171. Love meat!

Met up for a random dinner date with ziki one day and we decided to try out new food places. Was actually deciding between two choices but finally settled for Aburiya cos I was craving for some meat! hehe and off we go!

It was a pretty small place and the interiors being painted red did not help much to photography. hahaah everything came out much redder so we have to adjust the lightings and all. But considering it was dinner time, the crowd was not that bad though we got counter seats. So if you are thinking of heading down, make reservations!

Doing the traditional charcoal way!

So amazed they are able to make it to the right temperature so that the meat can cook nicely and not get burnt.

Ordered the lychee cocktail soda (sth like that. lol)

and a yummy pot of spicy kimchi soup!

Here comes the star! Wagyu ribeye in truffle salt. I think we made the right choice to pair it with truffle salt cos it was just so damn good. hahaha I honestly think the truffle salt makes a hell lot of difference. And the taste of truffle was just right.

The other star. Wagyu shortribs in shio. This. is. Heaven. LOL and I’m not even joking

We ordered sanchu to go along as well cos we felt it would be healthier this way (lol I know….)

Honestly, halfway through the dinner we were like is this a jap or korean restaurant? hahaha

Watching the meat sizzle to purrrfection!

(Blogging this makes me hungry. haha)

okay I know it looks red here but it’s cooked okay. hahaha

really happy with her meat

We paid about $50 each but honestly, I think it’s value for money.

Dessert was at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at robertson quay. Tried their famous chocolate tart and souffle. But sadly, the chocolate tart is no longer in triangle slice! hahaha it’s totally different.

Crispy Chocolate Tart. It is really chocolatey

Chocolate and mint souffle. I love the souffle! It’s really really light😀

and ending a picture of happy us!😉

and Happy birthday dearest ziki!!! I hope you have a great one on this special day!🙂

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