Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 3 (Lan Fong Yuen, Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant, Aqua Spirit Bar)

It’s rise and shine day 3 for a planned hike at Lamma island. We had actually wanted to hike from somewhere to Tai O fishing village but it will take us 6 hours, so we decided against it (lol).

Brunch was at Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 located near the mid level escalator at Central. Even though we were pretty early, there was already a line sprouting out of the cafe but thankfully, the queue moved pretty fast under the very unfriendly ordering of the staffs

Very, very packed

And very famous

It took us pretty fast to decide what we wanted to eat, cos we pretty much wanted everything since we were so hungry. I guess I’m thankful my friend is a Hong Konger cos I would think the staffs wouldn’t be so unfriendly to one. Eating here is just so stressful cos everything is so fast paced and they will kind of chase you away when you are done (like really very stressful) and scold you if you take the wrong order


Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 丝袜奶茶 HK$18

The milk tea comes with no sugar added so you have to add your own. The milk tea actually tasted pretty normal, it wasn’t that extraordinary that you have to get one

Ice Yuen Yang 鸳鸯 HK$18

Traditional French Toast w Kaya 传统咖央西多士 HK$16

The French Toast was one of their signature dishes. Coated with a thin layer of egg, you can taste the fragrance of the egg and butter, accompanied by the kaya sandwiched in between the two slices of toast

Authentic Pork Chop Bun 金牌猪扒包 HK$17

Supposedly another one of their signature. I thought the pork chop bun was pretty normal. The thin pork chop didn’t have that kind of fragrance and flavour I was expecting. It was just a normal pork chop bun

Hong Kong Crispy Bun 香脆奶油猪仔包 HK$10

This is sooo good! The bun was toasted really crisp and the condensed milk over the buttered bun was just heaven. It’s so delicious we were considering buying a few more for takeaways for the hike

Chicken Chop w Spring Onions Noodles 葱油鸡扒捞丁 HK$28

Another one of our favourites. The chicken chop was pan fried to perfection and the spring onions with the noodles was the best combination ever. The fragrance of the spring onion oil drizzled over the instant noodles gave a lift to the whole flavour of the dish

Brunch was a really happy affair, that kept our tummy filled and satisfied till we finished our hike

Lan Fong Yuen

2 Gage Street, Central

The friend planned our hiking trip, to take a ferry from Star Ferry terminal where there was a super long queue that day, to Yung Shue Wan 榕树湾 where the hike supposed to start. The village has lots of small shops where you can eat and shop there

Very happy with their icecream

It was a very cloudy day which thankfully provided much shelter so we don’t die under the heat. Visited the Lamma windmill where we were welcomed by a company of dogs, and we just walked along the designated path to the end. There were so many people hiking we didn’t have to worry about not following the route. Don’t worry about being hungry along the way cos there are lots of food and drinks establishments like tau huey, ice creams etc. The thing that may concern you is probably the lack of toilets

The Windmill

Hello furry friend

The hike actually took only 3 hours or maybe less than that. It was very manageable and I thought it was just a good way to do something different (other than eating)

An inside joke on our perception of hiking – The serious hiker, the casual trekker and the lost tourist

Dinner was at Jade Garden Chinese restaurant 翠园, frequented by R’s family. They like the place for the fresh use of ingredients and good quality chinese dishes, and invited us to join them

Popped by Pierme Hemme cos we were so hungry. We finished this box in 2 minutes. The macarons, somehow were not consistent. Some of the pastry were actually soft instead of being crispy. It was strange, cos we brought them seconds ago and ate immediately outside the shop. Will try the originals in Europe!

