486. Artichoke Cafe

Met up with the girls over brunch cos the friend wanted to try Artichoke so here we are! We didn’t make reservation so we waited a bit under the not-so-cooling-weather anymore. Plus we insisted on sitting indoors.

This place has character. One sign that caught our eye was ‘We are not a western restaurant. So we don’t serve egg benedicts, pancakes and waffles.’ We just laugh. Maybe people has been asking them for the usuals they got sick of repeating. And also, they don’t do latte art for their coffee

Smoked Salmon Pancake

Jim Bean Sour Cream and Wasabi Pea Dukka w Egg Mayo, Shaved Onions & Orange Blossom Honey

We actually had pretty high expectations for this, but this was pretty disappointing. It was a very normal smoked salmon + egg mayo on a not very awesome pancake

House-made Feta Burrata

Everyone should give this a try. It was so good. The cream cheese was lightly salted and has such consistency. Topped with tomato salad on Turkish toast, we simply wiped off everything

Bacon & Eggs

Thick Cut Maple Glazed Pork Chop w Roasted Pumpkin & Sunny Side Up

Not a fan of bacon, especially thick cut. Pumpkin was nicely cooked and the egg was.. just egg

Scrambled Eggs & Harissa Sausages

I love the spicy Moroccan chicken sausages that gave us a kick with their spices. Scrambled eggs was not to my liking but I do enjoy the herb tabbouleh with lime yoghurt for something different

Brunch on the table

Artichoke cafe is not your usual cafe. Their cuisine largely revolves around middle eastern flavours, which I think it’s something different from your usual brunch options. Food that day has its hits and misses but I would still love to go back to try their other stuffs one day

Artichoke Cafe

161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, S(188978)

My Chinese New Year

So this is how I spent my Chinese New Year, in snippets

Reunion dinner with the family. All home cooked goodness, okay other than the shark’s fin ;)

Mummy’s version of Pen Cai :D

Though I think the previous year was nicer. hahaha (I know I’m bad, still complain lol)

The whole point of reunion dinner is for your whole family to sit and have a dinner together while welcoming the new year so honestly, no matter what you eat, is the the significance of having a dinner together that is important

Reunion at Grandma’s

It’s the only steamboat I had this year

Day 1 ootd: Romper from Miss Selfridge. I really like the cut of this romper, so flattering :)

But I love my Madame Flamingo shoes more, lovingly brought back from Bangkok :)

Well, cos there’s only so much you can do at house visiting. heh

Lunch, a yearly tradition or rather, what I grew up eating. I love cabbage & fishball soup, but what I love even more is my grandma’s home made ngoh hang. Super super delicious. These 2 staples, plus satay chicken makes its grand appearance every Chinese New Year

Day 2: Visiing at my aunt’s

Day 2 ootd: Top & Shorts from Miss Selfridge

Lunch is served! All lovingly prepared by the Aunt!

My first lou hei of the year, which was a mess. They lou until everything flew in all directions, onto my hair and clothes. I’m pretty sure they just wasted the entire plate. Terrible

The real deal. This pen cai has so much goodness in it

Day 3

By day 3, I was so sick of eating all the sea cucumber, abalone and sharks fin I needed some ang moh food. So had lunch at P.S. cafe with mummy

Day 4

Lunch at Artichoke Cafe. Just some bonding time with my girls. Will review them soon!

Day 5

Back to work; with oranges, angbao & a fortune cookie!

Day 6

Just cos I needed something healthy, and it’s back to Nude Seafood, which really serves some delicious meals!

