Kuala Lumpur: Sushi Hinata

Sushi Hinata was our first stop in KL, so much that we went there straight after touching down. We were trying to look for a ‘not bad’ sushi place in KL and decided to give Sushi Hinata a try. The place speaks of a typical sushi restaurant and I like how the place is filled with so much sunlight

The only patron, which was a Japanese!

Koshino Tamashii Junmai-Ginjo Semi Dry

We couldn’t resist some sake ;)

You know the place has some standard just by tasting the ginger. It was sweet, crunchy with a little heat after chewing

We took the omakase menu at RM250 which we thought it was quite a steal

Japanese cabbage with mushroom and dried cuttlefish

It was a very interesting dish cos it tasted very chinese and homecooked

From left: Japanese Mackerel, Tai, Ika

I didn’t like the ika for the texture was too soft and mushy though the marinate with yuzu was a lovely combination. The tai was forgettable but the Japanese mackerel was really good!

It’s so good it deserves a shot of its own

Otoro Belly

This tuna was so amazing it melts in your mouth, like really literally

Spanish Mackerel

I love how you can taste the burnt skin and enjoy the fresh and sweet sashimi all at once. The chef actually gave us some salt to pair with and it was an interesting combination to eat sashimi with salt instead

From left: Octopus w Japanese Mustard, Tai Belly and Baby Eel

Well, my least favourite 3 out of the whole meal


Chawanmushi topped with ikura

The chawanmushi was cooked with bonito soup stock so you can taste the sweet egg custard and the salty broth together at once

There’s actually a grilled flounder after the chawanmushi but it has already gone into my stomach before I remembered to take a picture of it. It shows how much I really enjoyed the whole process and the food :D


My next least favourite of the whole meal. lol Probably cos the Japanese fish cake thing was a little too strange for it. I told the chef this was really interesting and, I didn’t like it and he laughed

Sweet Prawn

These were really really sweet prawns that tasted every bit of awesomeness



Horse Mackeral

Blue Fin Tuna

Ikura and Uni; best friends ever

When the chef asked if there’s anything we want to eat, we immediately asked if there’s uni. HA but rest assured, this was already part of the omakase menu

Bonito Flake Soup

Which was too salty

Chopped Toro w Leek Maki

This was pretty good. I was actually quite against eating the maki but, ohmygosh, no regrets!

Chilled Fruits Cocktail

The fruit cocktail was blah, but the highly acidic content is enough to wake you up if you think you are going into a food coma

I enjoy the sashimi here. They were fresh, sweet and really good. The rice on the other hand, was a little disappointing. It has warmth but lack the right amount of vinegar and stickiness. You can taste the distinct separation of the rice when you chew. I said the maki was good, cos it was the only sushi where the rice stick together well. In general, I think Sushi Hinata serves decent Japanese sushi though it’s definitely not the best I’ve tried

Sushi Hinata

A-0-1 , Ground Floor St.Mary Residence, No.1, 
Jalan Tengah 50450 Kuala Lumpur

491. Henri Charpentier @ Dempsey

The friend and I actually made a date to visit this place for the longest time ever, just cos we missed it while we were in Japan. So when they finally set foot in Singapore, we decided to pay them a visit finally one weekend. I think the restaurant actually fits Dempsey pretty well, just being atas and all. Even the interior felt very grand.

We went just after the restaurant started operating for the day, which we have the whole place to ourselves :D

The Royal Milk Tea

And so we wonder, how royal can the milk tea get. The fragrance of the tea was really strong and you can taste, it as it overpowers the milk. But I don’t think it is worth $15 for a cup of freaking milk tea at all

Apple Juice

A very normal cup of apple juice at a very not normal price

And so, the performance begins. We ordered the Crepe Suzette which was a thin crepe cooked in a copper pan, which was their signature

First you wipe the pan

Then you place the crepe in and heat up the liqueur

And you repeatedly pour the liqueur over

And ta-da!

