mixed with minced fish and bonito stock

This was an interesting dish, with the texture a little strange in my opinion

Baby snapper

Scallops with black salt and yuzu

I like the subtle taste of yuzu with the black salt to bring out the sweetness of the scallops

Spanish Mackerel

Chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

Melt-in-the-mouth fatty tuna

Uni (Sea urchin)

Anago (sea eel)

Negi toro (Chopped tuna with leek)

My birthday sushi:)

Very sweet of them to give me a birthday sushi made of tuna, scallops and cucumber

Miso soup

Soybean icecream with red bean mocha & sakura leaf

The meal at Mitsuya was okay but the rice needs more effort. It lacked warmth and was hard though the amount of vinegar was reasonable. The fish in general was good and fresh. But given there is only one head chef there, some diners might specifically requested to be served by him, which is at most 5-6 seats. Perhaps one day I will return to try their chirashi don but I think Sushi Mitsuya serves one of the most competitive prices on sushi in town

Sushi Mitsuya

60 Tras Street #01-01, S(078999)

Binomio – A Casual Refined Spanish Gem

I wanted to have some Spanish food for dinner so I brought the parents to Binomio, which was located along Craig road at Tanjong Pagar. The restaurant was empty when we reached but it soon become a full house by dinner time



Complimentary starter: Olives with cheese


Mushroom Croquettes $10

I love the piping hot croquettes with the exquisite blended mushroom paste that tasted elegant and refined


Tuna Tartar served with Avocado Salad and ‘Ajo Blanco’ sauce $27

It was a refreshing tuna dish with the creamy avocado and a zinc of garlic sauce


Squid Ink ‘Fideua’ served with Grilled Squids, Paraley Mayonnaise and Sea Lettuce $26

Everything about this dish was perfect. The squids were nicely grilled with a nice fragrance and the squid ink pasta was cooked soft and tasty


Pan-fried Crayfish wrapped with Iberico Pork & ‘Trinchat’ Truffle Potatoes $29

The waiter recommended Moncaino de Mancuso 2008 for us and the wine was really good. I would recommend this to anyone


It is another favourite dish of mine with the crayfish sweet and bouncy, complemented by the flavourful Iberico pork


Classical Chicken & Seafood Paella $66

The rice was soft and infused with the sweetness of the seafood, topped with plentiful pieces of chicken and seafood


Traditional ‘Santiago’ Almond Tart with Almond Icecream $14

The almond tart was moist and soft, and I enjoyed the subtle beautiful almond taste


Birthday chocolate cake for me!

The staffs arranged a birthday cake for me, which was very thoughtful of them. Overall, the experience at Binomio was nothing short of great and it was really pleasant to dine there. The food was pretty decent and I think it had just made it to one of my favourite Spanish restaurants


20 Craig Rd, Craig Place #01-02, S(089692)

A*muse Omakase – A Different Kind of Omakase

This place was a random search on Chope just cos I ran out of places to dine at, and there wasn’t much information available online either. The concept is an interesting one. One, it isn’t exactly a restaurant but felt more like dining at someone’s home (like press the bell and they will open the door for you). Two, there are only 2 menu available, either the 4-course omakase at $88 or the 6-course omakase at $128. Three, the menu of the day depends on the chef’s mood so if he happens to be in a bad mood (well, so far he hasn’t) then good luck lah


It’s a small team driving this place with 4 main chefs. And they have different seatings as well just so the chefs can interact more with the diners, and of course which meant this place isn’t big. But they can also go to your place to cook for you, which is another interesting point to take note of


Swedish Cider

The only kind of alcohol available, unfortunately is only beer. They do have juices as well. But the chef will pair the drink for you according to the dishes cooked, and drinks are inclusive of the price you are paying. If you wish to bring your own wine, do note that corkage is free!


Complimentary Appetizer: Cracker with Seaweed

Home made cracker that tasted like keropok, the modern rendition. I thought it was a little oily though


Preparing our first course


South American White Asparagus with Black Truffle and Seaweed Powder

The chef mentioned it is not often to see white asparagus in the market so he decided to make it for dinner tonight. The smell of truffle was inviting and I think this dish had good flavours. But I didn’t like the asparagus was a touch too soft so it felt a little strange to me



Yuzu Cream, Apple Chips and Apple Sorbet

Second course; palate cleanser

Honestly. This palate cleanser is redundant. I appreciate they elevate this dish into more elements than just the usual drink but hello, this is a 4-course dinner. This dish makes it seem like we are having a 3-course dinner. At least for me, usually palate cleanser is a complimentary item on the menu so I would certainly like to see something more substantial than just sorbet and chips. Flavour-wise, each element carried their own punch and contrast. Still, I cannot get over the fact this is our second course


Braised Angus Short Ribs with Daikon, Sweet Corns & Barley

I’m thankful for the protein as our third course. The short ribs were braised beautifully and I really enjoyed the combination of sweet, organic corns and barley for that rustic, wheaty taste. It was simple and delicious


Japanese Black Stout

Tasted abit strange to me. Maybe I’m just not a fan of black stout even though I told the chef I wanted something strong


Dessert course!


