174. Saboten

Celebrated the nov babies birthday at Saboten located at millenia walk. Not usually a big fan of tonkatsu so I can’t really tell if this is awesome. I mean, it’s just fried pork right? And the restaurant only serves fried pork cutlet, though I heard positive reviews of this place. Nevertheless, had a great talk w the girls that night as we practically just stayed till the shop closed. lol

We were told to grind it 6 times. I have no idea why

The sauce for the pork cutlet

Ordinary lump of vegetables

But not so ordinary after you add the sauce in. We practically just feast on that non stop (plus it’s free flow. haha)

Mine. Ordered this cos of the egg. haha🙂

Not bad, pretty good

and their famous loin pork

and the ordinary Japanese curry

Competition of the big eyes + smiling at the same time

We are THIS retarded

HAHAHA okay enough

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