I would say, the crepe was silky and boosted the taste of the beautiful orange liqueur. But it was so thin we finished it in 15 seconds

We ordered the Dome as well. This time round, the performance was shorter since there aren’t much steps to do for this

Heating up the alcohol as well

And pouring the alcohol over it

And watching it dissolve and disintegrate

Into a pretty odd shape

Which wasn’t exactly presentable at all. But in anycase, I prefer the Dome cos the flavours are more beautiful and there are different layers to the dessert which is actually more exciting

Ending the meal with complimentary pastries, which was actually very good (like even more than the desserts we ordered)

I think 80% of the money you spend here is directed to the performance. It is by far the most expensive dessert I ate till date. Unless you are a King or Queen or have too much money to spend, you are better off spending your money elsewhere on other dessert places. Henri Charpentier, once is enough.

Henri Charpentier Singapore

9A Dempsey Road S(247698)


Memories from my trusty iphone (:

Lunch at Isshin Japanese at Republic Plaza. And so I decided to give their chirashi a try

The colleague ordered their sushi and sashimi set which comes with an assortment of sushi

Grilled Squid, which was quite badly prepared

Chirashi Don

I thought their chirashi was pretty decent, which looks more presentable than itacho or ichinban -__- Though their tuna wasn’t up to standard and their octopus wasn’t exactly soft enough

Sesame Latte @ Whisk & Paddle

The sesame latte is pretty interesting. I don’t think it actually has any caffeine in it, probably just sesame and lots of milk. You can taste the fragrance of the sesame though it is difficult to drink after awhile cos the sesame grains kept getting in the way

Seafood Marinara

This was actually forgettable. The vongole was so much better

A night out with Z, cos we needed some wine and company. The Wine Company does serve some pretty good wine at reasonable prices. And the location at broadwalk is a good place to chill. An alternative to The Wine Connection!

Made my own salad bowl cos I feel like it

Mixed lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, macadamia nuts & big chunks of salmon :)

Injeolmi Bingsu at Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House

I think large is an understatement. This probably can feed 4. haha

Fishball noodles @ Lixin Teochew Fishball Noodles

My favourite childhood food ;)

The lion paid a visit at work

The company cny lunch @ Paradise Inn, which was very bad. I think the chef probably cannot handle such large orders at once. The only comfort was, the sea cucumber dish I chose was probably the best out of the lot

Brunch @ Jones The Grocer

I like the outlet at Dempsey better, in terms of ambience and choice of menu. The one at Mandarin Gallery somehow didn’t give me a lasting impression

Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte

The chai latte was pretty blah. A faint taste of chai, with too much milk

Mushroom Omelette

The omelette was good, but don’t think it is worth $18. I felt like I can make this at home, myself

Eggs Benedict

The friend ordered the eggs ben. The ham was pretty nice. Can’t say much for the rest

Wedding nails!

Me and mummy at the cousin’s wedding <3

M’s daughter, that entertained all of us at a church wedding. Can’t believe the biggest kid back then in school is already a dad. ha

Details; dress by Miss Selfridge

ootd; for wedding number 2

Wedding nails, again. This time done at Nail Queen. I’m not that pro yet. haha

Coordinates for Wedding number 3

Cos the friend and I decided to wear keds together that day

The interior at Henri’s was so grand I cannot resist taking a photo of it. haha

The view from our meeting room. No wonder everyone likes to meet at level 32 =X

Dinner at Souled Out, KL. This summertime salad was actually pretty good. I was surprised. haha and I had salad cos I ate too much in the day .__.

Just me, and the swimming pool. The apartment I stayed in was so new, the pool was just so nice to swim in :)

To the infinity & beyond! :D

Restaurant Week 2015: Lewin Terrace

The second restaurant we visited was Lewin Terrace, located in the Fort Canning greenery. Access to the restaurant was just beside the Singapore Philatelic Museum so you don’t really need to get to Fort Canning to get there. The place was nestled in an old colonial building that depicts an air of elegance and the fusion of a Japanese and French dining sounds exciting enough to whet our appetite

It was still early, and we get to appreciate the interior and exterior. One thing which we found irritating was there was a fly that kept buzzing around and it really got on our nerves

Complimentary bread basket which consists of soft bun, wholemeal and white bread. The bread was really hot, soft and delicious. We finished everything. haha