Okay, back to dinner

Kailan in Superior Broth

I enjoyed drinking the broth more than eating the vegetables

Braised Tofu

The tofu was good. Smooth and silky and soaked up in the delicious sauce

Peking Duck 金陵片皮鴨

I thought the Peking Duck was too oily, even though it is one of their signature dishes. I would prefer Paradise Pavilion anytime

Vermicelli with Abalone and Crab Meat 鮑魚銀絲煲

This dish tasted fantastic initially but as it progress with time, it gets more salty each time you eat

This venue is also a popular choice for wedding banquets, according to the parents. I would think the food is decent, but not worth coming specially all the way for, though we are not complaining for the free treat we get :D

Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant

4/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Spent the next hour just roaming around Tsim Sha Tsui before settling at Aqua Spirit Bar. Located on the 29th-30th floor of One Peking, it’s supposedly one of Hong Kong best bars and spots the best view of the city

ootd: ASOS

I totally agree with the view part. It was simply breathtaking

We waited abit before we managed to get a table cos the place was just packed with foreigners. It feels like a Soho bar, with its own personality, where the rich and famous gather (we do spot some rich people there, whether they are famous I don’t know)

I think the drinks here are pretty awesome. They are generous with the alcohol but still able to bring the cocktail to a sophisticated level

And then the clock strikes 12. My surprise came. It was an expensive tiramisu dessert, according to the friends. So I finished it all not cos it was expensive, but it was also really delicious. Ha

One year older!


I later found out how they planned this surprise and it was quite funny..

I would say Aqua Spirit Bar is a place to visit, for its ambience, its view and their pretty good cocktails. Though it might not come cheap

Aqua Spirit Bar

29-30th Floor, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

The next few hours was spent bar hopping, drinking some more and playing darts where the friend got into a heated argument with a drunkard. It was like a all-hell-break-loose moment. And queuing for cabs ended up witnessing a fight between a group of foreigners and gangsters, to the point we were surrounded by police. It was a very exciting 3 hours start to my birthday.


First time playing and I won consecutively 3 times! Whoohoo, call this beginner’s luck ;)

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497. Yakitori Shirokane Tori-Tama

It has been a very tiring week, so much that the friend decided we needed to unwind over some sake. So Z suggested Shirokane cos her boss is a regular there and they served some mean yakitori and sake. The place was packed, and you probably can’t get a table without a reservation. There were lots of Japanese patrons there and expats alike, and I was excited to try the food already

Gasanryu Kisaragi Daijin Jou

We asked the friendly waiter to recommend and he got us this. I really like it. It was smooth, fruity and really easy to drink

Mizuna Salad

The salad was a good appetizer, simple yet delicious


Beef Tongue

This beef tongue, is so delicious! But Z wasn’t a fan of tongue so I had it all to myself. Yay

Pork Belly

The pork belly was pretty forgettable though. You cannot blame the shop since it specializes in chicken parts =/


I think this was my second time having cartilage. I won’t say I love it, but I’m starting to get used to it. The cartilage here actually tasted pretty decent. This was the only exciting chicken part we got, cos we got no heart to try all others. Haha

Chicken Skin & Chicken Thigh

I think the best tasting dish of the night goes to this wonderfully grilled chicken skin. It tasted crispy, soft and encompasses both sweet and saltiness. The chicken thigh was pretty good too, though it pales in comparison to the skin


Shitake Mushrooms

Midjoint Wings

Another dish I’ll recommend. The wings took long to come, but it’s worth the wait. The meat is grilled to perfect tenderness, and marinated beautifully to let you savour how a chicken wing should taste like

Complimentary chicken soup to end the meal

The chicken soup speaks volume of the long hour simmering where you can taste the chicken essence in it. Milky, sweet and very shiok

We adjourned to the sake bar next door after dinner (it’s under the same house). It’s pretty amazing how the bar gets really packed after awhile. Even though they are under the same management, but the food served is different. They have their own bar snacks where you can enjoy oden (which proved to be a really popular dish to order) and stingray fin! So, we got ourselves another bottle (ha) and simply enjoyed the night away

Stringray Fins

I think stingray fin goes really well with alcohol

If you just want to have sake and not yakitori, you can do so too but remember to make reservations cos this place is really popular. And they have limited seats, so most customers just stand around to drink. It’s a good place for yakitori and sake, and I’ll totally recommend if you are looking for one

Shirokane Tori-Tama / Orihara Liquor Shop & Bar

11 Unity Street, S(237995)

Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 2 (Ichiran Ramen, Via Tokyo, Dimdimsum Dim Sum, Chung Kee Desserts)

The benefit of staying at a home; we get free breakfast every morning and also home cooked birds nest for desserts. Not that we don’t go out to eat breakfast, it just adds on to the number of meals we had each day =x Today we wanted to try Ichiran ramen, so we made our way to Causeway Bay. We were fortunate we went early so it wasn’t that crowded and get to enjoy our ramen in the quiet environment

Good Morning Day 2!

