Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh – Marks Its Opening at Waterway Point

With a new shopping mall opened in Punggol, there was an overwhelming crowd with queue at every possible restaurant. Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh 榮華肉骨茶 is one of the tenants located at the newly opened shopping centre and also marks the opening of the restaurant’s second outlet in Singapore. The ordering system goes like this: you mark your orders on the order sheet and make payment at the cashier while your table is being prepared for you


So many people!


Pork Ribs Soup $9.50 (Large)

The pork rib soup has a light peppery taste without overpowering the taste of the pork broth and tastes best when it is served piping hot with the soup warming your throat and stomach. The pork ribs are cooked well, soft and tender


Pig’s Kidney/Liver Soup $7.90 (Regular)


I think the kidney fared better just cos the liver was a little overdone


Smoked Duck $6.90 (Regular)

The smoked duck was a surprise. Smooth, tender duck meat with a smoky aftertaste. It was a pity we didn’t get to try their roast pork and char shao since it was already sold out


Braised Pig Trotters $7.50 (Regular)

Very tender meat and fats infused with braised sauce that goes well with anything


Cai Xin $5.50

A very normal plate of vegetables that is well cooked, topped with soya sauce and fried onions


Dough Fritters $2.00

And what’s buk kut teh without dough fritters


I think bak kut teh is like comfort food, especially in rainy weathers. I personally think this place serves some decent bak kut teh and for the convenience of the location, you can now get your bak kut teh fix if you are craving for one. Though be prepared you might have to wait for awhile given it can be pretty crowded at times

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

83 Punggol Central, #B1-23

Waterway Point, East Wing

Singapore 828761

Kai Garden 嘉苑 – One Unique Peking Duck Experience

There seems to be a sprout in Chinese restaurants lately and well, just in time for Chinese New Year as well. Kai Garden is a Cantonese restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Fung Chi Keung, previously the Group Executive Chef of well-known Paradise Group. Though fairly new, the restaurant saw a rather sizeable crowd and many bookings for Chinese New Year dinners. (Well when I was there, the main area was booked out for Chinese New Year dinners and I could hear the staffs singing and cheering. So haps)


Wet Paper Napkins

Initially I thought the idea of being different is rather cool. I’m pretty sure we have seen this before. You pour water into it and the compressed item expands into a wet paper napkin. But then later on when the restaurant got so busy and there were not enough staffs to go around plus I was in urgent need of a wet paper napkin cos there was a spill, the idea of waiting for them to grab the plate and tray, find the flask and pour the water in before they could serve it to me seems not-so-cool afterall. Just a suggestion: they might want some wet paper napkins readily available


Pickled Szechuan Vegetables (Starter)


Signature Crispy Peking Duck $48 (Half)


There is some creativity and novelty in Kai Garden’s Peking duck, just cos there were extra elements


Condiments: Black Pepper Sauce, Mixed Sauce, Crab & Prawn Seafood Sauce, Sesame Sauce and Original Peking Sauce

Unlike your usual peking duck that only comes in one sauce, Kai Garden has 5 choices to choose from. I personally like the original and black pepper. The other sauces are good, but to a certain extent, I don’t really think they go well with the peking duck, well just my personal opinion


Pumpkin, Charcoal, Beetroot, Spinach and Original Crepe

And also unlike your usual peking duck with only one crepe, they have expanded to 5 different flavoured crepe. Honestly, I can’t really taste the difference, but I give it to them for being different


Crispy Corn Biscuit

I like the texture and flavour of the corn biscuit and it gave a crunch when you eat it together with the peking duck



And so this is how it should be done. Well, there was no explanation to how we were supposed to go about eating it, and it was later on we found out we were supposed to pair everything together. I personally find the portion of the biscuit and skin too big as compared to the crepe. It’s like the crepe cannot even cover the whole thing properly. That aside, from what it seemed like a strange combination works well together to give a different peking duck experience


Remains of the duck meat

Oh, the meat was bad. It was rather tough and lacked the sweet and juicy duck meat we were supposed to enjoy. So don’t eat it like this, but go with the order of frying this with rice or noodles to mask the tough meat texture


Nourishing Double Boiled Sea Whelk Soup $68 (for 4 pax)

This came in a pot, with 3/4 of the pot being filled with pork ribs and chicken feet #notkidding

You might just feel full from eating all the pork ribs in the pot. Taste-wise, the soup was light and richly infused with the flavour of the pork, ending with the sweetness of the sea whelk meat


Baked Cod Fillet in Honey Sauce $38

I really like this dish. The cod was nicely done yet not overpowered by the sauce. But what won my heart was the egg white the cod is resting on. A sweet, fluffy egg white dish that gave a different balance to the dish