Entree: Yellowtail fish & White Radish w Ginger Foam, Black Radish & Egg Yolk

The yellowtail was really good. I like how the texture of the yolk was different here, to give a contrast to the whole dish. The white radish was really sweet which gave a beautiful balance to the meal. But what I was impressed with, was the ginger foam that gave such a nice touch to the fish

2em: WAN Sense Tsuki (+$8)

Which was Foie Gras Terrine wrapped w Japanese Pickle, and a side of Duck Pastrami

The terrine was smooth and lovely, and the addition of the pickle gave a nice acidic touch. The duck was prepared beautifully. You can taste the sweetness of the meat but also the juiciness of the fats

2em: Squid Noodle Ikasoumen

We were very impressed how the you can tell it’s totally squid but tasted like noodles. The texture wasn’t chewy but soft and emits the lingering cuttlefish taste. Topped up with a squid ink chip, this dish was a delight to feast upon

Mains: Cod Fish Saikyouyaki

The fish was actually pretty normal in my opinion. I could taste a teeny weeny fish taste on first bite and the vegetable puree didn’t actually provide any comfort

Z said the fish actually tasted a little overcooked

Mains: Le Wagyu Dans La PierreChaude Toubanyaki (+$30)

A very interesting experience to DIY in a fine dining restaurant

Yes, you really cook the meat yourself

The wagyu was so amazing. It contains the natural sweetness of the wagyu beef and totally melts in your mouth. Paired it with a little truffle salt, it’s the best combination ever

Dessert: Corn Pudding w Caramel Icecream

I never knew corn pudding tasted this good. Smooth and creamy, it’s a simple yet beautifully executed dessert

Dessert: Citrus Platter

A combination of various citrus fruits and textures, it was a good option to end the meal after all the savoury palate but of course, I still prefer my corn pudding. haha

Lewin Terrace not only has a beautiful setting but also an excellent choice of food. I really enjoy every bit of the fusion elements and also appreciate how service was commendable as well. It would be nice to be back there again for special occasions as I think it is worth every cent of it

Lewin Terrace

21 Lewin Terrace Singapore, Singapore 179290

Restaurant Week 2015: Napoleon Food & Wine Bar

Here comes Restaurant Week again! I’m sure many would know what restaurant week is about, so I’ll skip the introduction. Napoleon Food & Wine Bar was actually a random decision just cos it’s probably one of the closest, had more selection on the menu and the lesser few that is still available. The place is pretty small, and it was completely packed for restaurant week. Good marketing hoh, this restaurant week.

Located very near Amoy Food Centre, which has re-opened after renovation! yay

I like the interior of the place, very sophisticated

Yeah it’s so sophisticated they are tech savvy in terms of ordering

First Course – Salads

Prawn Salad

Grilled prawn salad w avocado & cherry tomatoes. I really like the grilled prawns. Sweet and crunchy though they are a little too small

Tuna Nicoise Salad

Well, the vegetables are the same. Dressing for this was lemon emulsion which was really appetising. I like the the crispy potatoes but the tuna, the main dish, was just blah. I felt that the grade of tuna they used here was probably the cheaper ones and you can really tell by the texture

Creamy Black Pepper Salmon Linguine

I sort of expected linguine with black pepper sauce so this was a surprise. The pasta was well, forgettable and you can’t really taste the salmon. I think it would be better if they just serve the salmon in whole

Slow-cooked Chicken in Red Wine

The chicken was really tender, infused with red wine reduction. I actually quite like this dish for being simple

Apple Crumble

The apple crumble was pretty good. Soft, warm and loose without being too sweet. You will have no problem finishing this. I mean, look, how small this is. ha

Chocolate Ganache

But the chocolate ganache was even better. It’s a beautiful chocolate bar, so thick and creamy with a coffee crumble that gave a contrasting texture to the dessert

I would think Napoleon Food & Wine Bar placed more emphasis as a wine bar, with the food as a secondary attraction. But in general, the food here is decent though I won’t specially go all the way back just to eat. I think for the location being near Amoy, there are actually a lot other restaurants nearby that serve better food. So unless you are in for a drink, you will probably think likewise

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar

206 Telok Ayer Street S(068641)

A&W – The Wedding

My third wedding of the year, which was a fun yet very tiring one. The bridesmaids probably had only 2-3 hours of sleep and all of us have to reach the bride’s house by 3am so that we got enough time to prep before the groom comes at 5am. By 6.30am we were half dead, by 9.30am we were damn shag, by 4pm we really wanted to die. hahaha but amidst all the tiredness, I’m glad we had lots of fun ourselves and helped in creating the perfect wedding for the couple ;)

Baby breath for the bridesmaid posies, which was really difficult to separate cos the flowers were so delicate once you pull them, they break

Finally, a bouquet!

