249. SEA Aquarium @ Resorts World Sentosa

Helloo! Finally, finally got to visit the aquarium. Was feeling pretty excited about it cos finally we had something different on our weekends other than eating, eating and more eating. There was a long queue that winds round and round prior to entering but thankfully it moves very fast. I wouldn’t say the place is humongous but 3 hours is enough. Then again, I think all of us were so fascinated by all the fishes (yeah like kids I know). Alrights, this is gonna be a lengthy post with lots of pictures. Ready?

Cute tickets. Can’t wait for the USS trip next month!😀


This is one scary octopus

Fishes following the manta ray. A sight to behold

A picture of the kids😉

There are alot more fishes than what is shown here. I think this aquarium is worth a visit, but a revisit will probably bore you out already. haha unless, you love the sea so much.

S.E.A Aquarium

8 Sentosa Gateway

Sentosa Island S(098269)

Head over to Two Chefs for dinner before ending the night at Partyworld for the birthday boys. This was my first visit to Two Chefs and erms, I know it’s famous for their butter pork ribs but after the whole dinner was done, can I just say that it wasn’t spectacular? Maybe we should have just stuck to the plan of heading to still road black pepper crabs. haha okay anyways, here’s dinner.

This was the crowd at 6.30pm. ohmygosh.

Salted egg yolk crabs

Well, I tasted better. So this was just meh

Sambal kangkong

This was very bad

Golden mushroom beancurd

Pretty normal

Herbal chicken soup

The only saving grace. Soup was sweet &  good, chicken was tender. Can order.

Butter pork ribs

I can’t figure whats so outstanding about this dish that makes people rave about it. It looks like fried pork ribs that was sprinkled with milk powder, no?

So final thoughts? Well, unless you are in the area.. if not seriously don’t bother. There are better ze char places elsewhere.

Two Chefs Eating Place

Blk 116, Commonwealth Crescent


So ktv up next! One of the times we actually had an after-dinner plan. haha and also to celebrate the 2 boys’ birthdays🙂


Love this bunch of peeps🙂

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