Travelogue: Lombok Indonesia, Next Destination To Visit

Hi everyone, I jetted off to Lombok two weeks ago for a short getaway cos the friend wanted to go there even though there’s really nothing much to do. I know, cos everyone will ask me ‘huh? What’s there to do at Lombok?’ But well, one can always chill there and do nothing. Sometimes, chilling is a luxury for a busy hectic work schedule

Lombok is an island in Indonesia and very close to the popular Bali. But contrary to her hip neighbour, Lombok is much less developed and commercialized and pretty much rustic and undisturbed (right now)

Mandatory boarding-pass-in-passport kinda shot

We flew by Garuda cos tickets were reasonable. Transited through Jakarta before another 3 hours flight to Lombok

T3 were having SG50 exhibition and they were kinda cute

Breakfast from Singapore to Jakarta: Omelette with Sausage.

The other selection was nasi goreng with ayam and I’m like =O how do people eat rice so early in the morning?

The nicest thing was probably the sausage and the tomato pasta sauce. The egg doesn’t taste like egg, the potatoes were pretty bland and the muffin was dry and tough

There was inflight entertainment! But the selection was limited and the headset didn’t fit nicely or maybe it’s just too big for me

Taking the bus to our airplane at the domestic terminal

I think we sport the Indon-Chinese look for people to speak to us in Bahasa everywhere we go =/

Sweets from Garuda

Lunch from Jakarta to Lombok

It was supposed to be nasi goreng with ayam. Can I say it tasted bad? I was surprised the food on domestic flight was pretty bad, given it’s longer flight time and I thought the one on the international leg was cui already. How did they win best economy class? This is a mystery

I love taking photos of clouds on the airplane

And finally, Lombok airport!

We arranged for airport pickup from the hotel but in my opinion, you can just take a taxi from the airport which will probably cost about IDR200k-250k to Senggigi area

On the way to the hotel where there was a celebration of some sort going on, which explains the balloons

An hour later.. (yeah we spent half the day travelling)

The driver said to us, welcome home. We stayed at The Puncak which was located on a hill in Senggigi area which makes the location chilly and windy at all times, okay, most of the times. The Puncak has only 5 rooms, which makes it exclusive and you can be assured service will be attentive.  We were also very fortunate that we were the only customers for the time we were there so it felt like booking the whole hotel and a personal butler to ourselves (yay, how awesome)

Pool with a view

Table outside the room where you have your meals

Welcome drinks

The coconut drink was delicious by the way. And you saved the effort of not having to scrap the coconut meat

I’m actually impressed they decorated the whole room with flowers, from the bed to the shower room. It makes the whole place sweet smelling and the bed, was super comfortable :D

The hotel also has a list of tours being offered, which I think it is cheaper than what is being offered online. My suggestion is you don’t have to necessarily book your Lombok tours online prior since most hotels will also have tours offered on their end and who knows, their rate might be better. If not, just walk along Senggigi area, you will find some tour agencies along the stretch. In this case, the hotel owner was close to one of the tour agency so they probably partnered to get a better deal. We gave them so much business the agency owner invited us for dinner. lol, more on that later

Cos day 1 supposed to be a chill-and-do-nothing day, we spent most of the time in the pool and using the phone cos wifi is pretty intermittent in the room

And watching flowers go by #imjustkidding

Sunset Drinks

They provide sunset drinks everyday which I grew to love, to a point when the drinks were not here, I became restless. Haha the friend was saying I’m spoilt by the drinks

And of course, watching the sunset

View from the room or rather, room with a view

So I had actually emailed the hotel prior and asked if they could do something for the friend’s birthday. And it was a difficult act to make it a surprise for the friend cos there were hiccups here and there. I knew it was supposed to be a candlelight dinner but honestly, I was surprised by the setup

Seriously, candlelight dinner has never been so romantic. It felt as though I was proposing. Lol

Mojito IDR 95k

Baileys Icecream IDR 95k

Tomato w Mozzarella Salad IDR 85k

Tom Yum Goong IDR 85k

Grilled Mahi Mahi Steak IDR185k

With a side of salad

Carbonara w Bacon IDR 125k

Belgium Pancakes IDR 75k

And condiments for the pancakes

I would say food is generally decent and the carbonara earns the most praises out of the lot. The menu is limited to the point, at first glance and I know what to order for both of us. It is not the most impressive but the generous portion sure makes up for it and for a place that is up in the hills with no restaurants nearby, there’s nothing more you can ask for

Happy birthday! :)