Braised Homemade Crispy Tofu in Abalone Sauce $20

The dish was rather different from picture in the menu. The friend went huh? I thought it was supposed to be crispy?! Well… even though it was different, we actually really like the tofu. The tofu was more like a taupok texture, each layer evenly distributed, soft and soaked with the rich abalone sauce


Stewed Sea Treasure and Mixed Vegetables Served in Casserole $20

They didn’t serve this individually for us, but did it for the next table. Differential treatment, pfft. I was rather shocked at the portion of the dish, it felt like this could feed 4. I’m not too sure what’s the sea treasure here but I do see lots of vegetables in a deeply rich broth


Chilled Coconut Puree $6.80


This is really delicious. This dessert is made purely out of coconut without any use of jelly. And at some point you might be wondering if you are having bird’s nest cos of the fine texture that is going into your mouth


Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo $6.80


A sweet dessert ending with acidity with a punch. I prefer my coconut puree


There was a lot of thought and creativity behind each dish and I think the flavours were pretty on the mark. We had wanted to try the live seafood but they ran out of bamboo clams. They had a few interesting dishes as well and I’m sure their long list of menu is bound to create some interest. This place feels like one you know you can always go back for decent Chinese food and one day if you find yourself sick of Paradise Group, maybe you can give Kai Garden a try

Kai Garden 嘉苑

6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-128A/128B

Marina Square, S(039594)

Asian Market Cafe – A Local-Focused Buffet Spread at Fairmont Hotel

Was invited to view newly renovated Fairmont rooms with a few of the colleagues, so we took the opportunity to dine at Asian Market Cafe, a halal certified International buffet located at the second floor of the Fairmont hotel. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a halal certified restaurant that serves decent International cuisine. You will be glad to know there’s another option with Asian Market Cafe and also given it’s convenient location, it just gives another reason to consider


Fresh Seafood – Prawns, Scallops and Mussels



Limited Japanese Selection


For some reason, the colleague adored the seafood here but I personally think they are rather normal and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a miss. Save your stomach space for something else!


DIY Rojak Station


Prawn Fritters and Otah


Selection of cooked food



Roast Beef


Fish Fillet


Chilli Crab


Crayfish and Mantou dipped in Chilli Crab Sauce

Well I know the mantou goes with chilli crab but I couldn’t the resist the crayfish. The crayfish was delicious. I love the sauce and the succulent crayfish meat that was nicely done, which is why the pot of crayfish is never full. It shows how popular this dish is. The mantou can be better if it is warmer. I felt like these were left out in the cold too long that it loses that crispiness of what a mantou should have


Indian selection

They even have a teh tarik ‘live station’


And the chef making a fresh prata for me!


Toss and flip



The freshly made prata is one you should try. The buttery fragrance, oily texture and the crispy prata skin dipped in curry was pretty delicious


DIY Laksa Station


Choose your own noodles and toppings


And a bowl of laksa is waiting for you

The laksa broth is very thick so if you prefer those drinkable laksa broth you get outside, you might not be used to this version. I think the laksa is decent but what makes this laksa so attractive is the idea you can cook your own laksa on the spot and determine what ingredients you want to add in it


Chicken Rice Station


Herbal Chicken Soup

The soup was infused with the essence of the herbs that produced a very light and sweet chicken soup


DIY Ice Kachang and Icecream


Dessert corner


This durian puree might not have the best presentation but it is so good. Thick, smooth and sweet with a delectable durian taste, you will have no problem finishing the entire slab


And if you want more cakes and desserts


I personally love the chocolate praline cake


There are some hits and misses but what I like about this place is the individual stations that offer a different cuisine, which you can DIY or order it on the spot that added a little fun. I thought the cooked food in general was pretty decent and they have a good variety of food to choose from. To me, having a good variety of a buffet spread is very important if I am having buffet as a meal because by looking at such variety, you just feel like trying a little of everything. For those who want to give Asian Market Cafe a try, price list is as follows:

Lunch (Monday to Friday) $55++ per adult, $28++ per child
High Tea* (Saturday and Sunday) $48++ per adult, $26++ per child
Dinner (Daily) $65++ per adult, $33++ per child

*A separate buffet menu is available during High Tea

Thanks Dave for hosting us

Asian Market Cafe

80 Bras Basah Road 

Fairmont Hotel Level 2 S(189560)



Montana Singapore – Your Savoury Waffles Fix

Montana Brew Bar rebranded itself as Montana Singapore and shifted to a bigger space on the second floor of POMO shopping centre. The cafe specialises in coffee and waffles but has also expanded the menu to include pasta. We were contemplating whether to give the pasta a try but decided to stick with 2 different waffles instead


