Le Kue – Asian Inspired French Desserts

I haven’t been to haji lane for the longest time ever. It used to be a shopping heaven but as time passes, the turnover rate for the shops there is so high and the selection of stuffs just dwindle over time as well. Right now haji lane sees a change in image with more new and hip cafes moving in and one of them is Le Kue, an Asian inspired serving French desserts cafe

The cafe is small, like elbow-touch-elbow kind of small and we were so early the shop just opened for the day. But the thing with being early, we get to take photos of the food anyway we want

Gateau aux Fraises $8.80

Or otherwise known as strawberry shortcake. While the usual strawberry shortcake sees different layers from top to bottom, Le Kue’s strawberry shortcake goes from the outer layer in. You get the cream first before ending with a strawberry essence right in the middle

Le Tropique $8.50

Chocolate mousse with a slab of passion fruit on top of a chocolate sponge cake

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this cake very much. I thought the cream in the mousse was too heavy. You cannot taste the lightness in the cream and this goes for the strawberry shortcake as well. And so we had problem finishing the cake cos you get really sick over it after awhile

Le Sphere $18

A chocolate dome dessert with a brownie, chocolate hazelnut icecream and chocolate mousse

That melts under the chocolate

This was one of the plated dessert that was recommended and probably the best tasting dish of the meal. The friend was joking this tasted somewhat like Henri Charpentier but probably one third the price. I think the combination of all three goes well together but the chocolate can be a little richer

Even though this was focused on making Asian inspired French desserts, but I don’t really see any elements of Asian ingredients. It’s a place you can rest if you are looking for some cakes along haji lane but somehow, it seems to be missing some wow factor in their desserts

Le Kue

20 Haji Lane S(189213)

Twins – Delicious Korean Fried Chicken and Icecream Beer

Make way for a new Korean fried chicken restaurant in town. I’m not usually a fan of Korean fried chicken since i don’t quite get the hype over it and some places serve really expensive chicken wings and I really hate it when you have to queue up for them. But since Twins accept reservations, I decide to give it a try. The restaurant is opened by 2 twin brothers, hence the name and the cute cartoon picture you see on the table mats

Vanilla Ice Cream Beer $13.50

Something we don’t see quite often on the menu and I was intrigued by it, given I was no beer fan. So we ordered one to try. It was difficult to drink when the beer arrived cos the foam wouldn’t stop rising and overflowing. Honestly, I can’t tell whether it was foam or icecream but you can really taste the beer in it. I like how the beer was light and sweet as well which makes it easy to drink

Tokkbokki (Spicy) $18

We were debating whether to order the spicy or the very spicy, and we decide to go with the former. I was glad we went with it. The tokkbokki was daebak. The rice cakes were nicely done and the sauce was really spicy but still super shiok to eat. It makes you feel like you are eating this off on a Korean street in a typical cold weather. ha

Seafood Pancake $20

We were surprised by the pancakes cos they actually used spring onions as the base instead of the usual flour we eat. Despite a change in ingredients, they managed to pull off a fragrant and delicious pancake which was inviting and appetising

Original $18

I think this is easily one of the best Korean fried chicken I’ve eaten. The skin was crispy without being too greasy and the chicken was moist and tender. What won us over was the special mustard sauce that came along with it which was a delight to eat with

Yangnyum (Sweet & Spicy) $20

There was a choice to choose between sweet and spicy and spicy and we went with the former. For those who cannot take spice, don’t worry cos this is not spicy at all. It has a sweeter taste to it but overall, the marinate has good balance and flavour without overpowering the chicken

Soy & Garlic Chicken Wings $15

I think this is my second favourite. The use of soy and garlic marinate to the wings was sweet and addictive and you just cannot stop with the slightly crisp chicken skin

Woojae’s Spicy Seafood (Crab) Noodle Soup $16.90

Named after one of the brothers, this seafood noodle soup was a winner. I like the texture of the noodles and the generosity of the ingredients in the soup. But I think the best part was the broth where you can taste the sweetness of the seafood which was full in flavour

Bean Powder Snow Bingsoo $12

Cos we just have to end it with dessert, we ended up ordering one of their bingsoo to try. Their bean powder snow bingsoo was really good too. The ice was so fluffy and snowy and the milky taste gets nicer as you dig further into it. Topped it off with the smooth peanut powder and sweet red bean, it was a perfect end to the meal

I think Twins easily serves one of the better Korean fried chicken around though there is certainly no lack of Korean restaurants in Tanjong Pagar area. But be sure to try other food on the menu while there cos they are pretty decent as well. For those who are craving for Korean fried chicken, you know there’s now another place you can go to for your chicken fix and hey, they accept reservations ;)