The hotel even specially ordered a cake for her, like wow

I think I’m such a nice friend #justsaying #myfriendsmusttreasureme hahahaa

And then, we knocked out as we prepare for Day 2


The thing about holidays is sometimes you just want to maximise the most out of it and you spent little time sleeping

Sky at 630am, a shade of beautiful colours

Breakfast is served from 7-11am and they will give you a form to fill your choices between International or Indonesian breakfast the previous day

So we chose International with choice of drink (French pressed coffee), choice of egg (omelette) with pastry of the day, bread, bacon, sausage, a platter of fruits and a whole array of yoghurt, cereal, milk, freshly squeezed orange juice and yakult (no kidding, they even give yakult). Breakfast is inclusive of the room package which makes it pretty value for money

And the hotel dog popped by, which makes me run far away. Ha

Day 2 was Gili island day, which we booked it through the hotel. Yeah it’s probably the main attraction in Lombok so must visit!

Enroute to the the set off point

Just looking at the waters makes me excited already. How blue can!

Located at the northwest of Lombok, it’s a pretty long boat ride from Senggigi to Gilis which takes about an hour, depending on the waves

That’s a fishing boat by the way. It’s not a pirate ship, just in case if you are wondering

And we spot the 3 islands ahead! Can you see? From left, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. We chose to visit 2 out of 3 islands so that we can enjoy them at our own pace. So we chose the snorkeling island (Gili Meno) and honeymoon island (Gili Air) and left out the party island (Gili Tralala). Yeah we are just not party animals

At Gili Meno which we are ready to snorkel

Reviews on Gili island are true when they say the water is crystal clear, like sparkling clear you can see the (dead) corals even from the boat

That’s our guide!

I am super proud of the friend cos she doesn’t know how to swim and she actually snorkeled! And she even went before me just cos I don’t know how to snorkel. Ha

Reaching to the deep blue and swimming with the fishes

It’s really pretty underwater by the way. The clear water makes it even more enticing. Our guide loaned me his goggles which he claimed was top quality which I agreed cos snorkeling was a success for both of us, so yay #achievementunlock

Proceeded on to Gili Air for lunch which the guide brought us to this place. He said the food here is good, which I begged to differ

But, it is a good place to chill

Like overlooking the sea and enjoying the breeze. You will be surprised how windy it gets after awhile, to the point I had to suggest to sit on the beach under the sun to get some warmth. Yeah pretty unbelievable

And lunch is served

Hot Lemon Tea

Ice Lemon Squash

Pretty weird it says lemon on the menu and they gave lime, but oh wells

I can’t remember what I ordered but it tasted like fried onion soup with seafood, Indonesian style

Beef Rendang, with beef cubes so hard you have difficult chewing

Chicken Satay

The food here, really cannot make it. But for IDR 182k on a touristy place, you cannot complain. The guides don’t eat there cos for them it’s too expensive so they only eat when they go home. omg, how hungry they must be

And so we went to sit on the beach, bask in the sun, collect seashells and take more photos

Model worthy shot! I think I am a good photographer

Gilis is really pretty, probably cos it’s not so touristy and the environment is much more undisturbed

Enjoying the blue skies, blue waters and good weather :)

And bringing a magazine/book to read so you can really chill there

It is really windy there

So we left the island at 2.30pm just cos the guide says the water might get too choppy on the way back

This is our guide, Dany and for those who are interested to engage his services, his contacts as above. He does not only do Gilis tour but also a range of others. We paid IDR500k each for the Gili island tour to the agency but according to him, if you engage him directly, he gets a bigger cut of income. I think our experience with him was pretty good, given we were the only customers in the whole boat and it was a 1-to-1 snorkelling experience

So after which we went back hotel to chill in the pool, bathe and nap before waking up to..

Our sunset drinks! yay

It’s just a mixture of strawberries and grapes but it’s good

We hired a driver for the evening which costs IDR 350k for 4 hours to take us anywhere we want to go so we headed off to Malimbu, a 15 minutes drive away from Senggigi, and a famous destination to watch sunset

And just cos everyone has the same idea as us

The sun sets really fast, so preferably be there by 6pm if you want to catch it

So we asked the hotel what are some local cafes he would recommend for dinner for we would like to try some Indonesian food, and he recommended this place called Jessica Fey. So on the way to Malimbu, I googled the name of the cafe but it turns up nothing and I told the friend, eh don’t have leh. No cafes, only names of people on LinkedIn. So we decided to ask the driver if he has heard of Jessica Fey and he was like yes, it’s a cafe in Senggigi which serves really good Indonesia food and he drove us there. In the back of our mind, we were like ‘wah, really have, maybe google not updated’ So when we reached the place, and we looked up to the signboard, this was what we saw


