Grain Traders – Delicious Salad Bowls At A Price

Honestly, salad shops can really survive in CBD. And here’s one at the newly opened CapitaGreen. This place is a little different from your usual salad place cos you get to choose your favourite kind of grain and the various toppings to go along at a standard price of $16 a bowl. Yups, you heard that right. Even though the place is fairly new, they have a steady stream of customers everyday.

The most important board – The Menu

Order it like this: 1 grain, 1 protein, 1 hot veg, 2 cold veg, 1 sauce and 1 topping

Seared Marinated Tuna

Steak and Salmon

Green Bed, Tuna, Wild Mushrooms, Wafu Tomatoes, Cucumber Pickles & Crushed Peanuts w Basil Vinaigrette

Photo time!

Soba Noodles, Salmon, Wild Mushrooms, Wafu Tomatoes, Apple Kimchi & Garlic & Shallots with Miso Caramel Sauce

Please be gentle with the miso caramel – it gets really salty

Soba Noodles, Steak, Butternut Squash, Marinated Peppers, Apple Kimchi & Seeds Mix with Miso Caramel

I really like their soba noodles, especially with the addition of garlic and shallots that makes it really appetising. Their proteins are decent though some might find the portion a little small. I enjoyed their cold veggies with a little twist and their hot veggie that gave some comfort. Add in $2 more and you get a meal, though the drink doesn’t include coffee

Coffee bar at the other side of the cafe

Flat White $5.50

The friend got me a takeaway cos we get 2 espresso shots in a takeaway cup but 1 espresso shot if we are dining in, for the same price. o.O

Coffee beans are from Sarnies which have a smooth finishing and well bodied with a bitter aftertaste

Just when you thought a salad meal (including drinks) cannot get any more expensive. Conversation overheard when someone came over to say hello to my friend;

“oh you had this too? yeah i’m having it but I feel it’s a little pricey” but she went on to join the queue

Expectations vs reality =/

Grain Traders


138 Market St, #01-01/02/03 , S(048946)

The Lokal – Australian Inspired Cafe Needs A Bit More Space

The last time I visited this place, I merely tried their desserts but this time round, since we were in the vicinity we decided to pop by The Lokal for brunch. This small little cafe off Neil road is constantly packed with people. We were fortunate to get a sharing table though I find the space a little too small for my liking. They should expand.

Flat White $5.50

Beans from Sarnie, which was well bodied and smooth with a little bitter aftertaste

THE LOKAL Baked Eggs $20

A little Mexican inspired dish with spicy beef, beans, potatoes, bacons and of course, eggs! Do not underestimate this small portion cos they are actually rather filling

Pimp Your Breakfast

Toast $1.75, Scrambled Eggs $5, Smoked Salmon $6, Sauteed Mushrooms $6, Grilled Sausage $6

Well you can also choose to make your own breakfast palette, it’s like chap chye peng but brunch style. And honestly it sounds fun but when you add all the individual items up, it ain’t that cheap either

Our brunch! :)

Sticky Date Pudding $12

Their sticky date pudding is well-known. Like you cannot leave without trying. Warm sticky date pudding topped with vanilla bean icecream is just sinfully delicious

The menu is a little Australian inspired. If you find Luxe too expensive, you can consider The Lokal for some decent brunch food since they are pretty near each other

The Lokal

136 Neil Rd, S(088865)

Planning A Hens Party – 10 suggestions, The Thoughts, Process and Execution

Planning a hens night for your girlfriend can be quite a headache cos most of the time you will want to organize something different for the bride-to-be. And every bride-to-be has their own prerequisites for the bachelorette party, with the most common being ‘Can we not play those stupid dare games?’. It’s a matter of preference and perception so my advice is to best check with the star of the night before planning anything. The planning committee had brainstormed a couple of activities for an enjoyable day and for you want to know, this was what we had come up with:

1. Cooking / Baking class

Cooking and baking lessons have since gained popularity over time, ranging from private parties to individual classes. For those who preferred a quiet and intimate session with just your girlfriends, you can always opt for a private party conducted by cooking schools

