DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe – Might Really Need Batman to Save This Place

DC Super Heroes opened its first cafe in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. The cafe participated in Epicurean Market 2015 but I gave it a miss cos honestly, it didn’t look exciting enough even though the menu was designed by local chef Eric Teo. But I got the friends to go down and try since we had to meet at a weird timing which was neither tea nor dinner and I figure this place might meet our criteria. The place is pretty big, starting with its retail end, then a dessert and drinks specialty corner and followed by a sit-in restaurant which serves hot meal

If you are a Superhero fan, you might go crazy here

Cos simply everything is DC related and they have cool wacky menu names

Which was honestly pretty cute and got all of us excited taking lots of photos

Before we placed our order, considering we were seating at the restaurant side, we checked if we could order the drinks from the dessert cafe since understandably there are some places with policies then don’t allow customers to do so. The server attending to us obliged our requests and assured we could do so and they will just bring our drinks over for us and so with the confirmation, we went ahead to order the drinks

Batman’s Late Night Summer Latte (Iced) $6.90

Batman: It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me

Wonder Woman’s Warm-Earth Mother Mocha (Iced) $6.90

We had 2 more friends who joined us late and wanted to order drinks as well but their orders were refused by another server. We assume he’s the manager since he was in a different uniform. Reason being we can only order drinks that are on the restaurant’s menu and not from the other side. So we thought there was probably a miscommunication in their own internal affairs

Shortly after our meal came

Mr J’s Crazy Chilli Cheese Fries $10.90

With Beef Gravy, Melted Cheese & Jalapeño

Addictive cheese fries with awesome beef gravy, definitely a favourite

Superman: A Smallville Original $22.90

Chicken Patty with Grilled Pineapples, Fresh Tomatoes and Fried Egg

Decent chicken burger. The grilled pineapples gave a refreshing summer taste along with the crunchy and saucy tomatoes

Batman’s Dark Knight $25.90

Charcoal Bun, Wagyu Beef Patty, Portobello Mushrooms

Juicy wagyu patty with sweet earthy mushrooms, topped with nachos with cheese

And then the drama came.

We had ordered 3 drinks during the first round, and were short of the hot mocha which had yet to arrive. So checking with the waiter, we wanted to find out if the drink is on the way. Soon enough, the same manager came back to us insisting we could not order the drink. I think the friends were very fed up with him not only cos he was inflexible but also cos he doesn’t understand what we were asking. And if we thought this wasn’t enough, the manager shoved the menu in our face and told us to show him where is the drink on the menu. And I think that was probably the last straw. So we eventually told him to go and check with the first guy who took our order, which we all realised it’s the boss of the restaurant, aka Boss Yeo

Honestly, I think such attitude is unwarranted and uncalled for. How can a service staff be so rude? We felt insulted not only cos we did not do anything to be deserved of such treatment but also, it’s not our fault to begin with. Pfft

So the manager which we remembered his name as Senan came back to us with a 180 degree change of attitude, but our whole dining experience has already gone down the gutters

Wonder Woman’s Warm-Earth Mother Mocha (Hot) $6.90

and finally my drink came. Drama aside, the mocha was pretty good. But it could be better if we weren’t given such attitude in the first place

So with an unpleasant experience, we left the restaurant and hopped to the dessert cafe cos we didn’t want any more drama

Cakes and cupcakes

Rainbow Cake $13

Honestly, it’s really steep for a rainbow cake, and it’s really very very sweet

Superheroes Cupcake $8.90

We had the red velvet flavour which everyone said there wasn’t much red velvet taste. We wanted to order the waffles which had unfortunately ran out. Well, the desserts are pretty and photogenic and I think we should just leave it as that

It was really a pity and very disappointing what started off as a happy and exciting dining experience was gone in a instance. When you are met with such unpleasant staffs, no matter how they tried to make it up to you after that simply does not work anymore and it also makes you think twice about going back. Perhaps this Super Heroes Cafe need some Superman staff training or if not, Batman to save the day for a place with such staff with such attitude to go a long way

DC Comics Super Heros Cafe
2 Bayfront Avenue, L1-03/04/05 Bay Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972


Pictures from my everyday life :)

Continuing my chirashi hunt, this time round gave Ginza Kuroson‘s a try. Probably the most popular item on the menu and with an array of lunch sets, it is the crowd’s choice to order. However I thought the chirashi didn’t really taste fresh though they probably serve one of the most delicious rice I’ve tried