Yessy Cafe = Jessica Fey?! zomg, we burst out laughing, and couldn’t stop. The driver must have thought we were nuts. I’m surprised the driver can understand what we talking about. He, is a genius

Still early for dinner but as time passes, the place gets filled up by lots of tourists. I think they were probably judging us for taking photos of the food but whatever, I don’t care


Soda Gembira IDR 20k (left) Mixed Juice IDR 15k (right)

Soda Gembira is basically bandung with soda, which tasted pretty strange if you ask me. The mixed juice has a strong banana taste which I thought they use the whole bunch of bananas in it or something

Tahu Goreng IDR 15k

Very normal and decent fried tofu with chilli sauce that tasted like Mcdonald’s garlic chilli sauce. Even though it’s normal, it was delicious and had a slice of home

Ayam Bakar Taliwang IDR 55k

We went for the grilled whole chicken though I think the chickens here are all on diet. There was hardly any meat and we gave up eating after awhile

Grilled Snapper w Yessy Sauce IDR 60k

The fish was really good. You could taste the burnt and sweet taste of the fish and the house chilli sauce complements it well and the portion was big too

Fried Pineapple Served w Lombok Honey IDR 25k

It has a really nice batter, crispy without being too oily but the pineapple was tasteless. It was neither sweet nor sour so when you bite everything together, it just tasted confusing

We visited the first branch of Yessy cafe (yes, they have 2 which are pretty near each other) just cos we thought old is gold. Even though there were pretty bad reviews on this place, I thought it was generally okay. I mean 2/3 dishes, that’s pretty not bad already

So that calls the end to day 2

Night view of the hotel

They specially lit the lamps on the walkway for us every night and took it away once we reached home. So nice please

It was a good place to star gaze too, just if you had nothing else to do


Rise & Shine Day 3

I would say our sleep pattern is really disciplined, down at 10pm and up at 6am everyday

Breakfast: Mee Goreng w Puncak Tea (Ginger Tea)

And the whole range of fruits, yoghurt, milk, cereal, orange juice, yakult

I decided to load myself up with carbs in the morning in view of the cycling tour we booked for the day (IDR 400k each). It’s gonna be a tiring one. ha, but I have to say this plate of mee goreng is pretty delicious. I love the nasi lemak taste-alike chilli sauce, the awesome prawn crackers and the satay which beats the one at Gili island. The only complain was the egg, which tasted fairly strange

Finding inner peace #imjustkidding #itsjustforphotos

So we were picked up in a local transport, aka the pink van, and brought to the bike shop to test the bikes. I think if we were to walk along the streets, we would have never imagine we could rent a bicycle at such hut

We were driven to a place south of Senggigi which apparently dons many rice paddies which we could start our adventure and sight-seeing

The classic moment when the friend told me, shit, I forgot how to cycle. So she spent 10 minutes warming up with the guide leading her while I took photos

Many villages along the way, really kampong style

Sun-ning their rice

We spotted many pok pok keh, like really many many

Horses and cows were not uncommon either

And of course, the start of many rice paddies

Resting at a typical kazebo cos we were quite tired and the guide told us these kazebos provide shade and a place for the villagers to eat their meals when they were out working in the sun, tending to their rice fields

Grabbed this off my snapchat just cos I forgot to take a photo of it. And yes, I cannot believe the fruit is called Singapore, because it is small and sweet. Well I know Singapore is small, not too sure about the sweet part

This is a typical Warung, a small family-run business/restaurant, Indonesian style

Nothing fanciful, just snacks and simple dishes

They even rear their own pok pok keh

So fat! I was telling the friend, wah, this will make a good ayam bakar taliwang and she scolded me – how can you say it infront of the chicks! LOL, but it’s true what.. as compared to the one we had the previous night ;)

Sorry chick, it’s just a matter-of-fact. Grow up healthy :D

The celebrity moment came when our guide decided to take some time to pray so we were just resting and the kids started crowding around us. The kids in the area were all very cute. When you cycle past them, they will wave and shout either 1) hello 2) good morning or 3) selamat pagi. If not, you will hear the adults calling to them ‘tourists’ and they will all run out to see. Yeah, we never felt so much attention on us before. lol

During one part where we have to cross the river in a sampan and the guide has to transport our bikes across

Rowed by a kid #impressed

The sampan is actually quite scary..