Day 7; 人日

Some more lou hei


And sushi lunch from The Standing Sushi Bar (yeah plus wine)

That’s my summary of Chinese New Year

Hope you had a good one too! ;)

485. Sunday Folks

Very happy I finally got a chance to try Sunday Folks after a very long time. This place is started by the owners of Creamier but the ice cream served here comes in form of soft serve, as compared to the premium ice cream and sorbet at Creamier. Space is bigger, and they now having a queuing system where you key in your number and await your handphone to ring when it’s your turn

The place is still as crowded, always

Soft serve hidden behind the cabinet

Fresh bakes and toppings for your ice cream

Our waffle with earl grey lavender ice cream and toasted marshmallow and chocolate honeycomb :)

So damn awesome, like really really. haha

Lemon Lavender Cake

The greedy us could not resist a slice of cake. The cake was moist, warm and very delicious. It had the right balance of lemon and lavender which was a delight to savour

Our table shot, with Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha  & Latte

I like the roast of the coffee here. It was medium bodied, nutty and a little acidic with a strong aroma. The iced chocolate and mocha was pretty good as well but of course, the one that stood out was the waffles with ice-cream :)

Cravings satisfied, I can now die a happy girl. ha #easilysatisfied

Sunday Folks

Chip Bee Gardens #01-52

44 Jalan Merah Saga S(278116)

The Sister’s Wedding

My first wedding of the year, but this also marks the many many weddings I have this year. It was an early early morning. Though tired, I can’t help feel excited since I’m a sister for the first time. But by 10am, all of us were half dead. haha. Helping in a wedding is seriously no joke.



Purpose of this is to ensure the bride marries into a wealthy family and guaranteed a happy and carefree life though I’m very sure this box will just go into the safe after the wedding

Veiling the bride

And then we wait for the groom to arrive. The gatecrash was short, and.. strange to a certain extent

Exchanging their vows

The cousins :)

Poor groom..

The dinner was held at The Orchard hotel. Food was surprisingly not bad. And I was pretty amused by the appetiser show. The chef actually ran to the front, did a dance and make everyone clap their hands along. Then he ran to the back, and ran to the front with the server again. Hmmm

There’s a many first time at this wedding. One, first time seated at the ‘Red Table’

Marinated Baby Octopus, Marinated Jellyfish, Braised Duck, Deep Fried Yam Roll & Water Chestnut w Chicken Roll

The cold platter was decent but nothing outstanding

Shark’s Fin w Fish Belly, Compoy & Golden Mushroom

Soup was actually pretty good and flavourful

Sautéed Prawns, Macadamia Nuts and Broccoli

My favourite part of this dish is actually the nuts. They are so addictive!

Steamed Soon Hock, Hong Kong style

Crispy Roasted Chicken

The chicken was actually pretty forgettable. I realised I missed out a photo of the abalone. haha but it’s okay, nothing lost here

Flower Bun w Chilli Crabmeat Sauce

The bun was too oily, and the sauce was too diluted. This was probably the worst out of all

Red Bean Paste w Tang Yuan

The glutinous rice balls were soft and chewy. I’m glad they didn’t choose yam paste for dessert. hee :D

I stayed over at the hotel cos I have to reach office pretty early the next day, which also means I get to try their buffet breakfast. I have to add that, the breakfast was really bad and the shower tap in the room was spoilt. I think the only consolation I had here was the banquet food didn’t turn out as bad as I expected

Okay, one down. Eight more weddings to come =X

484. Cravings Cafe

This cafe is so new, you probably can’t find much about it online. I’m glad there are more cafes popping up near my place so I can now cycle and have my cravings satisfied whenever I feel like it. Cravings cafe is located at where Whisk & Paddle is, but this dessert place is near the prawn fishing area. It only opens at 4pm which I thought it was a pity they should open earlier during weekends

Selection is pretty limited probably cos they are still new. Their cakes are pretty interesting. They all revolve around cheesecake. Paddle pop cheesecake, durian cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, yuzu cheesecake

Durian Cheesecake

Cos I only had stomach space for one cheesecake, I really wanted to try their durian one. The cakes are made lovingly by the owner which explains the limited quantity. I love how light the durian cheesecake it. You actually taste more of the D24 than the cheese itself so for those who think this will turn out strange, it is actually a surprise

Waffle w Matcha & Red Bean Icecream and Apple Pie Icecream

Fluffy, crispy waffles drizzled with so much chocolate sauce. The ice-cream was really good. I enjoyed the matcha one more cos it’s more gao. You can really taste the strong flavourful matcha with the sweet redbeans. The apple pie was good too. It had bits of apple in it but I think the matcha one was so contrasting you might feel that the apple pie ice-cream was too light

I might give the paddle pop cheesecake a try next time. Since it must be so popular it was only left with one piece. And now when you are looking for waffles with punggol, you know where to go!