Cookyn Inc – I have engaged Cookyn Inc before and I thought it was a good experience with a customised menu, professional crew and in-house photographers to capture those wonderful moments for you. You get hands-on experience and also get to keep the recipes after the event ends. If you like to find out more, you can always read my previous experience here

Cost: ~$100-120/pax

Address: 31 Ah Hood Rd, S(329979)

ToTT Singapore – ToTT is not only a cooking school but it also encompasses a retail store and bistro. ToTT has 2 outlets, one at Dunearn and the other at the more convenient Suntec. Classes vary, so please do check out their schedule on their website. Do note some classes are very popular so advanced booking (like one month ahead) is recommended. We wanted to organise a baking class for the friend but unfortunately since it was all full, our plan failed

Cost: $68/pax or more

Address: 896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A Sime Darby Centre, S(589472) / 3 Temasek Blvd #02-427, S(038983)

ABC Cooking Studio – For those who love Japanese cuisine and want to go down that route, you can try ABC Cooking studio, a top cooking school from Japan. The best part about this is you can just go for the trial lessons if you are on a budget but also, advanced booking is recommended as well

Credits: ABC Cooking Studio Singapore

Cost: $48/pax

Address: 391A Orchard Road #03-12 Ngee Ann City Tower A, S(238873)

2. Cocktail Making Class

And since we couldn’t find a cooking school, we looked for alternatives. One that came up was cocktail making since the bride-to-be loves drinking and what better way than making your own drink. But the limitations of this is there are actually very few places that do such classes, so it was an uphill task

Drinkdings – Drinkdings is a mobile cocktail workshop site, that goes to places to conduct workshops at your own convenience. They can go to your homes or function rooms and you get to choose what kind of drinks you would like to make. Considering it is a mobile service, I’m not too sure what happens if you don’t have a place for them to come cos I asked them this question but they didn’t really answer my question. So we gave up and moved on

Cost: $60/pax or more

Ask a bartender friend – Well, if you have a bartender friend, better still. You get to save some money and still enjoy all the fun. Unfortunately our friend had to work that day so we didn’t have such luck :(

Cost: Free!

3. Art & Craft Lessons

Art & craft lessons are not common, but if you look hard enough, you will still be able to find some by googling. We came across a place called Coffeemin, an event space in Suntec that holds classes like knitting, calligraphy, floral arrangement and leather crafting etc. They have a good range of classes so I believed there will be one that may fit everyone’s interests. Schedules vary so please do check with them before booking


Cost: Vary

4. KTV

We booked a KTV just in case we were bored and needed an activity to kill some time before or after dinner. But it turns out we didn’t need the session after all. But for some suggestions on which KTV to go, well, for one go to somewhere which is convenient. There are many KTV in Singapore – Partyworld, KBOX, Teo Heng, Ksuitez etc. Pick one that best fits your schedule

Cost: $30/pax or more

5. Staycation

In the end, we decided to go with the traditional staycation idea. Sometimes, parents don’t understand why kids like to book a hotel outside and not come home. But we do enjoy our friendly girl times and bond over nonsensical talks, alcohol and what’s not

Singapore has no lack of beautiful boutique hotels but I have to add sometimes boutique hotels are also rather inflexible (pfft). We decided to go with New Majestc hotel located off Bukit Pasoh road, a hotel that has a mix of modern and classic heritage. The rooms look pretty roomy so we thought it would be nice and big enough to be comfy

Having a pretty exterior is important cos it makes a good excuse to take lots of ootds, which takes up a portion of your afternoon so if you can’t think of anything else to do, that’s an option to kill some time

Cost: $350/night

Address: 31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road, S(089845)

6. Manicure / Pedicure / Spa

For those of you who like to make full use of your staycation, there’s always an idea of having a mini manicure session with your girlfriends, or if you feel like splurging, a spa in the vicinity is always welcomed as well

Moving on to the room, we have booked the Lifestyle room. We anticipated which room we will be given since it wasn’t mentioned upon booking. The room we had was 2-storey, full of light and had beautiful furnishing

Toileteries compliments of Kiehl’s

7. Decorations and Cupcakes

What’s a party without some decorations and delicious cupcakes. The balloons were ordered from wowletsparty; they do delivery and self collection but we chose the latter and cupcakes from Inthebrickyard. Poms poms were sourced from Carousell. 30 minutes later, and the room is all done!