Read more about my review here

Brunch at Kith with the family. Though the menu changed, I think Kith serves one of the better brunches around that is value for money. I’m glad the parents love it

Chilling at Tap Craft Beer Bar

Cider over beer anytime :D

Dropped by Curious Palette for desserts, the same folks behind Strangers Reunion

And they were busy, very very busy

Truffled Sweet Potato Fries $14.90

Anytime and everything truffle, confirm sell. Even sweet potato fries have jumped on the bandwagon

Buttermilk Waffles with Wine Poached Pears, Walnut Crumble and Vanilla Bean Icecream $13.90

Yummy waffles, light and fluffy with awesome vanilla icecream

Have you heard of Italian restaurant selling chinese fried bee hoon? Il Fiore Ristorante Italiano does just that. And you will be surprised many people go there just for the bee hoon

Yogi smoothie from Project Acai, a much needed drink before my back-to-back gym classes :)

Coconut icecream from Koko icecream at Amoy street. Decent but can be better

Cos I get to eat such awesome comfort food from time to time

Another cake customisation from Strictly Pastry. Yuzu with candied orange and very cute fondant decoration. I love their cakes!

Boating trip one fine afternoon (before we were clouded by the haze)

And just me chilling cos everyone else was (can’t remember what they were doing)

And catching the sunset from another part of Singapore

ootd: Top, Miss Selfridge; Skirt, ASOS; Espadrilles, Chloe

ootd: Coat, Topshop; Shoes, Pedder Red

ootd: Jumpsuit Culotte, Zara; Sandals, Pedder Red

ootd: Cheongsam, VainGloriousYou

Dressing up for mid-autumn festival party. The colleagues say they not used to seeing me in this, I told them I’m not used to dressing in this either. lol

New toy of the day :)

Canon G7X, please serve me well (and a long time)

My all-time favourite snowskin mooncakes from Fairmont Szechuan Court <3

Went for coffee cupping session conducted by Jewel Coffee at their Rangoon outlet. The session is free and conducted on the third saturday of every month. For those who are interested, you can sign up at their Facebook page

So basically they teach you how to differentiate the type of coffee beans through smell and taste and also for you to understand which type of beans you would prefer. It is fairly interesting, though after awhile the coffee all smell the same to us. ha

My companions for the day!

Work in Progress for #jkweds15

My ultimate cute lantern the cousin bought for me :D

Bringing back childhood memories

And lots of fun, food and laughter #happymidautumnfestival

Clinton Street Baking Company – It’s Here in Singapore

I’m sure most of you have heard of Clinton St Baking Company, yes it’s that famous brunch from New York City that has just found its place in Singapore after Japan in Asia. Famous for their pancakes and waffles, the friends and I made our way down on their first day of opening even at the expense if we have to wait long. But well fortunately we only waited for 15 minutes before we were ushered inside to an already crowded restaurant. We spotted a lot of familiar faces too, in particular the media

Packed to the brim

Latte $6

No fancy latte art, but if you rather want one, you can always use your imagination #justsaying

The coffee was decent, a little bitter with a deep roasted aroma

Hand Cut Fries $7

The fries in my opinion was a little different. Portion was small, fries look really unpresentable but they actually surprise me. A little charred yet crispy and they tasted sweet than salty. I actually like them

Banana Walnut Pancake with Warm Maple Butter $18

Supposedly more famous for their blueberry pancakes, we decided to give the banana walnut a try. Read ‘Banana Walnut’. We realised we have no walnuts after we finished the pancakes. Being said, the pancakes were crispy on the outside and stuffed with bananas within. The pancakes are a little more wet than the usual pancakes you will have though the friends prefer the drier and fluffy one. And I, prefer the Japan’s version

Chicken & Waffles w Warm Maple Butter $21

The only item on the lunch menu that was available for brunch given they are famous for this dish. I find the combination of chicken and waffles a little weird and the waffles and chicken overall, were dry. If you drizzle the maple butter sauce over and eat it together, they go just fine together but on its own, it failed to shine

Huevos Rancheros $20

Sunny side eggs with red beans, guacamole, jalapeño sour cream, salsa picante, pepper Jack Cheese with chorizo +$4