7 Craig Road S(089667)

Ippin Cafe Bar – Serving Sincere Japanese Food From The Heart

There are many Japanese restaurants along the stretch of Mohamed Sultan road but one of the inconspicuous eateries probably goes to Ippin Cafe Bar, a place that serves home-style Japanese dishes, drinks and also sells various Japanese products. They have a limited menu which makes choosing much easier and you will be glad to know all prices are inclusive of GST

Very cute they put your name on the fan and probably for you to bring home as well

Deep Fried Oyster Set $24

The set comes with barley rice, salad, potato dish and soup

Rice Seasonings (Back) & Salad Seasonings (Front)

We love the wasabi rice flakes and the ponzu dressing goes well with the salad

Each bite of this dish screams home-cooked

Oysters from Hiroshima

The oysters were delicious. The texture is good, crispy and nicely breaded without being too greasy. When you bite into it, you enjoy the sweet and juicy oysters inside

Oyakodon Set $15

Big chunks of chicken boiled in dashi stock which makes it super delicious and tender. If they could just make the egg a little runnier, that will give the rice bowl extra flavour and sweetness, which will be an awesome end to the dish. But overall, it was a very decent bowl of oyakodon

Complimentary Desserts

Orange Jelly and Strawberry cookie. A tad weird but I shall just assume these are famous sweet treats from Japan ;)

I have to admit they serve pretty decent and affordable Japanese dishes, which reminds you of what you will eat in a typical Japanese home. The only downside was a limited menu and we were actually craving stingray fins to go with sake but because they didn’t have it, we left for Orihara. Hopefully they will revise their menu from time to time to keep up with the competition that the neighbouring Japanese restaurants have to offer

Ippin Cafe Bar

18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, S(238967)

Palette – High End Foodcourt by Breadtalk Group

Breadtalk Group has outdone themselves, and this time with a new F&B under their belt. Palette, is a place that serves food, food court style but restaurant service. The tenants under Palette include Ah Koong restaurant famous for their handmade fishballs, Balestier Bak Kut Teh, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant, IndoChilli, Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Mee, Hok Kee, Little Nanyang and 90 GastroBar

They seat you, give you an ipad and you order away

Bak Kut Teh Twin Set Meal $19.90 ($24 after GST)

The pig trotters were really delicious. Meat was tender, soaked up in the amazing broth and filled with so much flavours

We enjoyed the soup too. There was a hint of peppery taste to it but the only concern was, we don’t know if refill is allowable (like all bak kut teh shops). Well, we didn’t ask either

Meat was soft and nice and balanced with a right amount of fats

There was also a set lunch option available from Monday to Friday 12-2pm which comes with a main, drink and dessert of the day at $12 (after GST)

Decided to try the fishball noodles from Ah Koong restaurant, a famous fishball noodles stall all the way from JB

I find it sad there were only 2 fishballs, like seriously? That aside, I thought the noodles as a whole was too heavy on flavours in all aspect. The texture of the noodles were good, but the sauce was a little too salty. The famed fishballs were salty and so was the deep fried beancurd skin. The only other thing which I can taste something different was probably the fried onions. I think I prefer my Ion fishball noodles anytime

The only consolation was the dessert which made my day. Ice jelly with coconut icecream topped with edible flowers. I like the bright and zesty flavours that came well together in this dessert

The concept behind this is good, for you don’t have to hustle among crowds and stay in line to queue to get your food. But of course, there’s a price to pay. It’s definitely not a place where you will go for lunch everyday but if you want to enjoy in the comfort of a very nice environment eating local dishes, well this is like Food Republic 2.0


13 Stamford Road Capitol Piazza

#B1-20/27 S(178905)

Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar – Make Way For That Hip Wanton Noodles in CBD

I was sad when that particular coffeeshop at Boon Tat street closed, cos that means no more wanton mee for me. So when I found out Wanton Seng gonna open a new stall along Amoy street, I was determined to give it a try even if that means walking a little further. The shop is sure crowded during lunch time and I’m glad we managed to score a table

It’s a chop-chop lunch service by day serving 3 different sets of wanton mee, and a different style of service for dinner though I’m pretty sure if you order alcohol during the day, they will serve it to you too. I must add they have hip service staffs too

The cute wanton cart by the cashier

You order and make payment at the cashier and they will serve the food to you

Here’s the menu for those interested

Set A – Wanton Noodles w Char Siew, (Small) $5.50

The char siew was pretty good actually. Nicely marinated and beautifully done, the meat was soft and tasted well with the noodles. We thought the wanton was rather normal

The noodles were worth mentioning. Firm, springy, eggy. They gave a nice chewy texture and the flavours were well balanced with the amount of oil. You can add more if you would like to. They have a tray of oil, lard, chili and whats not, though I have to complain their chili sauce bottle is damn difficult to use please

Set B – Wanton Noodles w Roasted Pork Belly, (Small) $6

The pork belly were delicious too. The skin was really crispy and the fats were sinfully awesome, though the portion of their meat as compared seems a little small