Cost (decoration): $35 for balloon bouquet / $0.16 each for latex balloon / $0.80 each for pom pom

Such beautiful cupcakes <3

Cupcakes were a mixture of Ondeh Ondeh and Earl Grey Lavender, customized with toppers and baked with love. Our favourite? Their best selling Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes, with a dash of gula melaka within

Cost: $3.50/regular cupcake, $6/topper

And just in case your friend arrives before the room is up, you can always give her mission to do to buy some time. Oh yes, that was what we did. We made her take selfies with random road signs (via communication on whatsapp of course) and count the number of trees along Bukit Pasoh road. Yeah, who needs enemies when you have friends like us ;)

8. Have lots of fun

Having lots of fun is important cos ultimately you want to give her a memorable day before she finally weds to be a wife. It doesn’t matter what activities you have planned, or worry about not having things to do cos I’m sure she will appreciate the effort you have done for her

Take lots of photos for memory sake as well :)

9. Have a good dinner together

Dinner is definitely part of the plan but you probably want a place that can accommodate large groups and perhaps not too heavy on the pocket. I personally recommend CATO just cos it fits all criteria. For a detailed write-up, please read here. I mean of course if you want something grander that serves more exquisite food (which also means a little more expensive) there’s no lack of choices in Singapore to choose from too :)

Cost: $30/pax

Address: 237 South Bridge Rd, S(058786)

10. End the night with drinks, and more drinks

Well, considering you already have a hotel room to yourself, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk outside. So make full use of the room and drink to your hearts’ content. Of course not forgetting to bring some card games where you can play silly drinking games like Circle of Death and Cut-throat Blackjack, all in the name of fun

The night will end sooner than you realize, just cos time always flies when you are having fun. So don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan and well just go with the flow. What’s most important is the company that you have, and the memories that you will remember for a long time :)

*All information is as of best of my knowledge. Please check with all schools/classes/websites before booking*

CATO – Exciting Asian Flavours With A Hint of Spice

Since we were in the vicinity, we decided to try out this new place CATO located in Chinatown, along South Bridge road. The place is easily accessible if you come from Chinatown mrt and just a few minutes’ walk away. This place is concepted as a restaurant and a bar (on the second floor) but corkage charge does not come cheap at $50. It is more advisable to get a drink from there. The menu revolved around tapas but has a few selection on mains so don’t worry if you think they will not fill your stomach

Large area good for big groups

Beer Beef Chilli & Cheese Fries $12

Cos the title sounded exciting, we decided to go for it. The beef was delicious and along with the melted cheese, the fries were wiped out in minutes. I honestly can’t tell if they were that delicious or the friends were just very hungry

CATO Wings $15

These wings are pretty good. Marinated with a beautiful touch of sweet and spiciness that leaves you wanting for more

Tom Yum Prawn Risotto $24

A twist on the classic risotto. I love how the rice was well cooked and absorbed with the flavours of the traditional tom yum flavour

Steam Baked Pork Cheek $28

Strips of pork cheek with port wine mustard sauce

I thought the meat was a little too chewy for my liking, but the friends seem to enjoy it alot

Aunty Jasmine’s Fish Curry $26

New Zealand Ling fish prepared Indian style

A beautiful mess that was enjoyed thoroughly by the table. Freshness and sweetness of the fish dipped in the exciting Indian spices. Only disappointment was they did not give us a spoon to drink the sauce

I was surprised this place was listed on Singapore Restaurant Week since their prices are pretty reasonable enough for you to go any other days. I really like this place for their flavours with a punch, and their take on Asian cuisine with a traditional yet modern twist. Even though this place has opened recently, I already see some promise in them

CATO Singapore

237 South Bridge Rd, S(058786)

Mad About Sucre – Back With A Fall Menu

Adapt to survive, this is how Mad about Sucre still steal my heart after such a long while. With an ever changing dessert menu, the patisserie has rolled out a savoury menu as well in order to capture a bigger audience. And so the friend and I went back to try their Fall collection

Lemon, Lychee, Wild Blossom Honey, Elderflower, Sparkling Mineral Water $9.80 (with menu orders) $13 (ala carte)