We decided to be different. I think Mexican is not my thing, but I like the sour cream and chorizo though perhaps the Spanish one sounds a little bit better

Blueberry Cheesecake

The cheesecake was really delicious. Super smooth, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture drizzled with sweet blueberry sauce, it was a delight to feast on

Given they were just opened for business, understandably there will be hits and misses. Service was prompt, portion was generous and I thought the prices here are pretty reasonable though. Hopefully they will be able to fine tune some of the food. There is still some promise in them, afterall, they are Clinton St Baking Company

Clinton Street Baking Company

31 Purvis Street S(188608)

Open Farm Community – One of A Kind in Singapore

Open Farm Community might be the latest buzz in the food scene. A farm-to-table concept opened by Spa Esprit Group, it encompasses a restaurant, a small retail store, a garden brimming with herbs and local produce and also a small playground for kids to play around. Surrounded by greenery, it is somewhere you can consider if you want to be away from city life

The Garden

Fresh Herbs

I like the decoration of the interior – high ceiling, natural lighting and twinkling lights. We were there early but the place gets filled up pretty fast and reservation is highly recommended

Flat White (left) Latte (Right)

The use of Common Man Coffee Roaster beans can never go wrong

Truffle Scrambled Organic Egg, Shimeiji Mushrooms, Portobello Mushrooms, Baby Spinach & Sourdough $24

The eggs were a little watery and there was a faint taste of truffle so you can still taste the sweetness of the egg and the fragrance of the truffle. But the other ingredients on the plate were pretty normal and not outstanding in anyway

Squid Ink Tagliatelle w Inferno Sauce, Calamari, Asparagus & Chilli Padi $26

We decided to get one non-brunch item and so we picked the squid ink pasta. The pasta was pretty bland and a little too thick for my liking. The calamari and squids were decent, but forgettable

And cos we were not impressed, we decided to go somewhere else for desserts

I would have thought the hype here was given to its farm-to-table concept but not so much for the food. The food here is not exceptional and not worth the travelling time. But we like the decoration of the restaurant and the ambience in general, though I think any other restaurant can come up with the same interior as well

Open Farm Community

130E Minden Rd, S(248819)

Kki Sweets – Cakes That Melt in Your Mouth

I have little memories of Kki Sweets with its first home at Ann Siang hill, I thought their cakes were forgettable back then. So when they moved into their new home, the friend and I went down to try. A small little space in SOTA and with partnership with The Little Drom Store, the decoration of the place was simple, neat and clean

Array of delights

Ume (Scented w Apricot) $4.80

Little Red Riding Hood $9.80

Dark Chocolate Mousse w Raspberry

Chocolatey and rich with a deep raspberry filling, it was full in flavours

Nao $9.80

Strawberry Mousse w Pistachio

I throughly enjoy the strawberry mousse which was light, sweet and creamy. You can taste the beautiful strawberry taste and a hint of pistachio in the heart of the cake

What I like about their mousse cakes here is they don’t taste like fake mousse. I always cringe in horror when I come across that. The mousse here though creamy, is light and melts in your mouth. Some may find the texture of mousse cakes a little weird but I thought Kki Sweets serve some pretty delectable delights. And with a convenient location at Dhoby Ghaut, it just gives another reason to visit, though this very place was also where my camera died on me (and cost a hole in my pocket :( )

Kki Sweets

School of The Arts (SOTA)

#02-01, 1 Zubir Said Drive, 227268

SEAR Steakhouse – We Are Never Getting Back Together

I was craving for meat cos it had been a crazy week at work so the cousin suggested Sear Steakhouse, which was located in CBD area. This American steakhouse has it all – the view, high ceiling, plushy cushions and everything that spells class so I was pretty excited to try their steaks. The place was empty and there were only 2 other tables that were occupied when we left. I was jokingly telling the friends I booked the whole place

Catena Alamos, Malbec, Mendoza 2012 $16/glass

The red wine was very good. It was smooth and easy to drink and can easily fall in love with

We got the four course dinner and a tasting of trio to share among the 3 of us cos we were pretty spoilt for choices and just wanted to try everything

Four Course Dinner $88

House Cured Petuna Trout

On first glance, it pretty much looked like salmon. And if I were dining in the dark, I probably can’t tell the difference. The trout was pretty decent. It was fresh and I like how it goes with seaweed and beetroot butter which was fragrant and added some form of playfulness

