210. All things random

And so I met up with the cousins for a birthday treat at Mezza9. Made use of the happy hour where the martinis are priced 50% cheaper which I think is such a good deal! As it is only available on weekdays from 6-9pm, tables get snapped up pretty soon. They have like over 40 martinis to choose from but I decided not to be over adventurous so sticking with apple, lychee and imperial rouge. Yummy drinks and good finger food, I’ll definitely recommend if you are in town and looking for a place to chill🙂

The cashews are really good

Crab cakes. Pretty good


Wings which is very yummy!

Drinks, food and stories. I think these 3 really goes well together. Though the stories were giving me more of a shock than surprise. Nevertheless, here’s the place for those who are interested!

Martini Bar @ Grand Hyatt

Second Level


Shall do a short (over dued) instagram update as well!







Visited this place at Boon Tat Street (which has already closed down by the time you read this post) which serves pretty interesting fusion food. Had the straight cut truffle fries, crab cake chilli crab and laksa pesto vongole. It’s not too bad though perhaps not all their food make the mark, which probably explains the early closure.



My bright and shiny new earrings🙂






A treat from the colleague from Au Chocolat (to cheer me up)








Self painted nails always make me happy🙂 haha and they always joked and said I can open my own manicure shop


My first attempt at teriyaki chicken donburi😀



and also Japanese curry chicken omu rice 

That’s all from me!❤

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