Milk Chocolate Cake, Crumble of Orange & Lemon Zest, Maple Icecream

A nicely plated dessert. I like the different flavours that complement each other though I would probably appreciate if we could see more cake than cream

Undeniably, this place has one unique concept but I think the concept of omakase is more settled in Japanese cuisine which diners are more willing to fork the money for the premium ingredients they will be having. I personally think it is a little expensive here because for that same price, I can find other places which serve me a pretty decent course-dinner. Still, one can always argue it is the experience you are paying for. But we were surprised there were a number of people who turned up for dinner after us. I guess this place still has its own charm, though it might not agree with everyone

A*muse Omakase

01-55, 59 Eng Hoon Street, Block 59, S(160059)

Restaurant Schønnemann – A Danish Smørrebrød Feast

Since being in Denmark, we wanted to try a Denmark’s specialty and what better way to have a Smorrebord feast at the famous Restaurant Schonnemann. This place is known to serve one of the best open sandwiches in town and has won many awards for their food. And since they only opened during lunch, we decided to make a trip down. The restaurant was quite easy to locate being near the shopping area


Reservations are recommended cos it was packed during lunch hour with many locals dining there


The restaurant has a touch of classic European which made you feel like transported back in time




Soren’s Special kr178

Pan-fried smoked eel with scrambled eggs and chives served on toasted rye bread

Honestly I was quite skeptical of the rye bread just cos I had bad ones in Iceland. It took me awhile to decide before I finally settled on one of their popular choices. And I must say it was really quite delicious. Even though the eel was cold, I like the combination of the smokiness of the eel together with the sweetness of the scrambled egg. And the rye bread was surprisingly acceptable


Served with Paradise Apple Snaps in small size kr38

The best way to eat the Smorrebord is to have it together with a glass of snaps, which is a strong alocohol drink. Yes, it was so strong we were so glad we took the ’embarrassing’ cup


Butcher Munch’s Favourite kr128

The original Skagen cured ham with mushroom omelette served with butter toast

Even though the friend didn’t like hers very much, I thought this combination was pretty decent too. The flavours come well together and I like the contrast of it

Well, we finished the meal only with one Smorrebord each and we were already full. The menu recommended 2 to start, 3 to be full and 4 to finish your meal with a smile. Seriously, I don’t know how one can eat 4 pieces, these people are amazing. I’m not sure if I had the best Smorrebord I ever had but I think this place does serve pretty decent Danish fare and perhaps worth a try if you are thinking of having it

Restaurant Schønnemann

Hauser Pl. 16, 1127 København K, Denmark


Fleur de Sel Le Restaurant – Authentic French on Tras Street

It was difficult picking a place for this gathering just cos I really didn’t have the mood for anything. I chanced upon the review of Fleur de Sel on a random blog and thought this place is worth checking out. So the friend made the reservation and we head down on a Tuesday night. I was amused once I entered the restaurant the manager knew who I’m looking for, but it turned out we were the only customers in the restaurant and I jokingly asked the friend if she booked the whole restaurant. Well, she said yes of course😉



It was intimidating being the only customers in the restaurant and at some point you see all the servers lining up at the bar to serve the food to us


Selection of cheese which I’m not a fan of. ha


Complimentary bread

The butter was so good we had another plate of bread for desserts


Amuse Bouche

Toast with cauliflower puree


Les Saint-Jacques $29

Pan seared scallops, mushrooms, arugula, parma ham & chicken jus

I didn’t like the texture of the scallops just cos I thought it was too soft on the inside. The flavours were decent but not outstanding


Le Cabillaud $38

Seared Atlantic cod fish, leek fondue, ratte potatoes, avruga and beurre blanc sauce

The fish was well cooked with a smooth finish and milky aftertaste though the friends thought this dish can be presented with heavier flavours


Le Canard $39

Slow cooked and seared duck breast, mashed potato, apple, figs, cherry and duck jus

I like the duck. It was well cooked in every way with the meat tender and skin crisp, ending with a flavourful sauce


Le Pore $39

Braised pork cheek, organic carrots, duck fat fries and mustard sauce

The pork cheek was our favourite. It was a well executed dish with flavours to match every component


Le Citron $15

Lemon custard tart with basil sorbet and Italian meringue

I really enjoy the lemon custard tart with the punchy citrusy flavour balanced by the sweet basil sorbet that was so delightful


Le Chocolat $18

Chocolate and pralines layers, chocolate sauce, fleur de sel caramel and icecream

But everyone else preferred the chocolate dish. It was good as well, but I think the praline has lesser contrast to play with


We also have the Le Raisin on the house. Components include grapes jelly, marines berries, crumble with raspberry and mint sauce. I thought it tasted a little strange but the friend seemed to like it alot

Fleur de Sel felt like a gem yet to be discovered, with a great deal of food to present and their own take on Modern French. Undeniably, the seafood dishes seemed to falter comparatively. But I think they do serve pretty decent French fare though being located on the same street as Brasserie Gavroche, it seems like diners will be spoilt for choices.

Fleur de Sel Le Restaurant

64 Tras St, S(079003)