Nicholas Le Restaurant – Cozy French Place Serving Great French Cuisine

You will probably hear less of Teck Lim road, contrary to its popular neighbour Keong Saik road. The most popular tenant on the street occupied by Burnt Ends serves Australian bbq dishes, but down the road nestled among the shops lies Nicholas Le restaurant, a cozy quiet French restaurant helmed by Chef Nicholas Joanny who has worked at Michelin Star restaurants in France, Italy and Singapore. I actually didn’t know what to expect but since the friend said that it was good so we went to dine

It’s not a very big place, so it’s good for quiet, cozy and intimate dinner

The Chef creates a 6 course ‘Tasting Menu’ every 2 weeks, $98++, using fresh seasonal produces and also depending on his mood and inspirations. For those who want something more, you can opt for the 8 course ‘Surprise Menu’ for you and the table, $128++

Pork Rillette w Crostini

This place makes the best pork rillette ever. It has good texture, balance and flavours which makes it appetizing and delicious. It’s so good I can finish the whole rillette by myself. Even the friend could tell I was very happy eating it

Bread Basket

Hokkaido Scallop w Chorizo, Asari Clams Bouillon infused w Iranian Saffron served w Feuille de Brick

Scallop was well cooked and the combination of the asari clams broth gave added sweetness to the dish. I like how they did the folded pastry which was light, crispy and melt-in-the-mouth crunchiness

Obsiblue Prawn, Tortelini, Vine Tomato, Fromage Frais

The obsiblue prawn is a rare and delicate dish, which is famous for its blue shell and subtle sweet flavour. The pairing with the tomato sauce brings out the balance of the flavours and I like their tortelini which somehow reminds me of wanton

Traditional Raviole Du Royan w Crispy Iberico Pluma Pork and Mushroom Bouillon

I know the focus is supposed to be the raviole but the iberico pork totally stole my heart. It was crispy, sweet and awfully delicious. I like the broth was sweet and earthy, which brings out the taste of the pasta and the protein

Organic New Zealand Egg ’63 Degrees’ w Green Pea Soup

I understand the technique to cook the egg takes a little bit of effort but honestly, I’m really not a fan of poached egg. haha but still, the egg was cooked evenly and beautifully and I like the subtle combination of the green pea soup which provided a sweet backdrop without stealing the limelight of the egg

Aged Angus Beef Tenderloin (+$12)

The friend said the beef was pretty good

Pigeon from Britany

The pigeon was cooked 2 ways. A crispy leg confit and the breast meat cooked at low temperature. I love the confit. It was simple and delicious. I think I’m not too used to eating pigeon meat cooked pretty rare even though the texture tasted seemingly like chicken but it was comparatively tender, softer and rarer

Cheese platter (+$30)

We decided to try the cheese before desserts and they have all sorts of cheese for you to choose from. They supposedly serve pretty decent cheese but after trying this, I conclude me and cheese don’t go hand in hand =/ I think ze friend wanted to kill me cos I made him finish the whole platter by himself (lol) *You are the best! I know you are reading this :D*

Three Small Desserts

Honestly, I can’t remember what were the desserts we ate. But they were excellent. Small, satisfying and filling

You know a good restaurant when you are blogging and you can still remember the taste just by looking at the pictures. I think they serve pretty decent French cuisine and this price for a 6 course menu seems like a good deal. It’s a recommendable place for occasion dinners or if not, you can give their lunch menu a try too

Nicholas Le Restaurant

10 Teck Lim Rd, S(088386)

Koskos – A Hidden Gem in CBD

Koskos, a sister restaurant of SPRMRKT, opens at Hong Leong serving takeaways, coffee and fresh bakes. They serve breakfast till 11am, salads and sandwiches for lunch and special food trucks on the day we were there, there was an option of crayfish rolls for preorders from 5pm onwards, which looks pretty delicious

You will probably be enticed by their cakes/bakes more than anything

A selection of drinks, salads & sandwiches

They even have a small section of food products for sale, which includes granola, spread and nuts (but can be quite expensive)