The location at POMO makes a popular one with all the schools nearby


Spiced Chai Latte $5.50

The latte has a sweet chai taste to it which I thought was pretty well balanced


Mocha $5.50


Assam Crab Waffle $18

Waffles made with a specialty blend of 8 spices, served with crab meat, pineapple cucumber salsa and assam gula melaka mayo

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Couldn’t resist ordering the Assam Crab waffle just cos it sounds tempting enough. I really like how the spices are blended in the waffles and balanced by the pineapple cucumber salsa. The sweet gula melaka sauce was innovative and goes well with the waffles but I felt that the sauce gradually loses its appeal after awhile


Black Velvet Waffle $14

Black sesame waffle, black miso caramel with black sesame icecream


Everything black and delicious. The black velvet waffle actually doesn’t have much taste to it but it had a good texture and I love the fragrance of the black sesame icecream alongside some crunch and crispy biscuit topped with miso caramel which was simply addictive


There are abundance of places that serve sweet waffles yet not many serve delicious savoury waffles. I’m glad Montana Singapore doesn’t disappoint and you can sense the thought and effort that is put in behind every waffle they had created. For those who needs a waffle fix, you can definitely consider giving Montana a try

Montana Singapore

1 Selegie Road, POMO

#02-25 S(188306)

Yan Cantonese Cuisine 宴 – Classy Cantonese Cuisine at National Gallery

Yan Cantonese Cuisine is a restaurant by the Park Hotel Group located at National Gallery Singapore. Helmed by Chef Chan Kung Lai, the cuisine is a touch of modern execution yet retaining the traditional flavours of Cantonese fare


Sleek and classy exterior


Ice Lemon Tea $8

I was rather in shock that an ice lemon tea costs $8. But this ice lemon tea has a great punch of acidity to the palate. I had no idea how many lemons they have used but for that kind of price, they better used a whole carton


Yan Peking Duck (Half) $40


Served with homemade crepe & traditional garnishes


I like they are able to serve the duck in half portion, so for people with a smaller party, you can still enjoy the greater variety of food without feeling like you are wasting it


The skin was nicely done, crisp, sweet and oily. The crepe was a little too thick for my liking. And I prefer the traditional style of Peking duck where you wrap your own crepe and choose how much sauce to pair with it, rather than everything came prepared for you


The remaining duck meat. We chose not to fry it with noodles or rice but just eat the meat on its own. The meat, however, was seriously delicious. It was tender and soft and full of flavours. I would not hesitate to just eat the meat on its own


Double-boiled Chicken Soup Served in a Young Coconut and Crispy Breadstick $22


I love the soup. Infused with the essence of chicken and seafood and rounding it off with a touch of coconut was smart and perfect. And you can enjoy the really soft coconut meat at the end of it


Bi Feng Tang Crab Deep Fried w Fragrant Garlic, Black Beans and Chilli (Seasonal Price)

The crab in my opinion was rather interesting. It was deep fried so crispy you would have thought you were eating cereal prawns. I like the fragrance of it and I think it has good flavours but some part of the meat were over fried, to the point where you can’t really chew the meat off. So this dish became a tiring one to feast on


Fried Crispy Noodles w Deluxe Seafood $28


The noodles were really fragrant and crisp to the point. I really enjoyed the texture though the seafood failed to shine


Chilled Apricot w Sea Coconut and Basil Seed $8

Ending with the chilled apricot was perfect, just cos you can taste the sweet tang shui balanced by the sour apricot and crunchy sea coconut


I think this place is one that places a lot of emphasis on its flavours and presentation. Though there might still be some misses, but I think you can consider visiting if you are in the area or craving for some Cantonese fare. And located at the beautiful National Gallery, there is just another reason to visit

Yan Cantonese Cuisine

#05-02 National Gallery Singapore

1 St. Andrew’s Road S(178957)


Memories from my trusty iphone (:

Haven’t been posting snaps for a very long time given the high volume of posts I had, so here’s one!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Banana waffles from Froth, probably one place that serves pretty decent waffles in town

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cos the colleagues wanted Max Brenner Chocolate Bar for desserts, we stopped by to get one of their signature waffles

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Teatime at Watanabe Coffee. Actually the focus was my nails :D But the matcha latte was pretty good

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And so was the toast. It is really worth giving it a try

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

I have found a new place that serves awesome crayfish horfan at affordable price. Say hello to Maxwell Hawker Centre


Mum’s kitchen; Long beans with dried shrimps & fried tofu, omelette, herbal braised chicken with mushrooms and ketchup prawns with tomatoes