You customize your whole bowl of ramen from literally everything and I chose flavor strength: medium, richness: light, garlic: regular, green onions: thin green onions, pork: with, red sauce: none, noodles texture: normal, with additional seaweed and egg! How can you eat ramen without egg right?

This water tap is actually pretty lame. It says “Press the tap for a delicious drink” so we thought it’s some cool drink. In the end, it was just normal tap water =.=

My customised ramen: HK$111

I think we probably made the right decision to try Ichiran. This bowl of ramen is so delicious it easily beats any ramen shop in Singapore. You can taste the flavors of the pork in the broth and the q-ness of the noodles complement it well. The soup is so good you probably have no qualms finishing it. The charsiu is a little thin but it is tender and has the right amount of fats. Well, they failed the egg test though. It wasn’t too runny and more cooked in fact. I think this place is the closest you get to Japan. How I missed the ramen already!

Ichiran Ramen

Lockhart House Block B, 440-446 Jaffe Road, Hong Kong

We combed Causeway Bay on the way to Via Tokyo for desserts and eventually decided that we needed a rest. Via Tokyo is located at this super typical run-down old Hong Kong building that you will least expect to find a dessert place. It’s quite interesting how cafes have progressed to be located anyway and everywhere

Ding ding ding!

Via Tokyo, is really very small, like much smaller than other places we have been to. And the place fills up easily during peak period. We were lucky to get a cosy corner to enjoy our desserts

Hojicha Latte HK$32

Best hojicha latte I tasted, with super cute latte art too

Green Tea Latte HK$32

I prefer my hojicha. The green tea latte somehow didn’t bring out the full green tea taste

3 flavour waffle cup: Hokkaido Milk, Uji Matcha, Royal Milk Tea HK$55

Without a doubt, this place serves really good green tea desserts. We unanimously vote the green tea as our favourite. I like the royal milk tea too, though as compared it pales a little. The ice cream here is rich and creamy and maybe a little soft serve-like. We felt like we were on cloud nine just eating this

Via Tokyo

1A-1B, G/F., Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road Causeway Bay

We decided to visit Stanley market cos I have never been there before so we took a bus (小巴) from Causeway Bay. The bus ride was super fast and bumpy and.. scary. And you have to tell the driver when you want to alight. I was observing what the locals said when they alighted but somehow everyone said different things, to the point I can’t copy and paste since well, I don’t speak Cantonese. So the stress begins. Thankfully the driver knew that we wanted to go to Stanley (miraculously) and asked if we wanted to alight at the next stop and I nodded my head (lol)

Stanley is a very touristy place. The market has nothing much but they do have lots of restaurants lining the waterfront, which was very nice to chill and enjoy your meal away. We even saw people taking their wedding photos at Stanley! We took our time to enjoy the breeze before hopping on to our next destination

Kids from international school playing soccer

ootd: Top from Topshop, Shorts from Miss Selfridge

Dinner was planned at Dimdimsum Dim sum so we took a walk at the wet market nearby

Hong Kong’s vibrant wet market life

We had a communication breakdown while meeting our friend for dim sum dinner, cos he thought we wanted to go to Jordan outlet but we went to Wan Chai instead. So while rushing to meet him, we witnessed a very strange exchange. This uncle was walking towards our direction but when the two young girls infront of us passed him, he smiled to himself and followed behind them instead (ohmygoodness). So scary…

Okay back to dinner, Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點心點心專門店 had 2 outlets, with Jordan being its first outlet. The friend wanted to try this cos it is different from your usual dim sum places. Their menu speaks of traditional dim sum but also incorporates novelty and creativity

Pepper Duck Pastry 胡椒火鸭酥饼 HK$22

It’s a spin off from baked char siu pastry. Pastry was nice but I can’t really taste the duck