It’s not free btw, the boy asked for IDR 5k from the guide

After 4 hours of cycling which take us across rocky paths, smelling haze, burnt rubbish, different kinds of dung, up a very steep slope and back down, plentiful villages, we finished our tour! We were so tired we have to stop halfway to get magnum cos it only costs S$1.30. Go where find, seriously

Dragging our tired body back to hotel to a welcome sight of this. #damncuteplease

So we spend some more time in the pool, napped, watched the sunset, waited for our drinks before we popped back down to Senggigi area to claim our free dinner

Here is the tour agency we engaged for all our tours. It is located beside papaya cafe, an easy location to spot

And right outside the agency stands the famous ‘Martabak’ stall, which everyone knows. The stall starts from 6.30pm till about 11pm, so come by and visit

The savoury side which you get to choose chicken or beef fillings

The sweet martabak, known as Terang Bulan, which you get to choose a series of filling

The moment when you see they emptied half the condensed milk on your pancake #horror #nightmare

Martabak Telur Bebek Biasa IDR 22k

Murtabak with beef (with 2 eggs). This is by far the best thing we ate in Lombok. It’s so good anyone who visits Lombok must try this. For IDR 22k, it is super value for money (and filling)

Eat this piping hot, with the chilli. So good, no regrets

Cheese + Peanut IDR 22k

This is like Jollibean pancake, elevated with ingredients, sinfulness x100

But I think it’s worth a try cos there are many locals buying them as snacks/desserts

The guide got this noodle soup with beef balls and vegetables from this small makeshift stall beside the martabak, so I took a photo of it just cos it looks good too. Not too sure how much it is but it probably won’t be more expensive than the martabak. You probably have to sit on the stools provided just cos there are no proper tables. But we got to have our meals at the luxury of the tour agency (with free drinks no less)

Went on to roam along the streets of Senggigi, which has nothing much

And visited the massage place that was frequented by our hotel owner

I would say the massage here is really cheap. IDR 85k for one traditional full massage, it’s probably the cheapest I had paid. But whether is it good, it can be rather subjective. I mean the masseur loosened my shoulder knot for me but she didn’t loosen it fully, such that it was aching so badly I had to go back Singapore to do an acupuncture shoulder massage the next day =/ but if we had another day, we would definitely come back here to do massage again

To find this place, walk 10-15 minutes from the maratabak stall (face the martabak stall and walk left). You will pass by this street side grilled place (which looks not bad) and the massage place is located beside Banana Tree cafe. The tour agency owner told us we will pass by a post office on the left, but we never found it so oh wells


Last morning, always bitter sweet

We thought we had no time for breakfast given our flight was at 940am and we had to reach pretty early

But the owner assured us we would have, so eat first think later. And it’s back to International breakfast for me with freshly baked sultana croissant

We even got a parting gift from the hotel. It’s coffee btw

The moment when you realised everyone makes the same joke. The locals call this their Ferrari – one horse power, and it’s seen everywhere in Lombok

Departure area in Lombok airport. Boarding only begins 20 minutes prior to departure. We only reached the airport 40 minutes before and we still got time to check in our bags but it was a panic moment cos we thought we needed one hour

Goodbye Lombok

That’s the 3 Gili Island, from the air

Lunch from Lombok to Singapore: Mee Goreng w Beef

When they gave the option of mee goreng, it really literally meant mee goreng, maggi style. I felt cheated

Free starbucks from a kind soul in Jakarta airport :)

Just cos the person had a free drink to give, so I was the lucky person. HEEHEE #cheapthrills

I never appreciate how food on International is so much better until I tried the domestic one

Post-lunch: Chicken w Potatoes

But that being said, it doesn’t mean that it was delicious

Ending a picture of us :)

So here’s a compressed recap of our Lombok trip. Lombok is really a nice place to visit, probably cos there are so much less tourists around and you can just enjoy the holiday at your own pace. Don’t expect hip and cool places like those in Bali for there is nothing like that but I appreciate that we see Lombok from another perspective and how the locals live. Well that’s what holidays are for right? To widen your horizon for you never know what the world brings

I hope you enjoyed reading it and for those who are going, hope it will provide some insights for you as well


Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining – Bluefin Tuna Takes Centre Stage

Suntec City’s Eat at Seven is a cluster of 7 restaurants located at the newest Sky Garden. Brought in by ANA, yes the airline, there are currently 4 restaurants which are opened for operation. I gave the friend the option to choose between sushi and yakiniku and he chose the former so Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining it shall be (omg, the name is super long lah). It was still relatively quiet and empty since the opening is still in its soft phase and probably cos not many will venture that part of Suntec City yet