Cravings Cafe

6 Tebing Lane, S(828835)

483. White Restaurant @ Punggol Settlement

I have never heard of Sembawang White Beehoon until I been to this place. Call me suaku. Ha. It’s like how people go to Jalan Kayu for prata and Katong for laksa so apparently that’s what Sembawang is famous for. I’m glad they opened a second outlet at Punggol so I can finally try what’s so special about this white beehoon that have people queuing up to 45 minutes for them. They even named the restaurant White, just cos that’s really what their signature dish is all about

The restaurant occupies the far end of Punggol settlement. I’m glad we went very early so there wasn’t any queue and food comes out at astonishingly fast speed

The restaurant, or many many restaurants at Punggol settlement overlook the sea, which is a very chillax place to hang out or just enjoying the evening breeze

Deep Fried Prawn Rolls

The prawn rolls have a nice thin layer of crispiness though I think the rolls are a little light on the flavour

Prawn Omelette

The omelette here is a little different here cos it’s wetter and have a slight scrambled taste to it. Though I would appreciate it better if the proportion and size of prawns are bigger as well

Spicy Potato Leaves

Hot Plate Deer Meat w Spring Onions and Ginger

I really enjoy this plate of deer meat. The meat was tender and infused with the fragrance of the spring onions

Signature White Beehoon (Medium Size)

So here comes the signature beehoon! It feels like muifan but the noodles version. I half expected it to taste like hokkien mee (w the wok hei taste), but it didn’t too. This beehoon has a taste of its own. The noodles kept its consistency despite being soaked in the light and eggy gravy. To top it off, pairing with their special chilli sauce was really delicious. I feel like going back to have another plate of this beehoon now. And spying the next table, their fried rice looks pretty good too. haha

I’m already thinking of what to order next. How does sambal lala, salted egg crayfish and eight treasures duck sound?

White Restaurant 白

The Punggol Settlement
3 Punggol Point Road
Singapore 828694

482. Tomi Sushi @ Novena

Tomi Sushi is probably one place that serves decent sushi at an affordable price. And the quality of its nigiri sushi beats many sushi chain restaurant in Singapore. But of course, you cannot compare to those high end places like.. Shinji. It’s like comparing a prawn and a lobster. We patronised the outlet at Novena Square cos Katong is just too inaccessible for me =x

They have both counter seats and normal seating so you can choose to seat at either place. We chose the counter cos the friend was late so he asked me to stare the chef while waiting =.=

They have separate sauce for sushi and sashimi. The difference was that the sashimi sauce was much lighter probably cos they didn’t want to overpower the natural sweetness of the sashimi


The sushi rice was actually pretty good. Though it lacks in temperature, but the softness of the rice and vinegar was almost there and of course not forgetting the freshness of the sashimi

Sashimi Moriawase for 2 pax

The salmon sashimi was a little strange. It felt like the cut was not sliced right and you can taste the hair of the fish but the prawns and scallops were very sweet

I have to say for the price you paying at Tomi, you are actually enjoying pretty decent nigiri sushi. Would love to try their chirashi and sushi set next time. So for those who are looking for a not too expensive place for sushi, maybe you can give Tomi a try

Apparently, the Katong outlet is better. Perhaps one day, I might just make a trip down just to compare. Okay lemme think about it first. haha

Tomi Sushi

238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77

Novena Square Shopping Mall, S307683