I will get their kaya muffin one day

Flat White $5; Bread pudding with house made vanilla sauce $6

I like the roast of their coffee which was deep, strong bodied with different layers. The bread pudding was a heart stealer. I can still feel the remains of the dessert in my tummy even after we left

I think generally, the prices are on the steep side but I have to admit their bakes really attract me alot. I will definitely come back, just for the coffee

16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, B1-34

Angelina Singapore – A Piece of France in Singapore

When Angelina came to Singapore, I was very excited cos I didn’t manage to try it in Paris due to limited time. So when I happily told the friend ‘oh Angelina opens in Singapore!’, she replied ‘Jolie is in Singapore’, I wanted to -____- her. The Parisan tearoom opens it first outlet in Singapore and gosh, it is sure crowded. I went there twice cos the first time i was there, they sold out everything – hot chocolate, mont blanc tart, Paris-New York tart at 5pm. It was insane

A very small place with no reservations

Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain” $12

It is not your usual hot chocolate but one that is so thick with the taste of chocolate you might actually have problem finishing the whole cup. How can anyone take this x2? It really just felt like drinking molten chocolate

Angelina Breakfast $35 (available till 11.30am)

The Angelina breakfast comes with 1. choice of Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate

I love how they come with a piece of milk chocolate instead of a cookie

2. Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice (we chose orange)

3. Mini Viennoiseries w house-made jam which was so delicious

We love their pastries for being light and soft. It would be better if it’s warm but the buttery flaky pastry still lingers in your mouth even when it’s cold

4. Bread Roll

The bread roll was so good! It’s served hot, and spread it with the apricot and raspberry jam was sweet and appetising

5. Eggs, any way you want it done

We chose scrambled and it was the best decision. We love how the eggs are soft, creamy and milky

6. Fresh Fruit Salad

A small plate of fruit salad which was quite filling honestly

Norwegian Eggs Benedict $18

The eggs ben were disappointing. One egg failed to poach, the salmon was really salty and we didn’t like the sauce. They just didn’t come together

Truffle Fries $10

The taste of truffle was strong at the beginning but it disappeared towards the end. It was still satisfying to be munch on them though

Mont Blanc Praline $13.50

We got the praline cos they ran out of Le Mont Blanc. The lightness of the meringue beneath topped with sweetness of the chestnut cream was just a package of everything sweet

Tarte Tout Chocolat $12

I actually enjoyed the chocolate tart, possibly cos the praline on top gave more texture than just a sweet chocolate tart though the chocolate is pretty gao as well

Angelina is classy, elegant and upmarket. I will recommend their breakfast set than to go ala carte cos you can share among 2 and go for their desserts as well. Service can be really slow. I think they might have adapted the French lifestyle of serving so be prepared to wait. But if you want a taste of Parisan tearoom, you can drop by for a visit

Angelina Singapore

15 Stamford Rd, #01-82 Capitol Galleria, S(048616)

MEATliquor SIN – Famous London Burger Joint Hits Singapore

MEATliquor SIN, the famous London burger joint took over the space of Life Is Beautiful at Duxton, attracting a young and hip crowd every night. The moment you step into the restaurant, you will be like woah this place is hip man. Even most of the staffs are not local (or maybe they are just specially sent here for the opening). The place doesn’t do reservations and will only sit you when your full party arrives and that can be pretty annoying since by then there will be a line out of the door. So.. go when the crowd dies down

It’s loud, noisy and rather difficult to hold a conversation here

Chilli Cheese Fries $18

The fries were pretty decent. We like the beef chilli topped with the melted cheese that goes well together. The chopped jalapenos gave the spice and you can feel the heat after munching them after awhile. To finish it with mustard was a nice touch of flavours that is a combination of sweet, spicy and sour

Sambal Wings $15

The sambal wings were really photogenic but unfortunately they tasted nowhere near sambal. It’s actually more sweet than spicy and if you take away the sauce, the chicken tasted dry and tasteless. I wish they will up the level of spiciness cos you know, this is Singapore yo

Green Chilli Cheeseburger (left) $19.50 Dead Hippie (right) $22

The beef patty was really juicy and succulent and what was different was the patty was deep fried with mustard to give it that extra flavour

