180. Ze Big Day

Yes, it’s the day my dear friend got married. How time flies! We remembered it was just one year ago when she told us the date has been set. Few weeks ago when we celebrated her hens night and now, she’s Mrs Huang🙂 It’s like.. oh my how old we are already =x Anyway was very pleased I’m able to got off work at 5.30pm (w a fanfare actually. my colleagues really..🙂 ) so I head straight to the hotel and find the couple! They were having their tea ceremony for the groom’s side and while I hid secretly in a corner. HAHA.

Looking at their interactions as if these 2 were in their own world. hahaha but it was so heartwarming watching them🙂

The VERY skinny couple

trying to be artistic here. haha

with the very pretty bride!

and the outfit of the day!❤

and then later the bride got stolen away. haha nah she was too busy to entertain us already so..

we entertained ourselves🙂

went into the still empty banquet hall

the girls at our table🙂

and the start of the banquet led by the groom singing for the bride’s walk in

deng deng deng deng! hee

giving the speech

finding.. people

table photo🙂

and one last photo w the secondary school friends!


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