Other than the table with a big crowd, we are probably the next noisiest table considering the restaurant was empty which was pretty nice given the servers can give you the full attention. There are plenty of seats available and you can also choose to seat the counter if you like

Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai $65

Starting off the party with a bottle of sake

Udoufu $12

This mini tofu pot takes the longest time to cook ever. By the time the fire went out, the stems of the greens were still hard. That aside, the flavor of the soup was really light. It is probably recommended for the health conscious or those on diet

Rainbow Half Roll $8

Maguro, squid, white fish, shrimp, crab, avocado, egg

The rainbow roll was unfortunately forgettable

(From left) Hon Maguro Otoro $35, Hon Maguro Kamatoro Aburi $8, Unagi Kabayaki $8

Probably my favourite part of the dinner. The otoro was melt-in-the-mouth kind of awesome, the kamatoro was lovely with the sweetness of the aburi-ed tuna and the unagi has the full flavor of the marinated eel. The rice lacked the vinegar and softness of sushi rice but I thought overall, the nigiri sushi was pretty decent

Kaisen Don $19

Bara Chirashi Don $16

The bara chirashi has the freshness of the various sashimi and I thought it was reasonably priced

Salmon Ikura Don $16

Mitsuinokotobuki Junmaiginjo $78

Halfway through, we decided to get a second bottle

Maguro cheek karaage $14

And I decided we need some more food to go along. So here comes my first try of fried tuna cheek. This was an interesting dish which was well-executed. It has the crispiness of a karaage but the softness of the fish which tasted somewhat like chicken. I think it was a good side to go along with drinks

I would say the menu in general is pretty focused on maguro related dishes. Do not expect a variety of Japanese fare since this place is a bluefin tuna specialized restaurant. Though I think their nigiri sushi are pretty worth trying. A promising place for those who loves tuna and I would say their prices are pretty reasonable too

Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining

Eat at Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-310

Suntec City Mall, S(038983)

Humpback – Come Here For Your Oysters Fix

This place was so new when I tried googling to call them to make a reservation, I can’t even find one. And it turns out it was only the second day of operation when we visited. Trying such a new restaurant can be very challenging and exciting cos first, you don’t know what to expect and second, you don’t know if it will disappoint. But the friend claimed it was a good thing since nobody knows about it yet and we can just happily walk into the restaurant

The team behind Sugarhall and Jigger & Pony brings us a new seafood specialty restaurant that focuses on oysters from the USA. We had all 3 breeds of oysters that day cos we really wanted to find out how they tasted

Watermelon Sangria $22

China-moni $22

Though the drinks were helmed Sugarhall drinks master, we find the drinks lacking in taste and surprise. And the first thing that came to mind was, we missed BSK’s gin-based cocktails

Oysters from Kumamoto, Shigoku Fat Bastard & Totten Inlet $6 each

Kumamoto, also known as the aristocrats of oysters are petite in size. Meat is firm, has deep cups and contains lots of nectar

Shigoku Fat Bastard, my favourite of the lot. Meat is clean and smooth and has a creamier finish with a refreshing taste

Totten Inlet, fairly big in size with deep cuts and probably the creamiest of the lot. Known to leave a seaweed taste, it was too big for my small mouth to handle

Calamari $14

Potato, Crazy water & Fried Capers

We read the description and like huh? Crazy water? But despite that, it didn’t stop us from ordering and I’m glad we did. The calarmari was lovely, deep fried to crispiness on the outside and smooth and chewy on the inside. We love the potato, it was pretty delicious and drizzled with the appetising sauce, the dish was flavourful, rich and playful

Pork Collar $16

We decided to order a meat dish to try and we went with the pork collar. The pork collar was cooked perfectly and had a nice texture. Pairing with the sweet pair and orange glaze gave a sweet finish to the dish. Overall, it was a decent dish

The highlight of this place was the oysters, which were fresh and you can taste the lingering taste of the sea. I think their sides were worth trying, though portion isn’t very big but it was enough to fill us and still leaving some space for desserts. Though a very new restaurant, I see some promise in them


20 Bukit Pasoh Road S(089834)

Ginza Kuroson – Revamped Level 3 of Ngee Ann City

Went to Orchard to find Z for lunch and we decided to visit the newly opened Ginza Kuroson at Ngee Ann City. The place was pretty packed with reservations for lunch, so if you happen to be going down, remember to make one too. And since it was lunch, we decided to try their famous Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don which we spotted a few customers beside us all having the same thing