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mum’s kitchen; Veggy with abalone, sweet sour fish, prawn omelette and my favourite szechuan veg with pork

Home cooked food’s the best :)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Dinner at Chicken Up to mend our broken friendship, after we scream at each other over a card game. ha


Lunch at Lean Bento 




Which ain’t very fabulous =X Or rather I should say, this is my first and last visit

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Drinks at Horse’s Mouth with the girlfriends. They serve really good vanilla/red bean icecream dessert


Cycling at Coney Island one afternoon cos I was bored

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Happy Hour at Morton’s

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Awesome martinis, below average bar food and pretty decent steak sandwiches


Lunch at 1933 Singapore cos I had one-for-one on the entertainer app. The pork chop was rather normal but I think it could be better


The $8 Godiva icecream, so good, so sinful

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The underrated Puffle from Hvala Waffle Bar, which was really really awesome. Everyone should try

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Happiness is when you are craving for $1 icecream, and the ICECREAM MAN APPEARS! :)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sticky date pudding at P.S. Cafe Ann Siang. It was my first visit to that outlet and the friend cannot stop teasing me that I haven’t visit that outlet before =.=


Of course not forgetting their truffle fries!


Coconut icecream with burnt toffee sauce; by the people from Sarnies. Honestly, it was really disappointing

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Simple home-cooked chicken chop for New Year’s Eve

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Breakfast at Sim’s Drive Hawker Centre. I love the seafood noodles!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tontoksu ramen from Chabuton. A ramen with all the right proportion


ootd; Old and comfy – all from Thetinselrack


ootd; My last wedding for the year! Dress from ASOS


ootd; In the mood for cafe hopping – Dress from Zara

Yen Yakiniku – An Experience With Charcoal-Style Japanese Grilled Meat

Had dinner with D and we settled at Yen Yakiniku, a restaurant tucked along Ann Siang road that serves Japanese grilled meat. The concept was inspired by a yakiniku restaurant in Taiwan where chefs will cook the meat ‘live’ infront of you and so we have Yen Yakiniku born in Singapore


Each chef will cater to 3-4 guests and the restaurant could accommodate up to 25 pax with 10-12 at the counter. And I prefer the counter seats just cos it’s where all the action takes place :) And well, if you happen to find your friend too irritating, you can always just watch the chef cook #justkidding


High Ball $12

Whisky with soda and lemon

The friend was rather excited about his order of High Ball


O-chazuke $8

Soaked steamed rice in traditional tea broth flavoured in salmon

Ochazuke, a Japanese style porridge, is a very homely dish to the Japanese. It’s not something you see often in Japanese restaurants so D was really excited to try. The rice was shaped in a triangle and infused with the tea broth which was sweet and light and full of (salmon) flavour


Grilled meat are best done charcoal style


Ox Tongue $18

A dish highly recommended by the chef, we decided to give it a try



The chef recommended us to try one in its original taste and the second with a touch of lemon to savour the difference in the two. I preferred the latter, just cos you can taste the chewiness of the tongue with the sweetness of the meat and crunchiness of the spring onions ending with a lingering citrusy taste


Pork Jowl $13

It was my first time trying pork jowl


And I fell in love with it. The meat was tender with a good porky taste and very well cooked


Wagyu Oyster Blade $36


The beautiful redness of the meat


Thin slices of wagyu that melts in your mouth with that crunch in the middle


Beef Short Ribs (Thick Cut) $24


If I have to pick one favourite, these beef short ribs will definitely make it to the top of the list


So good I am hungry just by looking at them. Even though they use a thicker cut, but the doneness of the meat was to the spot. Tender and bursting with the wonderful flavours of the beef


Eringi Mushrooms $10


Initially I was rather skeptical of the ordinary looking mushrooms


But they really surprise me. What was something so ordinary can turn out so extraordinary. It was a simple and satisfying grilled mushrooms


Hokkaido Scallops $15


Huge looking fellas. But the chef said these were considered small. They had bigger scallops to serve before


Equally delicious with a simple marinate. Cooked in medium-rare with the outer sweet and taut and the middle a little raw with the fullness of scallop juice


And here’s a photo of the chef cooking for us. The chefs here will first introduce the dish and then explain how they gonna cook the food


It was a different yakiniku experience here at Yen Yakiniku. I know some people would have preferred cooking their own meat but hey, if you want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a chef cooking for you, why not right? Service aside, I think the quality of the meat speaks for itself. It’s definitely one place you can consider checking out for their attentive service and excellent and refined grill experience

Yen Yakiniku

15 Ann Siang Road, S(069695)