This special in-house cold blend is one of their popular orders for its refreshing flavour though you might not necessarily be able to tell what has been concocted. But if you need one to cool yourself down on a hot day, you will probably enjoy this

Melange du St Domingue $16.80 (with menu orders) $22 (ala carte)

Ice Chocolate, Cointreau, Gin, Ameratto

Part of their cofftail menu, a combination of coffee/chocolate with alcohol. The friend says she tasted more chocolate than anything else. But I thought the first taste started with a hint of chocolate, followed by the cream and then a full blast of alcohol and ending with a confused aftertaste. It was like everything mixed together that I can’t really tell what I’m drinking though the drink got more chocolatey towards the end

French Onion Soup Perfumed w Brandy and French Wine $8.80

A good start to the meal with a sweet and warm FOS

Champignion de Paris and Portobello Mushrooms w Cheese $16.80

A simple dish yet a heart stopper. Sweet and light cheese bursting into the corners of your mouth when you gently bite into those mushrooms. Just take my money

Cold Smoked Loin of Wild Salmon, Caviar, Eggs & Red Pepper Toast $26.60

A rather common eggs and salmon dish with a different take on toasts and the burst of caviar in your mouth. The friend really liked the eggs

Vent de Fleur $10.80

(Paired with Autumn pear and yuzu tea)

Fruit of Forest, Light Cheese, Hazelnut Crunch & Almond Sponge

Inspired by a flower that blossoms in Paris which looks delicate and fragile yet when the wind blows, the petals don’t fall easily. Interpretation of the cake is zen-like just like Autumn in Paris, calm and relaxed. Base of the cake is sponge with a light almond taste, followed by a light cream cheese mousse and hazelnut crunch. The little dots, a combination of mango puree and forest fruit, represent the changing colours of Autumn

We finished this in 5 seconds flat

Amour $11.80

(Paired with French Apple and Spanish Ginger tea)

Yuzu, French White Chocolate, Savoie Sponge, Meringue Disk & Citrus Zest

Similarly inspired by Autumn with yuzu as focus. A distinct 3 layers of cake with savoie sponge, white chocolate mousse and yuzu cream. We enjoyed the white chocolate mousse being fragrant yet not too sweet and the yuzu cream that was light and refreshing

English Celebration Cake $10.80

Nepali Earl Grey, French Cream Cheese, French Bergamot

Position in between a dense British cake and a French cake which is light, the name comes from the same sponge cake that is used to make all fondant cakes

The cake is on the dense side, yet without being too dry. Cream cheese was heavy in flavour and I can’t really sense the earl grey in the cake

Rue Montorguiel $15.30

(Paired with peach, mango, apricot and blood orange tea)

Cocktail of Fruit Liqueur-Imbibed Baba, Roasted Pistachio & French Liquored Cherry

Named after a street in Paris which was known for plentiful of cafes, the baba is a combination of bread and cake was introduced in 1825. The whole cake is soaked in liquor to maintain the moisture, topped with pistachio cream and forest fruit sauce

It takes an acquired taste to appreciate the baba, but the pistachio cream was divine. It was fragrant, smooth and hits the right notes

Montage de Neige $12.80

(Paired with honeycomb, camomile and mangosteen tea)

Chestnut, Chocolate French Caramel & Rum Chestnut Biscuit

Their take on the classic Mont Blanc cake with 55% ripe chestnut for the pyramid base, followed by 90% ripe chestnut and double French caramel and dark chocolate in the middle. Supported by 5mm chocolate and 1mm sponge cake as the base and topped with baked egg white, this is one damn difficult cake to make with the intricate details and layers, which also marks our favourite of the lot

You can taste the pleasant, sweet chestnut in your mouth and with the light and fragrant honeycomb tea was just the perfect combination

I like how this place always surprises with their cakes, which makes going back really enjoyable. I look forward to what Christmas cakes they might roll out next and for those who have yet to visit, you really should give it a try

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Heng Road S(088334)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar – A One of A Kind Experience, Quite Literally