The green chilli cheeseburger earned some praises as well, but more cos of the green chilli that makes it spicy and exciting. It’s such irony everything tasted even spicier than the sambal wings. I think they should try Singapore’s style of sambal ;)

MEATliquor SIN has this promotion going on till end June where you roll the dice and the dice will decide how much you pay for dinner. So we chose A to roll cos she has the biggest hand (lol) and bang! We got MEATliquor SIN! We were shocked for a moment cos we didn’t really know what that means but we happily cheered cos the staff was cheering enthusiastically. And after an awkward moment we asked what that supposed to mean and she exclaimed, it’s on the house!! And that, really got us cheering madly. How lucky can we get, so we really walked away with a free dinner but we left a tip for them. So for those who want to try your luck (and of course the dinner), head down before June ends!

MEATliquor SIN

99 Duxton Road, S(089543)

Snaps! Memories from my trusty iPhone

Hunt for my chirashi continues

This time round featuring Nama Hon Maguro from Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya which you can read about it here. I really like how their bluefin tuna is so fresh and sweet, each bite is just pure bliss

Met a friend at Lenu (樂牛) to have their beef noodles. Somehow, I was not very impressed, from the beef to the noodles to the soup

Their braised beancurd was pretty decent, or rather I think I enjoyed it more than their noodles

Got myself a free meal at The Daily Cut! yay! It is still one of my favourite salad place which serves delicious proteins

Issan Thai Food at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market, cheap, good and delicious I actually finished my whole bowl of sukiyaki. They serve a generous portion of ingredients

Coffee Break at Dapper Coffee, though I have to say their roast is really not my kind of thing. The tiramisu tart is interesting though, and looks really tempting to order one too

Htht session with my girls at Jekyll & Hyde, which does bespoke cocktails. Lovely drinks and a nice place hidden among the shops in Tras street

I had a craving for salad so decided to make some at home #iriscancook

My version of Penang Hokkien Mee, dry and chillied. The broth was cooked with scallops and prawns and added some greens and a 5 minute egg to it. Instant noodles can be delicious too!

Seared a salmon steak for dinner. I think this has some standard right? :D

Dinner at Pho Tai, a new Vietnamese restaurant at the equally new Capital Piazza

The restaurant was empty, with only our table and the other table which was occupied by Team Myanmar

Beef Pho $9.90

The pho was disappointing. I had expectations given that this place had its origin from Paris and the soup here is supposed to be rich with premium ingredients used. Sadly, I couldn’t taste any of that. It was pretty bland. It felt like the flavour was in a run to the finish point but somehow they just didn’t cross the finish line at all. The soup only became better after I added spoonfuls of chilli into it

The noodles were firm and springy and the beef slices were normal

Chicken Pho $9.90

I thought my beef pho was bad until I tasted the friend’s chicken pho. The soup tasted like onion soup or a lighter and less oily version of mee soto which was really bland

I’m glad we are not the only table to think that the soup needs improving cos Team Myanmar was telling the waitress that their soup was tasteless too. So it could be a day of coincidence that the chef didn’t add enough seasoning or perhaps, they need some more fine tuning

Lunch at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe, a sponsor of FSC15. Grabbed the friend to go down with me one weekend to try and I must say for a thai place at a rather ulu location, it serves pretty damn good thai food

Tom Yum Soup (red) $7

I think 2/3 the bowl is filled with seafood

The tom yum soup was spicy, and shiok and generous with lots of ingredients

Hommok $16

I love this thai style otah dish! Cooked with seafood and coconut meat, it was deliciously addictive and flavourful. What’s not to love when it’s served in a coconut husk?