Diligently preparing for the gatecrash games (Actually they were all posing for me. lol)

Chilli padi, wasabi, tabasco sauce + chilli tunas (muahaha)

Marshmallow with condensed milk + sugar sprinklers

Not forgetting bitter tea, lemon & lime juice + bread soaked in vinegar (that’s damn gross btw haha)

Smelly and his long lost cousins :)

The bride preparing

with the pretty bride!

Okay lets all wait for the groom now

And the moment the horn sounded, it was so loud and long I think they probably woke the whole estate up..

ha. warm up exercises

Probably the best game ever

Okay so 1 hour later..

He finally got the bride :)

The super cute ring bearer, flower girl & boy

Just in case why he’s holding a lollipop, cos.. we need to bribe him with a lollipop if not he won’t walk down the aisle and it might cause a jam at the back =/

It was mad rush cos they were having a banquet lunch so there’s like not much time to rest since we had to set up the decoration and all. It was insanely tiring

The white tree is the wishing tree, where guests can write their well wishes and hang it up. So we used that as an alternative to guestbook since there’s no point having so many things for the guests to write

Cocktail reception. The food was probably gone in 15 minutes

Tarts from Delifrance and Macarons, baked by the bride’s friend

A peep into the banquet hall

Hello baby!

Fun w the Photobooth :D

When the banquet started, we were so tired we just stared at the food for a good 10 minutes

Hot & Cold Combination Platter

Jellyfish w spicy dressing, Roasted duck w plum sauce, Roasted crispy five spice pork belly, Honey baked chicken wing w sesame, Sauteed prawn w chilli vinegar sauce

Braised crab meat and fish maw in superior stock

Deep fried wasabi mayo prawns with mango salsa

Best wasabi prawns ever. The wasabi had so much kick I think I woke up by then. I think I missed out a picture of the fish, but it’s okay, nothing lost there

Braised fish maw, mushroom & xiao bai cai

Stewed pork rib, peking style

Ribs were surprisingly tender

Fried rice

Cream of water chestnut, white fungus with sesame dumpling

In general, the food was normal. There was nothing to rave about. It was pretty disappointing for a hotel like Fullerton. But then again, I was so tired I probably needed a bed more than food at that moment.

The whole wedding ended 2 hours later cos the couple still had tea ceremony. It’s probably the most exhausting wedding I helped out ever but still, it was a really happy one. It’s not easy to find someone you love and also loves you as much. And seeing the both of them, we can feel the love radiating. Have a blessed marriage A&W! :)

490. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat

The friend wanted to try Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat so here we are. The restaurant is actually pretty huge with 2 levels of seating. They do accept reservations so for those who don’t wanna wait, you can call up in advance. They have quite a few fishes to choose from and we chose the red snapper, which was a bad choice cos there was so much bones. The soup base here has a large influence from teochew style steamboat where the broth is clear and taste of natural sweetness

Maybe cos we chose the wrong fish, I thought the steamboat was just okay

Sambal KangKong

It’s probably my first time seeing a kang kong so bare of sambal. The veggies are decent and probably one of the best dish of the night

Prawn Omelette

An omelette without any golden brown colour and without any wok hei taste

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

It’s my first time seeing the colour of salted egg yolk prawns that look like sweet & sour pork. Taste-wise, it doesn’t taste anything like salted egg yolk at all

Cereal Chicken Cubes

This was not on the menu, but the friend wanted cereal chicken so we requested for it. Just cos the restaurant serves cereal and chicken cube separately so we made them cook it together. Well, just a normal plate of cereal chicken

In all honesty, I prefer Whampoa Keng. I think from all perspective whether it’s the soup or the dishes, they fare much better

Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat

814 North Bridge Road S(198779)