Pan Fried Carrot Cake 香煎萝卜糕 HK$22

A very good normal plate of carrot cake which was sweet and smooth and crispy

Fried Wasabi Dumplings 芥末咸水角 HK$19

Would recommend this dish. It’s crispy, soft and has a kick when the wasabi hits your palate. I can still vividly remember the wasabi kick in my mouth

Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao 黑松露小笼包 HK$22

There’s no taste of black truffle, and, I think DTF does it better

Har Gao 晶莹鲜虾饺 HK$28

I prefer my har gao skin to be thinner. The skin here is more chewy but the prawns were big and succulent

Siew Mai 蟹子烧卖皇 HK$25

The meat was chewy and sweet and juicy

Custard Bun 金沙肥猪仔 HK$20

A very cute custard bun dish which I will totally order again. The custard was smooth and had a good balance of sweet and saltiness

Steamed Fish Maw w Fish Belly and Cheese 芝士百花饢鱼肚 HK$26

Best dish of the night. It’s so good you have to order this to try it out

Rice Dumpling w You Tiao and Prawns 脆皮鲜虾肠 HK$28

You have a combination of the thin rice dumpling roll, the deep fried you tiao and the fresh and sweet prawns

I thought their novelty dim sum won more brownie points from me. I’m not too sure if they were too focused on being creative, to the point they neglected their good old traditional dim sum or maybe, they were not that strong a contender in that area in the first place though for the price we paid, it is really pretty cheap

Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store

G/F, Man Wah Building, 23 Man Ying Street, Jordan

We walked to Chung Kee Desserts 松記糖水 for desserts which was crazily packed and squeezy. In all honesty, there was nothing special about their desserts, or that’s what I feel. They have a long list of desserts though, maybe that’s the catch but I think quality matters more than quantity

Mango Chestnut Pomelo HK$25

It was normal, but nothing special

Black Sesame with Tau Huey HK$22

We ordered the hot version. The combination was just weird. It felt like the black sesame and tau huey were competing for our attention separately and cannot co-exist together

I think you can find better dessert stores in Hong Kong, with a belief there’s an abundance of them anyway

Chung Kee Desserts

Shop 23, Parkes Street, Jordan

Ended the night with drinks at Lyndhurst Terrace which we took a very long to reach (all thanks to R who insisted he is walking the right way). It was a random bar cos we had none in mind, with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a random cocktail :)

Life in Hong Kong, awesome like that

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496. FYR Cycene ond Drinc

FYR Cycene ond Drinc, when I first stared at the name, it sounds so confusing I decided to just call it F-Y-R. It was only later on I found out it’s pronounced as Fire Kitchen and Drink, like what seriously..

Okay back to topic, it’s a new place at Boon Tat street. We walked past one day on the way back to office and decided to give it a try the next occasion. The place was empty when we reached, like we were really the first customers and they had changed their lunch menu (how disappointing). We really wanted to try their steaks but could only settle for their lunch set, which we eventually ordered

The whole place gave a rustic feel, which was different

So yes, it was a 3 course meal which we took one selection each so that we can compare and contrast. The dishes here are infused with Asian-European fusion which we were interested to see how it’s like

Baked Aubergine & Chickpea Ragout

The friend took the chickpea ragout which was a dish centred around chickpeas which you will love it if you enjoy eating chickpeas. That aside, it has a strong Indian cuisine flavour to it and it is filling after awhile

Roasted US Bay Scallops

The scallops were gigantic no doubt. But the taste fell flat. I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the scallops and I don’t get how the sauces go with one another

Seafood Linguine

The friend said the linguine was decent. I thought it was a good plate of normal linguine that actually whets your appetite

Roasted Five-Space Half Chicken

The chicken was very delicious. Tender, succulent and greatly infused with the spices, it tasted charred and smoked amidst the sweetness of the chicken meat. Pairing with the chilli sauce was great, but this dish stands out on its own as well, without much condiments needed

Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Icecream

The pandan flavour was very strong, and very sweet. In fact, it might be too sweet for me. But nevertheless, it was one of the better performing dishes of the afternoon