Deep Fried Kang Kong $10

My first time trying fried kang kong. I can only say, I didn’t know fried kang kong can be so delicious

Lala Bee Hoon $18

We really love this. We had so much problems finishing the food cos there was an overwhelming amount of lala. The bee hoon was soaked in the beautiful seafood broth which was sweet and lovely

I think everyone should give this place a try, even though it’s at Aljunied

The famed Angelina cafe opens in Singapore. Stay close for the review!

ootd: Dress from Mango and Bag from Rebecca Minkoff

ootd: Dress from Thread Theory (and I love the smell of new leather :D)

ootd: Streetstyle denim and hi cut kind of day. Kicks from Nike

Caught Swan Lake with complimentary media tickets

I have to say, the set up of the play was grand and beautiful. The props were amazing and for first time ballet noobs like us, we were glad we read up on wikipedia to understand the plot if not we would be so lost. haha

Singapore has pretty sunset too, just a pity they are blocked by buildings

Look at the sky!

Crown Bakery & Cafe – Breakfast Fit For A King

If you been to Crown Bakery & Cafe, you will realise the exterior stood out from your usual cafes, and this is because the bakery is a collaboration between Singapore’s Far East Flora Organization and Japan’s artisanal bakery, Signifiant Signifie. The collaboration is meant to bring out luxury and elegance from the ambience to the food served. The place isn’t very big and has a small interior section so if you are lucky, you may score a seat inside

Freshly baked

Flat White $4.50

The coffee is a little bitter but the roast still makes it enjoyable to drink

English Breakfast Tea $5

I like how they come with house baked pastry to accompany your drinks. It’s different and delicious

Crown Breakfast $29

Crown Puff Pastry, Red wine braised oxtail, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Canadian Back Bacon, Sauteed Mushroom and Baked Tomato

Amazing breakfast that serves oxtail, which you don’t get to see this at brunch often. Every item on the board was well-cooked and well-seasoned. The crown pastry smelt and tasted buttery and really crispy

Maple Banana French Toast $12

The French Toast got heads turning, and I’m not joking. The table beside us stared at our food for the longest time ever we felt so paiseh

I enjoyed the french toast. They were very eggy, nicely burnt and not too sweet. The addition of the icecream was just shiok to eat along with the toast

They serve pretty good brunch, but I think their bread are actually the main attraction here. With more than 40 varieties of bread to choose from, you are ensured of high-quality bread and pastries. We see people specially come here for their bread so I would advise you to give it a try as well

Crown Bakery & Cafe

557 Bukit Timah Rd, S(269694)

Selfish Gene Patisserie – Delicious Homemade Icecream

The friend wanted to try Selfish Gene Patisserie. I think we had so many ‘To Try’ places it’s getting difficult to strike off the list but okay, slowly we will get there. It’s just a matter of time. Those who know Selfish Gene cafe will not find the patisserie unfamiliar since the dessert place is just directly on the second level. The patisserie only opens at 12pm so you can either eat at the cafe below before that or well, anywhere in Tanjong Pagar since there are no lack of food options. Just close your eye and choose

We were lucky it wasn’t crowded that day so we could pretty much utilise the whole place but then again, the place is quite small

Ice Latte $8

They serve their plated desserts from the lightest taste to the strongest, so here’s what we ordered (from to light to strong)

Lime Lychee $12

Lime Ice, Lychee Ice, Lime Icecream, Lychee & Nata de Coco

This was super refreshing under such warm weather that day. The combination of lime and lychee ice was sweet yet balanced by the acidity of the lime. The lime icecream was sweet yet sour and creamy. It was like super yummy. You can add the lychee and nata de coco in, or eat them separately

Soya $14

Tofu Cheesecake, Red Bean, Mochi, Red Miso & Green Tea Icecream

There’s nothing to rave about this unfortunately. The miso was a little too salty but I like how they mix the red beans with peanut to give it a different texture when you chew into them

Chocolate $14

Dark Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Orange Confit & Orange Icecream

I will recommend this as well. I never knew orange icecream is this delicious. You have the strong, thick flavour of the chocolate on one end and the light, sweet orange confit on the other. Mix the two and it’s like a burst of flavours. I like the use of fruits that end the dessert on a refreshing note

I’m not too sure if they change their menu over time but I do know they serve some delicious home made icecream. For those who are craving for icecream after a meal, do swing by for some plated desserts if you happen to be in the area

Selfish Gene Patisserie

40A Craig Road S(089678)