Complimentary Appetizers – Salad & Broiled Dish of Seaweed & Chicken

Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don $22

Basically, it’s chirashi-don

I think the chirashi don was just okay. The fish didn’t really blow me away. I think they lack a certain sweetness you get from fresh sashimi but I was pleased with the variety of selection they gave. It’s not a everyday affair you see anago eel in a chirashi but the rice was pretty good. The pearl-like rice was cooked with perfection and I think you actually get the sweetness from the rice more than the fish =x

It’s a place to consider if you just looking for alternatives to dine at Ngee Ann City but well, I will look elsewhere for my chirashi craving

Ginza Kuroson

Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road

#03-10 S(238873)

Epicurean Market 2015 – For Those Who Love Food

Epicurean market happened over the weekend at Marina Bay Sands with their third edition. It was my first experience at the annual event and seeing pictures on instagram last year, I decided I shall give this year a try. A 3-day event with a whole lot of Masterclasses from celebrity chefs, Farmer’s Market with fresh produces and wines and Whisky & Cocktail bar, it was bound to be an attraction with hundreds of attendees. So here’s a recap of what happened, for those who missed it

A whole selection of wine retailers, and you get to sample all the wine as well. Just bring a wine glass around and they will be more than happy to let you try

Fresh produce at Farmer’s Market

Super fresh herbs, which we even get to try

Premium sausage selection from Carne Meat where you get to buy some home

Truffle Salami Stick $10 (left) Blackforest Breitseite $5 (right)

But we got them in a platter just so we can pair them with our whisky session. It was an awesome idea by the way. The meat was really delicious and the whisky gave a different flavour when you eat after drinking

Whisky flight tasting which we get to try 3 different whisky for $15. And they were pretty generous with the portion :D

We chose the series of smokey Whisky and my favourite? The Lagavulin 16 for its richness and roundness aftertaste

Popped by the Masterclass workshop which we attended the workshop ‘How to order Italian wine like a pro?’

Cannonau di Sardegna, Fiano di Avellino, Primitivo

But I think, Italian wines are generally not my favourite

Moving on to the celebrities’ restaurants corner, it was so crowded. I think there were plenty of tables and chairs to go around, but some were placed pretty far away which makes it inconvenient if you were too lazy to walk. In addition, there were lines sprouting out of every booth, especially if you hit dinner time. And to maximise full use of time, people just leave their belongings at the tables without being guarded. The friend was saying, you can only do this in Singapore and I totally agree

Spicy Tuna Tartare Cone $22 (for 2)

While the friend was queuing at Waku Ghin, I decided to try some of Spago’s cuisine cos 1) myfoodsirens say it’s good and 2) there was no queue at all =o Spago by Wolfgang Puck is slated to open at Marina Bay Sands later this year and a preview of the food gives some idea to what to expect at the flagship restaurant in Asia

The spicy tuna tartare cones look like a simple appetiser but they tasted full of flavours and surprise. The tuna was marinated nicely with chilli mayonnaise & wasabi but yet you can still taste the sweetness of the tuna. The sesame miso cone was sweet, crispy and taste of lingering miso paste and the fragrance of sesame oil

Steamed Beef Short Rib Bao $26 (for 2)

The steamed beef short rib was a little tough but the flavours were good and definitely catered more to Asian tastebuds

It was a busy station at Sky on 57 with chef Justin Quek in the house and I kept hearing the chef expediting saying ‘Guys, you gotta hurry up’ I can totally see the stress on the chefs’ face. lol

Seared Wagyu Tri-Tip w Slow-Cooked Egg, Lu Shui Truffle Sauce $18

This was the daily special on the first day of the event for Sky on 57. The wagyu was a little tough and there was not much truffle taste in the sauce though It probably is the most beautifully presented and value-for-money dish with the generous amount of beef

JQ’s Hamburger $10

Slow-cooked Iberico Pork Belly w Miso Mustard Sauce

We really like the JQ’s hamburger. There was a really nice flavour on the pork belly which tasted somewhat like coffee and the miso mustard sauce complements really well without being too overpowering

Durian Creme Brûlée Icecream Sandwich $5

Completely sold by the icecream, though not quite much by the bread. It was a burst of flavour of durian, caramel and creme brûlée pudding beneath before ending with the carmelized crisp on top. It was pretty delicious

Next up, Bread Street Kitchen!