5 Minute Egg $2

Japanese ramen egg style

Shrimp Dumplings $8

The dumpling skin was thin and I like the meat was firm and has a nice bounce to it

I was telling the friend I’m not too sure if anyone would fill full just by having a small bowl of noodles without any sides to it. So I must say they are very smart to introduce lunch sides to their wanton noodles which probably acts as an incentive to customers. $5.50 for a wanton mee may seem expensive since Amoy food centre is just next to it, but I think this place still has some appeal for me to go back, just for that noodles

Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar

52 Amoy Street, S(069878)

The Daily Roundup – A Crepe Specialty Shop

The Lo & Behold Group has a new restaurant under their belt. Located at The Working Capitol, The Daily Roundup is a crepe-specialty shop that serves both sweet and savoury crepe. The place is spacious and a good spot to do some work if you are looking for somewhere quiet though there isn’t much offered on the menu given it’s a crepe-specialty shop

We went for sweet crepes since we were looking for desserts and on the advice of the staff, we had one each given it was snack-size or so they claimed

Yuzu Butter $10

I like the crepe when I first started cos it’s when you can still taste the yuzu. Yuzu-infused butter actually tasted pretty good, at the beginning but later, the citrusy taste of yuzu was totally overwhelmed by the taste of butter which proved to be too much until I totally just scraped the butter away. The cafe uses artisanal butter, Jean-Yves Bordier which is known to be super smooth and super rich and I can totally tell by the grease left on the crepe. I think personally I’m not a fan of too much oil or too much grease so the use of a high quality butter don’t really work on me

Nutella $10

Sauce aside, the crepes were thin, silky and fragrant and tasted pretty normal. Though the addition of sugar on the crepe gave some texture and sweetness

Stole this picture off my friend’s blog and I cannot help compare the crepes in Europe and in Singapore

Credits: To the friend, J!


(Oozing) Nutella Crepe with bananas €4.50


Perhaps crepes in Singapore are not cheap to start with, given the use of expensive ingredients to maintain that same expectation in taste. Location-wise, this place may be a hit or miss. Yes they are the only crepe shop in the vicinity but along the stretch of Keong Saik area, we have The Lokal that serves delicious sticky date pudding, Mad about Sucre that serves wonderful cakes, Banana Tree serving flower bingsu and across the road on Craig road we have Italian desserts. I might need a little more motivation in order to come back here

The Daily Roundup

1 Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol


Luxe – Australian Style Cafe Finds Its Spot In Singapore

Sydney based Luxe opened its doors in Singapore along the stretch of Keong Saik road, adding to the already decorated Keong Saik restaurants and cafes. The cafe is pretty new given when I tried to google Luxe Singapore, it pops up all other things other than the cafe. Located at the working capital, it occupies next to hip and modern Neon Pigeon

I like the interior of the place. It’s spacious, airy and the decorations are simple and clean

It somehow reminds me of Scandinavian decor, just white and woody

Lunch only starts at 12pm so if you come before that, you will be presented with their brunch menu which well, serves the usual brunch items

Even if you are there for lunch, you will still be able to enjoy their coffee which is from Toby’s Estate

Flat White $5

Latte $5

Grilled Octopus w Chui’s XO Sauce $21

I hope I got the name of the XO sauce right cos it pretty much sounded like ‘cannot-make-it’ XO sauce. In anycase, the sauce was good. It was mixed with dried shrimps which gave a nice flavour. I like it was sweet with a little bit of acidity. The octopus were decent though 4 small pieces for $21 is a little expensive. I thought they can do better with the presentation by cleaning it up a little bit more

Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll w Salad $18

I enjoyed the sausage roll. The stuffing was filling and satisfying. It didn’t look like sausage but when you chew, it really tasted like one. Puff pastry was a little on the oily side so it would be a good option to share among 2. You can dip the roll with the sauce that comes along with it. It’s an interesting sauce that looks like pasta sauce but tasted somehow like chilli crab

Prawn Spaghetti w Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic $35

One thing I’m pretty anal about the presentation is when they don’t clean their plates so you got the sauce in the most obvious places. So in this case, I specially turned the plate the other way round. The spaghetti was delicious. It has good flavours and was appetising. Prawns were well-cooked and fragrant though we couldn’t figure out what the green sauce was

Honestly, I think the food is decent but as you can see, the prices are on the steep side. I’m not too sure if it’s cos of rent, given Neon Pigeon and Lollapalooza are neighbouring tenants and the food is not cheap either. I think they are still playing around with their menu given they mentioned they actually revised their lunch menu to the current one so hopefully in due time, something better and bigger will come along. Despite that, Luxe sees a full house on a weekend so I guess there’s some attraction to the name afterall

Luxe Singapore

1 Keong Saik Road, S(089109)