Exotic Fresh Fruits & Basil Icecream

The exotic fruits looked exotic and tasted exotic. A mixture of berries, pineapples and longans cooked in a acidic syrup, topped with basil ice-cream was an interesting combination to end the meal. I mean most desserts would end up sweet. It is actually refreshing to have a sour one for a change

The coffee was pretty good though, nutty with a hint of chocolate which we love it very much

I think they have their hits and misses. Portion is pretty generous but the wait gets very long. We were the first customers and we waited at least half an hour for each course to be served. Can you imagine those who came late? Not sure if it’s a manpower issue but for lunch time crowd – people normally want their food served fast and quick. This 3 course meal took us 2 hours which was super long. Being a new place,  i think it’s promising, though they pretty much have to tweak a little here and there

FYR Cycene ond Drinc

19 Boon Tat Street S(069619)

Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 1 (Capital Cafe, Star Cafe, Teakha, Little Bao)

Hong Kong felt like yesterday. Even now when I look at the pictures, they bring back fond memories like it just happened. Even though we have been to Hong Kong many times over the past years, but this is definitely the most memorable trip ever :) We took a red eye flight to Hong Kong via Scoot. It was too early and too painful, cos we couldn’t really catch much sleep which resulted in mega tiredness on day 1. I don’t remember my trip on Scoot to Tokyo was this bad. Hmmm anyway mental note to self never take red eye Scoot again. We crashed in at our friend’s place who lived at Prince Edward which was pretty accessible to anywhere. And after dropping our luggages, we went to to hunt for breakfast! First stop, Capital Cafe!

Capital cafe (華星冰室) is an Australia Dairy Company alike that serves toast, eggs and macaroni. We took the breakfast set to share cos we thought it would be enough for us. But what amazes us was the locals can really eat and the two of us felt full just by sharing. Ha

A queue forms outside when it gets later

A very small and compact cha chang teng

Breakfast set, HK$34

that comes with toast, eggs (you can choose fried or scrambled), coffee or tea and macaroni with ham

The toast was good. The fragrance of the butter as you savour the toast was simple and delicious. The eggs were really oily and.. tasted like eggs. The friend said maybe we should be have ordered the scrambled version instead but oh wells, too late. Haha coffee was forgettable though

and I don’t like macaroni. So Z finished this whole plate. hee

I didn’t like Australia Dairy Company, don’t ask why, just personal preference. Capital Cafe felt like a place that just keeps your stomach full, nothing memorable nor fantastic if you ask me but service will definitely be better than Australia Dairy Company. So for those who love ADC, you might like Capital too

Capital Cafe

G/F, 107 Sai Yeung Choi Street South,
Mong Kok

And cos it was still early with not many shops opened plus we were really in need of caffeine, we went to The Coffee Academics located at Harbour City. It’s a small little kiosk at the far end of the shopping centre (nearer to all the expensive brands) and after buying the coffee, we decided we shall just space out for the next half an hour. Lol, case in point, we were really tired

Flat White, HK$42

I realized coffee in Hong Kong is really expensive man. HKD42 for one small cup, equivalent to SGD7.20 which I could probably get a large and awesome cup of coffee in Singapore. *shakes head* I would think the coffee culture here is not that strong or maybe the cafe culture here is not that abundant

The flat white was very light and milky. It didn’t give me a lasting impression. The place here uses peaberry coffee beans from Nyeri, Kenya which is more fruity and earthy. Interesting, but not my cup of coffee

Lets pose and smile, and stone for the next 30 mins. yay

The Coffee Academics

Kiosk 1, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Spent the next hour or so shopping before deciding that we were going back to Star cafe (星座冰室) for lunch. Had previously went there on one of our trips and we missed their instant noodles tremendously. Their instant noodles were different cos they add tomato broth to it, and you rarely find tomato noodles in Hong Kong, much less anywhere else. Locating the shop needed some direction cos it’s an entrance besides Mira hotel and you have to walk down some stairs to some ulu basement where you will be asking yourself if you are even at the right place