Garibaldi Italian along Purvis street is well known for their fine Italian cuisine and cos we wanted somewhere quiet, we decided to give it a try. The restaurant has a fair bit of crowd during the weekend but you still get to enjoy a pretty cozy atmosphere. Service was polite and the food comes out quick

Bread Sticks

Good to munch on while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive

Complimentary Bread

We adore the soft warm bread that goes well with the olive oil

Amuse Bouche – Vegetable Croquette

A decent vegetable croquette that was served piping hot, dipped in an appetizing sauce

Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta w Hokkaido Scallop & Carelian Caviar $48

We asked to recommend their best sellers and this was one of them. The angel’s hair pasta felt a little too mushy and wet. The texture might not be too welcoming to some diners’ palate but I appreciate the dressing that accompanies the pasta which was a refreshing mix of sweet and lemony. The scallops felt a little too overwhelming with the texture being too soft

Fresh Italian Burrata w Italian San Marzano Tomatoes $48

I grew to like burrata cheese over time but sadly this was too milky and watery in my opinion

Acquerello Risotto w Parmesan Cheese $78

The restaurant was having a seasonal special of white truffle so we picked one off the menu to try. The risotto was undercooked but the creamy flavour was delightful with Parmesan cheese infused

And cos we were taking so many photos, they took out the whole bowl of white truffle for us to snap as well (and we were very careful handling it)

Veal Ravioli w Porcini Mushroom & Cream Sauce $30

The veal was overcooked to the point it felt more like a paste to me. Though the flavours made up for the lacking, somehow

First Grade Angus Beef Tenderloin w Grilled Green Asparagus $58

So we anticipated the last dish after a non-stop disappointing experience. I thought the beef could be a little more tender. The sauce was a little on the heavy side. The friends didn’t like the potato but I thought it was alright

When I told my friend I was visiting Garibaldi, she told me their standard dropped so I went with no expectations. Well, I have to agree with her that such dining experience is really disappointing. They probably hit everything that could gone wrong. Although I have to mention they have the right flavours but perhaps they could improve on their execution. I’m not usually a fan of Italian cuisine, but I think there are definitely many more restaurants that could have done Italian food better than this

And ending the dinner with a birthday cake :)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

36 Purvis Street, S(188613)

Restaurant Week: Brasserie Les Saveurs – The St. Regis Experience

This third edition marks the closure of my restaurant week experience. Similarly, it’s one of those booked-out restaurants in previous cycles so I decided to give it a try and since I love French cuisine. I was surprised they were not ready at 7pm and a string of diners were waiting to be seated. Fortunately or unfortunately, this was also a surprise menu and there was only one option from each category which meant we don’t have much choices to choose from. And the friend brought up a point, what if we don’t take beef? Well, then I guess you have nothing to eat then

The interior of place is elegant and classy, a reflection of the luxury-branded St Regis hotel

Complimentary Bread to kickstart the evening

Amuse Bouche

Can’t remember what it was, but it tasted really strange

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna

I thought the texture of the tuna was too dry and a little blend and it leaves an unpleasant wet aftertaste if your mouth

Cauliflower and Truffle Veloute w Grilled Tiger Prawn

The soup was creamy and has a nice flavour of the cauliflower and truffle combined

Braised Angus Beef Short Rib w Pumpkin Barley Risotto

I didn’t like the risotto, both texture and flavour wise. The ribs have a strong beefy taste, though it was cooked really nice and tender. As a whole, I thought this dish doesn’t really stand out

Chocolate Genoise Sponge and Tahitian Vanilla Icecream

The sponge cake was really dry and a little tough. A slice into the cake has the cake falling apart into brittles. I felt like the dessert was just a combination of 3 different components, yet without complementing one another

I thought the best part of the meal was the bread, with the rest of the course failing to shine. I was disappointed, not because I had any expectations of this place but the food as a whole tasted bad, to the point we went to Ice Cold Beer after that to have chicken wings and fishballs. To conclude, booked-out restaurants doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. But at least I can cross out this place now

And because the friend insisted I have to thank him for the priority code – here’s a line for you, the irritating one (you know who you are). Please give me the code for the next cycle as well :)

Brasserie Les Saveurs

The St. Regis Singapore

29 Tanglin Rd, Lobby level, S(247911)