Traditional Fish & Chips, Crushed Peas, Tartar Sauce $14

Their fish & chips never disappoint and I got it for the friend to try, since I have already tried it at his restaurant. You can read the full review here

Potted Salted Beef Brisket, Grain Mustard, Piccalilli, Caraway Crackers $12

The least unexpected dish with a twist of surprise. The beef brisket was really tender and I like how it goes well with the grain mustard & piccalilli which gave a balance between the sweetness of the beef and the hotness of the mustard

Squid Ink Chitarra w Crab, Sea Urchin & Jalapeno Pesto $22

Cold pasta from Mozza, which was different yet refreshing. The beautiful flavour of the squid ink pasta was enhanced by the sweetness of the crab meat and the jalapeño gave enough heat to make the dish balanced and rounded

Fresh seafood at DB Bistro, though the chef shucking the oysters must be pretty stressed at the insane order of oysters

Oysters $5 each

I love the tiny bottle of tabasco, so much cuteness. The oysters were okay, fresh but the meat was somewhat too little to have a full taste to what the oysters were about

Lobster Roll $25

The lobster roll came with abundance of lobster meat, so firm and sweet and eating it with the buttered brioche bread was really yummy though it gets pretty oily and messy

King Crab Melt, Pimento Cheese, Bread & Butter Pickles $15

Signature item from Adrift. I totally get why it was their signature item. Just think melted cheese, buttered toast and abundance of sweet crab meat and topping off with the pickles to give that crunchy, spicy and acidic aftertaste

Waku Ghin – Probably the longest queue of all restaurants. Maybe long is an overstatement

Grilled Rolled Ohmi Wagyu Beef w Fresh Wasabi from Shizuoka $24

The wagyu beef was grilled to perfection it melts in your mouth. Drizzled with a generous portion of salmon roe and end it off with wasabi and garlic chips, it’s like teppanyaki on a plate

Marinated Botan Shrimp w Oscietra Shrimp $25

The most anticipated but disappointed dish. Probably came with too high expectations so when we tried the dish, it just went ‘oh.. okay.’

Never miss the Waku Ghin desserts cos they sold out at the fastest time possible

Chocolate w Hazelnut & Passionfruit $8

Completely in love. Whether it was the hazelnut mousse, thin layer of passionfruit or the chocolate and brittle biscuit, it was wonderfully delicious

Strawberry Cheesecake $8

Very light and delicious strawberry mousse and when you dip into it, it felt like eating clouds ending off with a strawberry surprise in the middle of it

Also keep some space for the cocktails at the World-Class Bar to try some of the delicious cocktails

Crowd at 9pm, still pretty packed

A gift from Coca Cola, if you visit 5 different restaurants in a day

Epicurean Market 2015 has been nothing short of lots of fun. A event for food lovers, you will find yourself surrounded by good food and drinks and it’s definitely more fun if you go with a group of friends. I actually went over 2 days cos 1 night is just too rushed and not enough. Gave the 3rd day a miss since I would have tried most of the dishes already. And I must say, I look forward to next year’s already ;)


Memories from my trusty iphone

Cooked for Potluck! Braised Pork w Vegetables in Truffle Mushroom Sauce #yumyum

But the rest cheated my feelings :( #playcheatpotluck

Classic Cakes. Have never heard of them before till the friend bought them. I like the tiramisu one though or actually all of us prefer the tiramisu

Made pancakes for breakfast :D #cafeiris #imjustkidding #butireallymadethem

Cos sometimes you just need something sweet after lunch to cheer you up. Matcha parfait from Tsujiri

My favourite sake place, along with the yummy stingray fin

And the equally delicious oden!

Me & Z <3

Kickstarting the durian season with maoshanwang!

Customized cake & cupcakes from Strawberry Inc

Customized cake from Strictly Pastry. Ombre swirl cake w chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache & peanut butter filling. This was super delicious

Cold Brew from Stamping Ground Coffee, which was pretty satisfying under a very hot day

Pistachio Tiramisu from L’Atelier Tiramisu but I thought the taste of pistachio can be a little more punchier

BBQ chicken wings @ Chomp Chomp. Hawker food, delicious & sinful ;)

When you have friends working at Les Amis :D Tarte by Cheryl Koh, the Earl Grey one was super yummy!

Think I lost count of the times I’ve visited this place, but Mad About Sucre is still my favourite patisserie

Brought the friend who visited from Hong Kong to Old Airport Road for some good ol local food. And I finally get to try Nam Sing!