The cafe is still as retro as ever, sprouting with school students and/or working adults

Watercress with honey and Ice Lemon Tea

Tomato Noodles with Sausages, HK$30

They have a variety of options. Tomato noodles with egg, cheese, sausage, ham etc. Though you can only choose one option to go with the noodles. I would think you can add on, but we never asked for extra toppings every time we went cos sometimes less is more

We shared a bowl of tomato noodles with sausages, which was delicious much. Don’t underestimate how a simple bowl of instant noodles can be so surprisingly yummy and filling. You should give this a try when you are in Tsim Sha Tsui area

Star Cafe

40 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

There was nothing else to shop on our agenda so we crossed the harbour to Hong Kong island to cafe hop. There were many interesting cafes we saw on our way to Tai Ping Shan street (where all the new cafes are)

This feels very French. Well they sell crepes, just fyi. Nope we didn’t try, but if you pass by and tried, you can tell me how is it like. haha

We walked up ladder street and yes, it’s filled with never ending steps. So we decided to take a break and take ootds

Mrs Pound is one interesting place cos you will spend 5 minutes staring at the exterior and figuring how to enter. There are no door knobs nor handles and the door won’t budge if you push or pull. I’m not telling you where’s the secret cos you have to go find out yourself :)

Teakha (茶.家) is hidden at one corner on one of the branched out alleys. The main shop area is small and compact, okay maybe most places in Hong Kong are just small and compact. They have outdoor seatings, lined with cushions for those who just want to laze around in the lazy afternoon. But if you preferred some aircon, they have an annex next door where you can sit and enjoy too

I love it when staffs decide to photobomb my photos. Ha

Homemade pies for sale


Hojicha Au Lait, HK$48

Hojicha, Fresh Milk

The aroma of the tea is very strong. You can smell the fragrance and also taste the well bodied tea taste when you savour it. I love hojicha, for its roasted and aromatic flavour

Keemun Rose Tea, HK$58

Keemun Tea, Frothed Milk, Rose, Local Honey from Wing Ho Bee Farm

We were struggling between the sea salt tea and rose tea but the latter won. This black tea-based drink emits a strong rose flavour which complements the Keemun tea well. And the caffeine surprisingly keep us awake for the rest of the day, though for HK$58 it’s not considered very cheap either

Scone +HK$10

We topped up extra HK$10 for a tea set. The scone however doesn’t taste like scones and I was kinda regretting getting it

Apple Rose Pie, HK$58

This new item on the menu is definitely worth trying. Each slice of apple is infused with rose taste and the rose foam is just delicious. I can still remember the taste in my mouth..

It’s a very nice and cozy place to chill, catch up or just do some work. Though it can get pretty crowded during peak period, but I think their homemade pies are worth coming back for. They are handmade with love and awesome goodness


18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong

Dinner was planned to be at Little Bao, which is down Tai Ping Shan street, all the way on the other side. But we were so full, we walked down to Central, around and up back to Staunton street again and decided to walk around at PMQ which was just opposite Little Bao. PMQ, Police Married Quaters, is an old heritage building being conserved and used now as a place as a creative hub, focused on designs. There are many interesting design-related shops there. Well, we just window shopped cos the items felt like they will cost a bomb and in any case, we just wanted to pass time.

Little Bao

We were lucky we snapped the last 3 seats in the house. The servers there speak English, pretty well so, don’t worry, no communication barrier

Truffle Fries, HK$98

Shitake Tempeh, Truffled Mayo, Picked Daikon

An interesting interpretation of truffle fries

And you have to mix it to eat it.  I will say, I prefer my usual truffle fries with shaved truffle and truffle mayo sauce. This dish is too funky in the sense that it’s everywhere but nowhere

Hot Chicken, HK$148

Batter Crust, Szechuan Spice, Prawn Chips

The fried chicken skin really was infused with Szechuan spice, which was hot and spicy. Nothing spectacular if you ask me

Beef, HK$88

Pork Belly, HK$78

Fish Tempura, HK$78

We all have our own favourites. R loved the beef, Z eyed the pork belly and I claimed the fish tempura. The buns were really soft and I enjoyed how each protein brings out the best in them. It’s a little strange how the servers say they don’t cut the buns cos we initially thought the portion was too small. But it actually turned out fine

