172. Good ol brunch

I think with so many brunch places springing out lately, finding a random one to go to definitely would not be a problem. So we paid a trip to Group Therapy Cafe at duxton last week! Located on the 2nd level of a row of shophouses, we were lucky that we were there abit earlier and hence avoided the lunch crowd.

so cute their cutlery came in a pot

cut my hair! feels so much lighter now🙂

roasted almond latte


love how fluffy the hotcakes are!

BLT croissant. SOOOOOOO yummy.

yes, we are really pleased with our brunch. haha🙂

And a met up over dinner brought us to Ola Cocina Del Mar @ mbfc. Cos my colleague was raving about it so I wanted to try and see it lived up to its name as well. I guess you really had to make reservations at this place. The restaurant was pretty filled when we got there and we quickly made our orders.

Red sangria

Starter (I think)

Cold tomato, cucumber and olive oil soup

 I have to say this dish is unique. It’s the either you like it or you dont like it.

Octopus, potatoes and smoked paprika

Octopus that tastes really good but doesn’t taste like octupus

Prawns in garlic oil and dried chilli

Spanish chorizo croquettes

and the inside looks like this

some sunny side up dish that goes with parma ham

(seriously, who the hell eats sunny side up as TAPAS…. ?!!)

Piquillo pepper stuffed with brandade and vizcaina sauce

Basically, it’s bell pepper & cod fish

and it looks like this when you open them up

This dish is one that surprises. Presentation wise, it totally fails. But sheesh, it tastes good!!

Spanish suckling pig

I totally went to heaven on my first bite. This dish is worth every calories. Oh by the way, it is not on the menu. You just have to ask the waiters and request for it.

Seafood paella

The rice is a little hard and dry sadly

Vanilla rice pudding with coconut and raisins

Can I just say this dish is confusing? LOL

Honestly, I dont think the food here is awesome. The only dish that stood out was the suckling pig and honorable mentions go to the bell pepper tapas and octopus tapas. I think the rest of the food were pretty disappointing. Would definitely recommend Zsofi Tapas Bar @ dunlop street anytime. They have better sangria, better tapas and better paella.:/

Ending off with a group photo!

okays, I’m gonna disappear for awhile to study for my exam.

Till then & stay tune!🙂

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