And then desserts thereafter at The Hideout. Didn’t really like the waffles here, and the ice-cream was pretty meh too

Farewell lunch for the intern @ Long Chim just cos it’s nearby. Actually I was pretty interested to find out how Long Chim is but I think it’s pretty meh in my opinion. They serve a 2-course @ $35++ and 3-course lunch @ $40++ so you get a select your courses from a pretty extensive menu

Thai Ice Milk Tea, which tasted like teh ping

Crunchy Prawn w Herbs

Kanom Jin Noodles

Chicken w Wild Ginger Sauce

Mango Sticky Rice

I thought the mango sticky rice was pretty decent though. Sticky rice cooked well with the sweet mango and fragrant coconut milk was simply delicious

Durian Icecream w Sesame Wafer

I heard pretty good reviews about Long Chim but perhaps the lunch set was not that outstanding. Food here is generally spicy, so if you cannot take spice, you might wanna consider requesting for less spicy

ootd: Off shoulder top from ASOS, shorts from Zara

ootd: Top from ASOS, Jeans from Topshop

ootd: Dress from Topshop

Hai Di Lao w the gang :)

Went to see Sand of Time at Siloso Beach which was so damn crowded #ohmygod

Cannot wait for my summer holiday! Bikini from Triangl

Bread Street Kitchen Singapore – That One Month Reservation Wait

Bread Street Kitchen, it’s like the IT place to be at and be seen once it opened its doors in Singapore. Pictures of the food flooded instagram and reviews were out one after another though there were quite a number of negative reviews. But despite all these, I decided I shall try the place out myself before I give a verdict even it costs me a one-month wait. See, the power of the name Gordon Ramsay

I like how the table for 2 is arranged in such way you are both facing the view outside, as compared to facing each other

Complimentary Bread Basket

I enjoyed the crispy bread stick, the salty focaccia bread and the delicious fragrant sesame biscuit though the bun was a little too hard for my liking

Tio Abuelo $22 (left) Lady Regent $23 (right)

This place serves really good cocktails. Both are refreshing, light and fruity with a strong mix of gin which you can taste in the delicious cocktails. The friend enjoyed hers as much as I enjoyed mine

Seared Scallops w Carrot Puree, Treacle Bacon, Apple & Celery Cress $24

Probably the most aesthetically presented dish, the scallops has a nice brown to it. But it was unfortunate it was served cold and the friend said it was a little undercooked. Though I enjoyed the carrot puree and the treacle bacon, which has a sweet touch to it

Tagliolini w Lobster, Chili, Spring Onions, Parsley & White Wine $28

The tagliolini was really good. The freshly-made pasta was smooth, had good texture and a nice chew to it. Lobsters were fresh and sweet though it can be a little spicier to give more heat to it

Traditional Fish & Chips w Crushed Peas & Tartar Sauce $26

Best fish & chips I’ve eaten

Was slicing into half so that the friend and I can share and we see hot piping air oozing out of the fish. I was like wah, this one confirm hot

The traditional fish & chips sure live up to its name. The crust was deep fried to golden brown with oil still glistening when served. And you can taste chunks of fresh fillet served hot and sweet beneath the crispy texture. Fries were delicious too, just crisp, lightly salted and simply addictive. Some may find the crushed peas a little weird, but I like the pairing of the fresh vegetables to a seemingly unhealthy meal

Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding, Muscovado Caramel, Clotted Cream $18

I insisted on 2 desserts, just cos they are known for having awesome desserts. The banana pudding was more like a banana cake, coated with really sweet toffee sauce. The fragrance of the banana was evident once you take a bite and pair it with the cream gave a different finish to the dish

Chocolate Fondant w Salted Caramel & Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream $20

We could smell the chocolate cake when it arrived and honestly, cannot wait to eat

The best part of a lava cake is watching the chocolate flow and this is by far, one fondant cake that does a very good job. The cake was light, baked to perfection with the chocolate sauce so delicious and sinful. The friend enjoyed the side of icecream which had a good balance of mint and chocolate and I thought it was a nice touch to the lava cake instead of your usual vanilla icecream

I don’t know about others but the time when I was at BSK, I thought the food was pretty decent. Maybe I ordered the right dish or perhaps the chef was in a good mood, it was a rather pleasant dinner experience. And I thought the price tag to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant was pretty reasonable. I had dinner at places that serve even more expensive mains with no famed chef behind it. So with an impeccable service, I would go back just for that fish & chips, desserts and oh, that awesome cocktails

Bread Street Kitchen

Marina Bay Sands Bay Level L1-81

10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)

2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes, Singapore S018972