They will actually ask if you want to order desserts while you are still at your mains cos the desserts require a waiting time of 20 minutes so yes, what’s a completion to a meal without desserts right? The portion of the desserts is actually much smaller but still filling enough (cos of the icecream)

LB Icecream Bao, HK$48

Salt Icecream w Caramel

LB Icecream Bao, HK$48

Green Tea Icecream w Condensed Milk

I preferred the sea salt caramel icecream cos the taste of green tea wasn’t very strong. The buns at desserts are deep fried and coated with sugar so it tasted somewhat like fried mantou, which is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. And when you eat it altogether with the icecream, the coldness of the icecream set off an alarm in your mouth (and teeth)

We would thought the buns will not cause us to be full, but it is surprisingly filling enough. I think this concept is different and new. The buns are good, but I wouldn’t say the same for the starters

Little Bao

66 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong

We call it a day, cos we were exhausted and needed much rest for the next few days. Ending with a picture of the pretty sky I took that night :)

495. Tatsuya @ Goodwood Park

It was a long overdue chirashi date with the friend. Had originally wanted to try Aoki but they were only left with one chirashi don when I called to reserve, so Tatsuya it shall be! Tatsuya is located outside the hotel near the entrance. I would say they have a pretty big sushi counter seating

Empty cos we were one of the first!

Looking at the fresh and big scallops make us hungry

Chop, chop, chop

The beef looks beautiful. I would think that’s for dinner

Bara Chirashi Set

There were lots of people who ordered the bara chirashi which I think it’s probably value for money. And it comes with a side of salad, agedashi tofu, chawanmushi w yuzu and fruits

The chirashi here is really good. You can taste the freshness and sweetness in every piece of fish. And also, the quality of the side dishes was worth mentioning as well. I love the smoothness of the chawanmushi topped with yuzu sauce for a refreshing taste. I’m the glad the friends enjoyed the chirashi as much as I did!


22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221

494. Portico Singapore

Met up with the ex-bridesmaids for a catch-up session, pretty rare huh, for bridesmaids to keep in touch even after the wedding has already ended. So we went to Portico cos I have always wanted to give this place a try. The place is near Labrador Park mrt and is just a short walk away. They have both indoor and alfresco but I think they have pretty limited indoor space and the alfresco gets really dark when night falls.

Live band was on when we were there

Truffle Fries w Truffle Dip

We got the ‘commoner’ truffle fries and regretted not getting the $45 truffle fries worth of 800g shaved truffle. It was a very very big bowl of fries. That aside, the fries were good and we love it

Fish Fritters

It was interesting. They had a layer of banana covering the fish meat, so it felt like goreng pisang

Salt & Pepper Squid w Roasted Garlic Aioli

Lightly marinated and pretty normal. Can give this a miss

Portico’s Chicken Wings

We ordered the 10 pieces, and we got a shock. They were piping hot and crispy, I got a sore throat immediately the next day. The wings were very local, and especially when paired with the chicken rice chilli sauce. It was delicious

Braised Beef Cheeks

Flavourful and beautiful

Classic Fish & Chips

It was.. disappointing. I had expected more but it fell flat

Confit of Chicken w Potato Puree

The confit of chicken was decent. It was a very normal confit of chicken with crispy skin and tender chicken meat

Wild Mushroom Risotto

The rice had the right texture and they were infused with the strong mushroom flavours. A pretty good bowl of risotto

Chef’s Dessert Platter

I really had a surprise when I came back to the table. It was a very pleasant surprise ;)

Cronut and S’mores

Deconstructed Blackforest

I think everyone’s favourite will be the deconstructed blackforest. I like it how they leverage a very normal blackforest dessert into something so innovative and classy

I think Portico uses a mix of flavours and ingredients to create surprising dishes. If you don’t find it out of the way, give it a try. It’s pretty decent and reasonable

Portico Singapore

#01-01 991B Alexandra Rd

Singapore 119970