Atlantic Lumb Crab Cake +$5

The crab cake was delicious. Crispy on the outside and you can taste the sweetness and abundance of crabmeat inside, and the sauce gave different flavours to the dish

Flame Grilled Wagyu, Rangers

The first disappointment came with the mains. They were served cool, maybe just 0.1 degree of hotness. The quality of the meat was disappointing as well. We couldn’t taste the tenderness of how a wagyu should taste like. But, the vegetables and mushroom sauce were fresh and earthy

Tasting of Trio $95

Canadian Cross Angus Tenderloin, Wakanui 21 Day-Aged Sirloin, Australian Jack Wagyu Ribeye

The second disappointment came with these 3 steaks. We had requested for medium rare for all our steaks but this came back medium. So the kitchen actually took it back and re-fire for us. And on top of that, the quality of meat was pretty tough and at some point of time, you actually need to chew a little more to get the meat digested

Bordelaise w Soft Bone Marrow Sauce

We got to choose one type of sauce and the waiter recommended the bordelaise. Actually the sauce is pretty secondary to me since I like to have the steaks as they are

The second round of steaks came back medium rare, but I have never tasted a steak as charred as this tenderloin. It was worse than char siew. The friends were pretty upset and we called the manager over to provide feedbacks but alas, the third disappointment came when the manager appeared really unapologetic about it. He simply told us the steaks here are used using charcoal grill at a temperature of 400 degree celsius and the friend asked him ‘so are you saying that we are supposed to taste the charred taste than the steak taste?’ The classic moment came when the manager replied yes. Totally face palmed. And the friend was really agitated after the manager left. lol

The senior supervisor, Loong, on the other hand was more much service orientated and sincere, and really tried to make it up to us by offering a mudpie on the house. If Gordon Ramsay is here, he would have died of a heart attack being the expeditor #justsaying #watchtoomanymasterchef #andhellskitchen

Cinnamon Doughnuts w Cirtus Curd & Lemon Icecream

The cinnamon doughnuts were part of the four course dinner. I like the doughnuts. They were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and dusted with some cinnamon and sugar was delightful

Complimentary Mudpie w Coffee Icecream

I really enjoyed the coffee icecream and the mudpie was thick, soft and creamy with a strong taste of chocolate

To sum it all up, they shouldn’t call themselves a steakhouse. I would easily justify you to try other their other dishes other than their steaks. At least, they were pretty much decent. To be fair, they actually waive the whole bill for us (no, we didn’t shout and scream or tear the house down), but in all honesty, being in the food and beverage industry, one day you are in and the next day you’re out. It’s not just the food that makes the difference, but the service as well. Like what a friend mentioned, being service orientated is very important, I think the manager needs to learn it the hard way. Perhaps one day, I might say yes to a re-visit if is enough motivation to go back there. If not, Sear, like what Taylor says we are never ever ever getting back together

SEAR Singapore

50 Raffles Place, #45/46-01,

Singapore Land Tower, S(048616)

Karafuru Desserts – Wish To Have Them Everyday

Karafuru, which means colourful in Katakana, is a Japanese inspired cafe specialising in yoghurt parfaits and eclairs. The interior of the place is simple and clean and easily spotted is the array of eclairs on the display shelf. The space isn’t big but they do have enough staffs to cater to a big crowd

Pretty much spoilt for choices. The eclairs here are smaller in size as compared to French eclairs

Eclairs $6 each

(from left) Coffee, Matcha, Yuzu

Though petite in size, they don’t scrimp on ingredients. Each eclair has the filling filled to the max and you get to enjoy the flavours in your mouth

Hanami $16

Sakura Souffle, Vanilla Pudding, Red Fruit Couli, Cereal Crunch, Dango, Strawberries, Raspberries, Sakura Langue de Chat

Probably one of the most instagrammed item. The Hanami dessert was a delight. We love the milky yoghurt and the awesome mochi. The cereals added a touch of crunch and ending it off with the vanilla pudding was pleasant to the palate

Though a little far from the nearest mrt, we do see a constant flow of crowd. The prices here a little on the steep side but for the quality they offer, I do see some value in them. It’s a place I’ll definitely go back if I’m in the area and one of the better designer eclairs I’ve tried

Ending with a picture of the friends cos I find this too funny


Karafuru Desserts

18 Jalan Klapa, S(199320)